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Why the Pandemic is a Great Time to Start a New Business

BY Team BossBabe

OK OK so a global pandemic might not sound like the best time to start anything but hear us out. Because we disagree completely!

Obviously 2020 hasn't been the year we all planned and at this point, it feels like we're all riding a very uncertain wave. And don't get us wrong, it's a tricky time!

But in typical boss babe fashion, we're not settling for a mundane mindset. We're not throwing this time out the window and living in a ‘next year' mentality. We're not sitting on the sidelines as other people continue to own their success.


Instead, we're taking control over what we have control over. We're making the most of this new normal. We're pivoting and are still on the road to our goals and dreams. We're continuing to uplevel our business, our revenue, and our freedom. And we're finding fresh ways to connect, uplevel, and support our community.

Starting with you!

Yep, you. The girl sitting behind her screen who has dreamt up a business for years, maybe decades. The ambitious woman within who knows she has potential but isn't sure what to do with it. The future CEO who is waiting for the right time to start her company.

Well, spoiler alert: Now is the time … and we're about to prove it to you!

Why the Pandemic is a Great Time to Start a New Business

Let's get into it!

You're spending more time at home

For most of us, we're spending a lot more time at home, which comes with its own set of challenges (small spaces, working with kids at home, no desk area, and the list goes on…). But what about the positives that come out of being home? No time commuting or getting fully ready for the day, more flexibility, lunch breaks full of learning, no cubicles, or sad office lunches.

Instead, the opportunity to create a space, and mindset, that better suits your natural flow and work ethic.

There are fewer commitments

Similar to the point above, one way to look at the positive side of 2020 is to consider how much more free your schedule is. Without events on the calendar on the weekends, happy hours during the week, and as many responsibilities, it's a great time to commit to your future business.

Enroll in a course, read a book, join an inspiring and supportive group (might we mention the Société?), pursue a passion … take this time to learn and finally start(!) that business you've been thinking about for years now. The one that has been hiding at the end of your calendar and to-do list each month. The one you “never had time” for. Now is the time!

People are using social media more than ever

Whilst spending more time on social media isn't always the greatest use of time, it's a fact right now. People are more connected to their platforms more than ever, which is basically free marketing! Consider the extra eyes on your soon-to-be business a perk of everyone being less busy.

There's opportunity in this “new normal”

Think of all the small businesses that are currently growing their business by creating face masks or hand sanitizers. Or the hairdressers giving lessons on at-home hair cuts for a small payment.

With this new normal comes the opportunity to really niché down an idea you've been working on. People are at home, people are less physically connected, people are out of jobs, people are struggling.

We're not saying that your future business *has* to be connected to life in 2020, but there's a new playing field of opportunity at the moment. Do you have an idea that's needed right now? Or that can support people? Connect them? Teach them?

It's motivation and something to get excited about!

At this point, it's easy for the days to feel repetitive. Without social events, meetings, or even work for some people, it's the year of Groundhog's Day, right? Which means it's the year in which you might have to dig a little bit deeper for that internal motivation.

…Maybe it's a new workout or program.

…Maybe it's a course you're going to enroll in.

Maybe it's building that business you've been dreaming of and manifesting for years.

Don't you think it's time to find something to excite you? To shake up the days? To fuel your mind, body, and soul with your passion?!

You know that for us, business is a huge part of that fire! We're going to guess it could be for you, too?

With that, what are you waiting for?

Here are a few more resources that can help to get your ideas flowin' and that *INCREDIBLE* business started:


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