The Mona Lisa talking about Live Video

Imagine sitting at your favorite coffee shop, enjoying the latest podcast on your podcast list and watching people go by. The sun is bright and shiny, there’s a soft breeze that plays with your hair, the weather is great and the coffee the waiter just brought to your table couldn’t smell any better.

Any way you look at it, you’re having a good day.

Then your phone rings and you hear your mother on the other side.

“Joy”, she says “I just got off the phone with your car insurance company. It seems the last payment didn’t go through and they wanted to verify your credit card number again. Can you read it back to me?”

Without a second thought you’re pulling out your card and giving the numbers to your mother.

Only it wasn’t your mother on the other line. It was a hacker using the new AI technology developed by Dessa, a Canada-based startup, that just sounded like your mother.

If this sounds too Sci Fi or futuristic to you, check out the world’s first AI-powered heist, where synthetic audio was used to imitate a chief executive’s voice and trick his subordinate into transferring over $240,000 into a secret account.

“The software was able to imitate the voice, and not only the voice: the tonality, the punctuation, the German accent.”

AI used to sound robotic and it was hard to detect. Not any more.

The reality is that Deepfake technology is rapidly improving. Not only can you add, change, or delete words that are coming out of someone’s mouth in a video, turn a 2D image into a 3D animated person… but thanks to Samsung’s AI lab, you can grab any photo of anyone, even the Mona Lisa and bring her to life complete with micro expressions to make her seem real:

The Mona Lisa talking about Live Video


DeepFake Kills The Single Most Important Ingredient Required To Make A Sale – Trust.

We’ve all been guilty of using filters to make ourselves look better on Instagram, or to lip-synch to sound better in a Tik-Tok video.

But the problem with this practice is that we all now know that we can’t trust anything we see online. We know the images are modified, we know the video has been cut, we know there’s only one intent behind all the marketing ads we see in our feeds – to play on our emotions and manipulate us into opening our wallets and buying, buying, buying.

And since marketers have committed the biggest sin of all by taking advantage of our eagerness to succeed too, and pulling us into product funnels that aren’t design to give us any real results (unless we ascend from the free to the $29, to the $59, to the $179…. to the $10k high ticket offer, to the $25k mastermind) we have lost trust.

We have lost trust in almost everything we see online.

Now add to that the fact that we can no longer trust anything we see or hear online (Thanks Deepfake!) and business owners are facing a real problem:

  • Ads cost more and take longer to convert
  • Funnels are filled with more leads than clients
  • The sale cycle is longer
  • Automation kills intimacy

The solution: Live video

With lack of trust deepening and DeepFake technology accelerating, the only solution businesses and marketers can turn to is real time engagement.

Live events are a fantastic way of getting face to face with your audience in real time, but they are expensive and time consuming. They also have a limited reach (there are only so many people you can fit in a room), and are counter productive to spreading your message far and wide (after all, you don’t really want “what happened in Vegas” to “stay in Vegas”, do you?)

Enter Live Video.

Live video allows your audience to know that you are real, authentic and unfiltered. By engaging with you in real time they gain trust faster and they build an emotional connection with you.

Frank Kern already proved that Live Video converts better than ads, and that’s from a guy who makes a living selling Facebook ads!

“I was in your facebook group for over a year and I didn’t trust you until I engaged with you Live”

That’s the feedback I got from my own client who was taking the traditional path of Facebook ads -> Facebook Group ->Webinar -> Sales call, before we started working together.

She was investing heavily in ads, in sharing testimonials in her group, in trying to convince her list and her group members that she can truly help them. It worked at the beginning, but then she started to stagnante. The bigger her group was, the more the conversation revolved around price, not value.

But once she started engaging with her audience through live video, everything changed. The conversation moved from “How much is it?” to “What do I have to do to work with you?”


Deepfake technology, photo filters, edited videos, dishonest marketers and plain scams have made it so that people just don’t trust what they see online any more.

And as Deepfake technology increases it’s going to be harder and harder to convert sales with today’s marketing methods.

It may take a year or two before people completely mistrust anything that isn’t Live, but you don’t want to wait! Make it a point to master live video right now to build deep trust with your audience before they become so weary of everything they see online.


Because the last thing you want is wake up one morning and realize that Joe Rogan was right, and we’re all F***.



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