Why Building a Tribe as an Entrepreneur is Key to Your Success

Building true connections with like-minded women has hands down been one of the most powerful aspects of creating my coaching business and digital community ‘When She Rises’ – my tribe!

Forget the business strategy or all of the million moving pieces that go into creating a multi-six figure brand, if you are not yet building real connections with women who fully embrace your passions, your goals and even your crazy, then I urge you to re-evaluate.

Recently I spent a week in the hills of LA, with some of the most powerful women within the industry and it hit me just how important it is to find a girl gang who just get it… and get you! The support and empowerment each woman received whilst spending time together was by far one of my biggest sources of inspiration yet.

One of the biggest setbacks for me after starting my business and for many women within the industry, is the loss of friendship outside of work, the feeling of being judged and unsupported by those we love the most.

As an entrepreneur, it can be easy to feel alone and for that sting of isolation to kick in– with our phones only pinging with work-related requests it can be easy to step into a place of deflation and question the path you are embarking upon.

The common theme usually goes a little like this – the texts stop coming in, invites to social events begin to decline and ‘let’s do brunch’ that usually includes the question ‘What is it you actually do?’ becomes less and less as well.

Yep. It’s a real thing, and I am here to tell you-you are not alone.

As we evolve as women it is important to release with love and see this as an opportunity to meet and create amazing friendships with some like-minded individuals.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying to ditch all of your old friends for new ones, I’m simply saying to expand your network of connections to include connections who understand and support your new endeavours as well!

As women, we are hardwired for friendship and social gatherings, especially at times of stress and so it is completely normal to crave that sense of belonging within a group of women who are completely aligned with your mission and goals.

Lori Harder writes powerful messages within her book ‘A Tribe Called Bliss’ which says:
“Your tribe is abundant access to wisdom in all things practical, professional, soulful, emotional and spiritual” and “Your tribe will help you move forward even in the face of fear, uncertainty, and judgement”. What more do you need?

This only further confirms to me that the ‘girl gang’ need is paramount for so many different reasons and how important it is to have this as a central focus within your business and within life.

The growth I have encountered not just within my business but as a leader and a woman has hands down been due to the relationships I have been so fortunate to build over the last 6 months.

Not only do these ladies leverage my visibility by constantly celebrating my wins and offers, but they are my cheerleaders and absolute rocks. They continually remind me to strive for bigger and celebrate each little win within my business.

I created these relationships by simply being present and allowing myself to be open to creating stronger connections with these new friends.

You’d be surprised by even simply expressing your desire for true connections within that space what the universe will send back to you.

By completely surrendering to the fact that created space is good, and that control within this area is absolutely not needed because The Universe completely has your back!

Embrace the space, open your time to networking and creating conversation with the girls out there who inspire and motivate you – I promise you, it’s worth it.