Whether you’re looking to make career moves, or promote your own products and services, LinkedIn is fast becoming one of the effective platforms for social media marketing.

Hold up – gone are the days where LinkedIn was just the place to add your work history or your “online resume” (and then never log in again!)

LinkedIn is now 500 million members strong (and growing) and with its active member base, presents ample opportunity to get your brand and content out there in front your target audience.

So why LinkedIn?

While it may not be the most “glamorous” social media platform out there (Instagram, we’re looking at you), there are 5 key reasons as to why you should be focusing on LinkedIn as part of your social media marketing strategy…

1. High organic reach

In an age where organic reach on social media is declining and, arguably, becoming more “pay to play” to get your content in front of more eyeballs, LinkedIn has one of the highest organic reach out of all the social platforms today.

While you still need a content strategy in place in order to make the most of the amazing marketing capabilities of LinkedIn, getting your content out in front of this quite highly engaged audience is becoming more important for personal brands and businesses big and small.

This high organic reach makes marketing your business or personal brand more accessible – especially for those with smaller marketing budgets.

2. Personal branding for career or business

LinkedIn provides a great opportunity to market your personal brand and position yourself as top talent or a “candidate of choice” in front of potential employers.

While it’s important to add your work history to your profile (hello again, online resume), getting the most out of LinkedIn involves so much more than that!

Some ways in which you could do this are:

  • Optimize your profile with your relevant experience and skills
  • Engage with hiring managers and other human resources personnel in your industry and desired work location
  • Sharing thought leadership posts and articles that display your expert knowledge
  • Showcasing your previous work or case studies on your profile and via posts and articles

3. Connections and networking

The fact is that key decision makers are on LinkedIn (Source and Source). In other words, people in powerful positions (such as CEOs, Managing Directors) who could buy from you, hire you, or connect you with other like-minded and influential people.

One way to build up a powerful network is to, of course, make new connections on LinkedIn. But to be more strategic in finding decision makers (or even better, those in companies that you’re interested in working with), use the advanced search feature on LinkedIn. There you can narrow down your target audience by their job title, location, company name and other specifics.

4. A great place to share your content

It’s no secret that “content is king” in today’s digital world. And LinkedIn presents an opportunity to put out content relevant to your business (or personal brand) that builds your online presence, thought leadership and of course, promotes what you offer.

In order to do so effectively, it’s important to post a variety of content that provides value to your target audience. There are a multitude of ways to do this; whether it’s via a post with text, imagery, LinkedIn Pulse articles (fantastic for sharing your thought leadership) and posting presentations on SlideShare.

5. Promote your business or freelancing

One of the key goals of social media marketing is to, at the end of the day, generate new customers. So LinkedIn provides ample opportunity to promote your products or services with it’s high organic reach, paid LinkedIn advertising options, and the ability to post a variety of content.

LinkedIn is of course particularly powerful for promoting your business for those in the B2B space; with the high number of key decision makers on the platform as mentioned above.

What’s more, LinkedIn allows you to promote your products or services via your own personal profile and/or through a company page. Choose your weapon!

My hot tip is to not focus solely on promoting or selling. Make sure to mix up the content that you’re putting out on LinkedIn each week! Following the “80/20 rule” would help with this – which involves using approximately 80% engagement and educational posts and 20% promotional posts – i.e. asking your audience to take actions to do with your business (like booking a call, purchasing a product).


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