Beat the Monday Blues

Ladies, Mondays are usually everyone’s least favorite day of the week, am I right?

Yeah, the weekend was our time for fun, family, and friends, but if you plan right and tweak your attitude just a bit, it’s possible to make Monday feel a little bit more like Friday and beat the Monday blues, I promise!

Here’s how:

  1. Be friendly with your coworkers.

Everyone loves the weekend because it’s time to spend with your friends, right? Well, if you spent some time getting to know your coworkers, then you’ll have friends during the workweek to make time more enjoyable.

2. Plan ahead.

Plan your week the Friday before, be specific and write it down! This will make you feel less overwhelmed and more prepared for the week ahead when you come in on Monday.

3. Start the day with something you love.

Whether it’s your favorite cup of coffee, a little mediation, maybe a workout? Whatever makes you happy, make sure to include time for that to boost your mood.

  1. Don’t go too hard too fast.

Plan the most important projects for a day other than Monday. This allows you time to ease back into the work week as well as prepare even more for whatever significant assignments you have coming up instead of bombarding yourself with tasks when you walk through the door Monday morning.

  1. Surround yourself with positive people, especially on Mondays.

If someone else constantly has a bad attitude every time they walk into work Monday morning, it will eventually rub off on you, so actively engage with people who woke up on the right side of the bed.

  1. Finish and forget it!

Tick off simpler, quicker tasks right when you get in the office. Responsibilities that may not require a lot of brainpower will ease you back in to work and prepare you for more complex projects later in the day and week.

  1. Fake it until you make it.

Not feeling your best on Monday? Hey, you’re human! But instead of moping around, force a smile on until it naturally sticks. It’s much easier to brighten your mood when you’re not fixated on it being bad.

We’ve all felt the pain of the weekend seemingly rushing by without warning and Monday coming a little too soon with that wonderful sound of the alarm clock you’ve grown to love so much.

But trust me, just trying a few of these tips to shift your view at the beginning of the week might be all you need to take it on full force!

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