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Women Like You: How copywriting can triple your profits, just like magic!

BY Sarah Jane Nyman

kelsey Foremost

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Today we're talking to a very inspirational BossBabe, expert copywriter & educator Kelsey Formost. She owns and operates her own company; Magic Words Copywriting where she helps other female entrepreneurs find their authentic voice, write like they talk, and turn their words into dollars, just like magic! 

Kelsey also just launched a YouTube series called “
Find Your Magic” where she talks to other successful women entrepreneurs about the behind the scenes of what it’s really like to do what you love. This Bossbabe doesn't sugarcoat the fears and struggles of life; she’s incredibly open about everything from mental health, to building her business, to embracing failure, to imposter syndrome, and everything in between! I’m honored to be sharing her story with you. Let's dive in!


Kelsey, at one point you were barely making ends meet and unemployed. You knew you had to choose your path: Either go back to working for someone and stay unfulfilled, or take the giant leap and start the copywriting business you had been dreaming of. Tell us, at this point in your life, where did you find the courage within you to take the leap to follow your dream?

First of all, nobody’s perfect, even the people who look perfect on Instagram! I struggle with finding my courage all the time. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t have fears about my business dreams not working out. But
true courage, to me, is acknowledging those fears and continuing to do what I love anyway.

As women, we often see a picture of “success” online and feel like we fall short. But I guarantee you, every single “successful” entrepreneur out there sharing their unique gifts, running their own businesses, and building their own brands has failed. In fact, they’ve probably failed multiple times.

The courage comes in knowing that failure is going to be part of the process and doing it anyway. Not all heroes wear capes, y’all! 

For me, I knew that I would rather risk failing spectacularly doing what I love, than stay in a “safe” day job that stifled my creativity and made me depressed.

When you’re trying to find the courage to pursue a dream, you can drive yourself crazy asking yourself, “What if I fail? What if this is a terrible idea? What if nobody wants to hear what I’ve got to say?”. But on the flip side, what if it’s amazing? What if it works out? What if all your dreams come true?

Your dreams are always worth the risk.


As a child, you were extremely shy and so your mum took you to drama class, hoping it would bring you out of your shell. And it did! You have since starred in theatres on Broadway to films and TV in Hollywood. Tell us, do you believe these were “stepping stones”, if you will, to finding your true purpose in life: writing?


I absolutely would not be the writer, business person, & creative woman I am today if I hadn’t landed the part of Munchkin Mayor in the Wizard of Oz in fourth grade! As you mentioned, I was painfully shy growing up and had a lot of issues socializing. In fact, I’m still very much an introvert! But pursuing a career in theatre and film gave me a sense of community and belonging, as well as a deep love for storytelling.

It’s also really important to acknowledge that no time is ever wasted.

Many of us think we can’t start over in a new career or creative venture because we’ve already spent a huge part of our lives pursuing something else. But you never know what any particular job or season of life is teaching you. Sometimes you just have to trust that it will all come together in the end.

Acting and writing for film and TV (which I still do, for fun!) has helped me understand that my passion lies in telling stories that connect us to each other. And that is such a beautiful gift.


10 pm on New Year's Eve, 2017 was the moment that changed everything for you. Tell us, what happened?

Oh man, this story still makes me choke up a little bit! I think it’s important to talk about though, because everyone has been in a place at one time or another where they’ve felt completely freaking lost. So if you’re feeling that way and reading this: you’re not alone.

Alright, so, let’s talk about the moment that changed everything for me: 10pm on New Year’s Eve, 2017…

I was newly single, spending the holiday in my childhood home, my mom already asleep on the couch next to me, her dog snoring (loudly) in her lap. Three months prior, my whole team had been laid off from my fancy corporate staff writer job and I didn't know where my next rent check was going to come from. I had been job hunting like crazy but no one was hiring over the holiday season. I was barely surviving off savings and unemployment, with no new job nibbles in sight.

I had to make a decision. Either I was going to keep on the path I was on which was leading me (quickly) to being broke and unfulfilled, or I could take a GIANT leap of faith and launch the copywriting business I had been dreaming of starting while I was toiling away at my old day job.

There was no question about it: the thought of going back to work in a corporate office was making me seriously depressed…

So, at 10 pm on NYE, 2017 I made the most pivotal decision of my life: I decided to go to therapy.

Going to therapy helped me define what was really important to me, both in life and in business. It helped me understand the importance of checking in with ourselves to re-evaluate our life path and make sure we’re pursuing a life that actually makes us happy, not just one that makes us money!

kelsey Foremost

Going to therapy helped you define what was really important to you, both in your life and business. For the readers who are in this situation as we speak, could you share any tips?

Therapy is the best business (and life!) tool I’ve ever found. It teaches you how to identify what you *really* want, define your priorities, and learn how to say ‘no’ to things that don’t get you closer to where you want to be.

The best advice I can give anyone is: make mental health PART of your business plan!

Literally write down mental health OKR’s just like you would write down revenue goals. It can be as small as setting an alarm on your phone to step away from your computer and breathe for 10 minutes. It can be going for a short walk outside at the end of the day. It can be taking a day off once a month to do something frivolous and silly. 

Whatever “self-care” means to you- make time for it. Make sure you feed your soul. You cannot pour from an empty cup.


Kelsey, for those who don't know what copywriting is, tell us what it is?


I’m so glad you asked this question! Copywriting is the art and science of using words to sell or promote a product or service…That’s the textbook definition anyway. I like to explain “copy” as a dating profile for your business; you only have so many words to describe who you are and what you do so that people will like you and want to get to know you better!

Anywhere you have words that promote you or your business, that’s “copy”. Your blog posts, the words on your website, your bio, product descriptions, your Instagram captions, your emails… anywhere you use words for your business, that’s copywriting!


Kelsey, what’s driving your motivation to help people with their copy?


My passion is helping women feel really and truly
heard. There’s a lotta noise out there in the echo chamber of the internet! There are lots of people telling you what you “should” do and say to fit someone else’s mold of “success”. But at the end of the day, the thing that makes people want to invest in you is how connected they feel to you as a human being.

Copywriting is every successful business owner’s best-kept secret.

Copy creates connection, and connection converts followers into paying customers and raving fans!

kelsey Foremost

Tell us, what problems do fellow female entrepreneurs come to you with and how do you help them?

The two most common issues I hear from my clients are:

  • “I’m lost, I don’t know where to start!”…AKA: Not knowing what to say or how to describe yourself/your business, so you just don’t write anything.


  • “I have too much to say and I’m so overwhelmed by how to organize it all!” I call this “verbal vomit” syndrome; never quite feeling like you’re being fully heard, so you just keep talking!

The solution for both issues is essentially the same: 1. Embrace clarity over cleverness. 2. Make it about your customer, not you. 3. Write how you talk! Let people get to know the real you. The more authentic you are, the more your followers will feel like they like, know, and trust you (and invest in you and your business!).

I actually have a free e-book download on my website called “3 Copy Secrets to Triple Your Profits” [LINK] where I explain each of those tips in a little more depth, as well as examples on how to use them so anyone can immediately uplevel their copy. I always encourage people to start there if they’re feeling lost or overwhelmed!


I am so excited about your new show, “Find Your Magic”. Tell us about it?

Aw, thank you for your excitement! That makes two of us! “Find Your Magic” [
LINK] is a series of conversations with entrepreneurs, creatives, experts, and friends that explores what it’s really like to do what you love.

In my conversations with other women online, I was finding that so many of us feel like we have to hold ourselves to these impossible standards of beauty and success. We look at someone’s Instagram and see this filtered, picture-perfect life and think “what memo did I miss? Why doesn't my life look like that?”.

I created “Find Your Magic” because I wanted to show super successful women entrepreneurs in a variety of fields sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly of what it actually takes to follow your passion. Nobody feels like they know what they’re doing!

We all struggle with failure, imposter syndrome, and fear.

We all need self-care and mental health breaks. The more honest conversations we can have about that stuff, the better off this world will be.


What do you love most about working for yourself?

Working for myself allows me to make the most of my day in a way that a traditional 9-5 can’t. For me, my most productive hours are between 7am-1pm. I try really hard to structure my workday and week so I get the bulk of my writing done during those most productive hours. The rest of the “traditional” workday is for housekeeping stuff like emails, phone calls, or other non-creative tasks.

It’s all about working smarter, not harder!

kelsey Foremost

What has been the biggest learning curve throughout your entrepreneurial journey?


Learning not to undervalue myself! As women, we’re conditioned to make everybody else happy. We often price ourselves too low or don’t value our time enough to clock out at the end of the day. But we can’t be everything to everybody ALL the time!


If you had to start your business again, is there anything you would do differently?

I’d trust my gut and niche down sooner! When I started, I was trying to make
everyone happy. But really, the people I cared about serving most were (and are!) other entrepreneurial women. Those are the stories I most want to tell. 

Once I embraced that part of myself and reflected my real mission in my copy and my branding, my business BOOMED.


As we know, whatever you want is on the other side of fear, and as someone who has been through this, what would you say to those who are feeling these emotions right now?

If I’ve learned anything it’s this: you are never too old, and it’s never too late.

We’re experts at listening to our fear, telling ourselves all kinds of stories about why we’re going to fail, or why we don’t deserve something.

But here’s the thing: failure is going to be part of your life, no matter what. Knowing and accepting that fact of life is a good thing! Because that means when the failure comes (and it will!) you’ll be able to recognize it for what it is, which is a stepping stone.

Stop telling yourself you’re too old/ too late/ not enough… You are enough exactly as you are. Go for it. You have to collect your ‘no’s’ before you get your ‘yes’.

As long as you stay true to who you are and what you really want, all the other stuff will fall into place. I promise, promise.

kelsey Foremost

Kelsey, thank you so much for being part of our Women Like You series. To find out more about how Kelsey can help you triple your profits with copywriting, visit www.kelseyformost.com.

You can also hang out with this incredible BossBabe here: https://www.instagram.com/kelsey.writes/ where she shares her top tips and daily inspiration.


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