An Interview with Kaylie 


There is a change coming…


Women are rising.


We are awakening.


YOU are stepping into our power.


By embracing our femininity, intuition and spirituality. 


It’s time to utilise your voice to empower others and express your raw, authentic selves. 


And we will NOT backing down in the face of adversity. 


Can you feel the energy shift…?


The reason that I write for BossBabe is that I’m so passionate about helping women truly FEEL and embrace this shift. BossBabe encapsulates everything about women who are owning their power and I LIVE FOR THAT SH*T. 


Kaylie, is one of those women who realised that darkness doesn’t need to last forever when we shine a light on the future available to us. 


A Mummy of 4, CEO of Award-Winning beauty salon Mermaid Lagoon and the Best Selling Contributing Author to ‘When She Rises’ which follows the stories of twelve women coming together through pain and past trauma and using it as a driving force to empower the globe. 


I am so grateful to have collaborated with this incredible lady with ‘When She Rises’ and to share this interview with you all…


Kayleigh! I’m so excited to be interviewing you at a time that you are creating waves in the beauty industry and your brand is sky-rocketing!! Tell me a bit more about what your brand represents.


The messy bun diaries is an online extension of my spray tanning business. It is an online blog where woman can feel safe, inspired, and freely be who they are without judgement or ridicule. 

It’s is all about Girl power! Inspiring them to be the best version of themselves they can every day because they ARE enough. To show up in whatever phase of life they in and give it their all. That despite setbacks, fear, mental illness, or past traumas; YOU decide your life. You decide what you want and then you find a way to get it. As a woman you are the most powerful force and you most girls don’t even realise that. 


Amazing! What has been the main driving force for your brand and why did you feel ‘When She Rises, Vol 1’ was aligned with your brand values?


Helping woman become confident with themselves from the inside out has been the driving force behind everything I have been doing the last 5 years. 

I knew that sharing my story would help SO many young girls, teen moms and even grown women healing from childhood trauma.

Allowing others to get just a tiny glimpse of the things I went through could start a conversation between mothers and daughters, in schools, at dinner tables and between peers. I knew that I could change and save lives and that’s what I wanted. 

P.S being able to call myself a best selling author is something I have DREAMED of but never thought I’d actually achieve. It’s still sounds crazy. 


What would you say to anyone wanting to share their story but hesitating? 

SHARE IT! The world, our humanity needs more relatable stories of triumph and over coming obstacles. Now more than ever people need to know they are not alone. 


The book was very much centred around coming from a place of adversity and using it as a driving force to rise up and create your business. If you could give one piece of advice when facing adversity – what would it be? 

If we all opened up more and shared about the things we have witnessed, been through, faced, encountered etc we probably wouldn’t feel so alone and different. 

“Every single experience has been or will be a LESSON. Whatever you learn from it will either help you or help someone else, and both are equally as important.” – Quote from When She Rises

So my advice would be FIND THE LESSON! It’s there! It may take you 15 years to find it but you will. Whatever you are going through is either going to help you learn an important lesson and grow in major ways, or it’s going to allow you to help others. If you’re lucky it will do both. 

Face it, head on, like a lioness! After all you’re a BOSS BABE!! 


Definitely, I truly believe hard times teach us the most valuable lessons! With all of the amazing things you are creating underneath your brand, where can people find you?

To read Kaylie’s full story in “When She Rises” and to find out more. It is available to purchase on Amazon with all the royalties going to the charity One Woman At A Time.

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