As an online business owner, many (ok – probably most!) don’t think of legal as a priority, especially in the beginning. The focus is mostly on how to make money, and how to properly set up things like a website, purchase pages, as well as create coaching or consulting packages. If you’re like most business owners, legal either gets pushed waaaaay down to the bottom of the to-do list, or it doesn’t make the list at all!

I get it. Legal has a definite reputation for being boring, expensive, confusing, overwhelming, and downright scary. No one wants to think about being sued, contacted by the FTC and given a fine for a non-compliant website, or otherwise putting themselves and their family at risk by starting a business. BUT. Isn’t it better to think about it now and get in front of it, instead of realizing after the fact that the money you’re paying to resolve a legal issue was 100% preventable?? (And probably would have been cheaper to prevent…)

Yes. Yes it is.

When you choose to learn about how to legally protect your online biz + take the right steps to implement the documents you need in place, a couple things happen.

First, you greatly reduce your risk and exposure to legal issues. (YAY) Which is absolutely vital to operating a successful business. But, there’s also a really interesting emotional, mental shift I see in business owners once the legal is taken care of.


It’s almost like the coach who has just legally protected her business with fresh new legal docs has just put on a $4,000 Chanel jacket. She has found a new fierceness. A new level of confidence. She stands up a little straighter, has more energy on sales calls, and genuinely wants her prospective clients to say yes. Why? Because she isn’t secretly wondering in the back of her mind if taking this person’s money is a huge mistake. She isn’t bringing hesitant energy to the call, subconsciously hoping people don’t buy her program, because she isn’t sure if everything is set up correctly, and if what she’s doing is 100% legit. She knows she’s covered, and that confidence is radiating through her.

It’s contagious. Clients can see this woman’s power. They can see how much confidence she has in her courses and programs. They’re attracted to her energy, and may buy from her in the hopes of catching some of that confident, positive energy.

I’ve seen it time and time again, where legal becomes the missing piece of a coach’s success. Not because the legal documents were needed to make money, but because the coach needed the peace of mind knowing she was protected, to feel fully ready to put herself out there and sell her programs genuinely.

Is it the missing piece of YOUR success? Let me know in the comments!