With over $20 million dollars in sales and having supported thousands of ambitious women’s businesses, I want to help you…

achieve your


first 7-figure year with my proven CEO growth method.

Discover how to

Less Than 2% Of Women Ever Get Their Businesses Past The Million-Dollar Mark

Seven figures in revenue.

Ask most female entrepreneurs…

And they’ll tell you – that’s the dream.

Being able to grow your business past the six-figure mark alone is a massive accomplishment.

But what most business experts won’t tell you is that true, sustainable growth happens once you push beyond that six-figure ceiling.

…and the businesses that really “make it” (think: hire a full-time team, get acquired, have industry recognition) are all at the seven-figure mark and beyond.

But you know that. That’s why you’re here. The problem is…

I didn’t think twice.

I put the $10k on my credit card + decided to invest in myself when nobody else would.

And it paid off.

Working with my coach literally changed the trajectory of my life.

Within a few weeks – my inner world started to change. I was feeling more abundant, coming back to my own inner power, standing firm in who I was…

And then hopping on a plane across the country to a Brendon Burchard event.

If saying yes to my coach was the first domino – the Brendon Burchard event was the moment all the other pieces started to fall into place.

I had no idea what to expect.

I arrived at the event wide-eyed, wondering if I could maybe start a business “one day.”

I left with a new friend and the beginnings of our business idea…

Then the momentum started to build.

Within 5 months of the event, we launched our business.

Within minutes of launching, we had doubled our launch goal.

Within our first year of business, we had hit $1.4 million in sales.

I was a millionaire by the age of 30.





And I’m not okay with that.

You’ve put your time, energy, money and resources into your business…

You KNOW you could make an impact in your own world and disrupt your entire industry if you were given the opportunity…

But you don’t know how.

And what really keeps you up at night is wondering if all the success you’ve experienced so far is just some weird accident.

You’re worried it could all slip away tomorrow if you stop hustling so hard, lose a client, or get swept away in the economic downturn.

Which – I get. It makes sense because I’ve been in your shoes EXACTLY.

But it doesn’t HAVE to be this way.

Because there’s actually a simple way to risk-proof your business – inviting predictability, stability and ultimately – the ability to scale.

To be a part of that 2% of female entrepreneurs who scale past 7 figures.

And to be a part of a movement that grows that number past just 2% because – that’s too low.

Thousands of business experts have been gatekeeping the secrets to real growth for far too long.

But not me. Not anymore

You can bet on yourself and see what you can really do. 


You can stay where you are
and stay stagnant…

I’m known as one of the leading female entrepreneurs in the industry, paving the way for other female entrepreneurs to achieve wealth.

I’m the co-founder of bossbabe with my business partner, Natalie Ellis.

A few years ago, I was making $70k a year as a chiropractor in my small town in the UK.

I was burned out, exhausted and wondering if this was all that my life was going to amount to.

Even worse…my family life was suffering and I was stuck in a relationship that drained me.

Every day after work, I’d come home and Google, "how to start a business."

I knew I wanted more and let these 5-9 Google searches give me hope that somewhere in my future – things could change…for the better.

One night, I got an advert for a local business coach who was accepting new clients for a limited time.

The investment? $10k. Which was nearly 15% of what I was making at the time so…

It felt like (and was!) lot of money for 28-year-old, Danielle the Chiropractor.

But something tugged at my heart, and – despite what I knew my friends and family would think of me spending that much money on a coach…

 I couldn’t shake the feeling on a gut level that this is what I was meant to do.

As if the Universe was presenting me with a choice:

It Just Takes One Decision To Change Your Business (And Your Life).

My story is proof this is true.

And so are the thousands of female entrepreneurs I have supported over the years. Entrepreneurs who started from zero, grew to six figures, then scaled far past that.

I’m talking about people like…Brenda Chen.

Brenda's business was successful by all accounts. She had her income in the low-six-figures, a goal many women dream of.

But at the same time...she knew she was made for more. 

Cut to: she's now invested in, founded and even acquired multiple businesses and reached the high six-figure mark in <12 months time. 

"Having Danielle as a mentor was the ultimate up-level! I went from a coach with a dream to a business leader confidently running a company that has now served hundreds of clients. The best part is that the skills I learned to scale my business are timeless. I’ve been able to continue to implement them and refine as I continue grow my income and my impact."

Or Justine Steel – who was running her own coaching business with dreams of growing her income and impact. 

The problem was – she had no idea what steps she needed to take to hit the next milestone, and continue to grow after that.

When she started working with Danielle as her coach, she immediately started to see results. And the best part is – she now has a business-building toolbox that CONTINUES to serve her – even years later. 

"I was a part of Danielle's Mastermind and it completely transformed me! I was able to scale my income from low to high 6 figures (something that would normally take years and years!). I was confident to go after what I wanted because of the support I got from the coaches and community. Since then, I became an investor and founded/acquired multiple businesses. Forever grateful to Danielle and the bossbabe community!"

And, we can’t forget about Yuh Ying – who was doing great until she just…hit that invisible revenue ceiling we’re all familiar with.

No matter how much website traffic/new leads/qualified customers were coming through the doors – nothing seemed to do the trick.

Until – after <6 months of applying our formulas – she was able to grow from $20k months to $80k months…and maintain that consistently.

So…how did they do it? How did these women break through their business ceiling?

And more importantly…

How can this become YOUR story, too?

To bring not only scalability but also stability to your business?

I want to ask you to stop for a moment and think to yourself: what would this really mean for me?

When you’re consistently bringing in six-figure MONTHS (not years)...

When you can hire a team member without worrying about how to pay their salary…

When you can actually turn AWAY a client who isn’t a good fit because your revenue isn’t reliant on their contract…

When you can get in rooms with industry leaders you follow on Instagram and consider them your peers…

When exiting your business and making a seven (or eight!) figure sale becomes a real possibility for you…

You’re Virtually Guaranteed That Will Be Your Reality With This One Move.

And not only does this mean having a seven-figure business and all the possibilities that revenue number unlocks…

It also means peace of mind that your business isn’t going to just vanish in a flash or go belly up if you don’t get a signature on the dotted line of your pending contract.

Because with all this new revenue, you’ll be able to…

Hire a team to support you in the day-to-day so you can have your focus where you excel (and not where you don’t).

Get in rooms with other multiple six & seven-figure entrepreneurs who just get it + can fill in your blind spots.

Take time to freaking live your LIFE – because not everything is about growing a business and making money and you deserve to enjoy the other hours in your day, too.

What would that feel like for you?

Because THAT is what a real, thriving business looks like and it IS possible – even if right now that feels like a long shot.

I’ll share the secret most business leaders have been gatekeeping in just a second…

But first, let me tell you a bit about myself…

Just so you know you can trust me to walk alongside you and help you make this your reality.

Hi Again,

I'm Danielle

I’m the co-founder of bossbabe – the #1 community for female entrepreneurs around the world…

My life mission is to help women build WEALTH from their businesses – specifically, by getting predictable, stable cash flow so you can have peace of mind and know what to expect on your P&L each month.

But why is predictability so important?

Well, you’ve heard your business is your baby – and that’s true for how it grows, too.

At first, it’s slow and steady growth – hitting all the major milestones little by little. You take baby step by baby step as you make your first sale, first $1,000, first $10,000 and so on.

But all of a sudden - you hit those rocky, unpredictable teenage years and THIS is where most entrepreneurs fail.

You’ll have your best revenue month yet, and then zero inquiries the next.

You’ll go from reading an email from a nightmare client that has you in tears to immediately hopping on a Zoom call where you’ve got to be the smiling face of your brand.

You’ll go from scrolling job postings on LinkedIn and thinking about throwing the towel in, to checking your bank balance and feeling like you’re crushing it.

You’re essentially white water rafting in a one-person float, constantly wondering what’s around the corner.

Getting to stability and scalability in your business is the FASTEST way to guarantee your success and build WEALTH.

And when more women have wealth – everything changes.

Obviously, YOUR life and YOUR business get better…

But also – the world changes. When women have wealth, women have influence and that means women are creating a better, safer, kinder, more equitable world.

And I want that. Don’t you?

That’s Why I Want More Women Like You To Have 7-Figure Businesses

I’ve experienced this firsthand both at bossbabe and in the businesses of thousands of clients.

Natalie and I were in the early stages of running bossbabe, and we were doing everything (and I mean everything) just the two of us.

We had no budget to outsource work, much less hire a team.

Get this – we even made up a fake assistant named “Renee” who we could delegate to just to make ourselves feel a little less alone (and have a good laugh once in a while).

To our surprise (and delight!) – when we launched The Société, it was an instant hit. We surpassed our launch goal within a matter of days (think: welcomed TWICE the number of women to our membership than we initially set out to).

And then looked at each other wondering…

What now?

If you’re at the stage where your goal is 7-figures, you’ve had that moment, too.

Where suddenly it feels like your business outgrew you and what you’re capable of. And it excites you but…

It also scares you a little bit.

We were making money, but…how do we retain them? How do we get new customers? How do we have enough cash in the bank that we have some buffer?

People throw around the term imposter syndrome, but it’s more than that.

It’s like – what just happened? How do I do this? I’m not cut out for this? Or maybe I am?

And then the chaos strikes.

It was like running on a treadmill but someone else was controlling the pace – we’d sprint, then stroll, then jog, then sprint again – it was exhausting and unpredictable at best.

The only thing that was consistent was that everything was inconsistent. And nobody can keep up a pace like that for long.

So we had to do something different if we wanted to survive. If you’re reading this – you’re likely having that realization yourself.

You need to learn how to bring 2 key things to your business: stability and scalability.

Once we did that for bossbabe – we unlocked…

🔓Our first seven figures…

🔓Our first critical hires…

🔓Our first speaking engagements and real press…

🔓Our first opportunities to get in rooms with more established entrepreneurs…

🔓Our first inquiries about funding and acquisition…

🔓Opportunities we were able to actually turn down (like the entrepreneurs who say no on Shark Tank because they KNOW their value).

Because Here’s The REAL Determining Factor To Hitting The 7-Figure Mark In Your Business

The entrepreneurs who hit seven figures are the ones who figured out how to bring in that stability and scalability.

And you achieve THAT when you do this other ONE thing really well. And if you really want this – you need to learn to do it, too.

You need to learn to stop with the shiny-object syndrome, stop looking left right and center at what everyone else is doing, stop doubting yourself and your business…

And get LASER FOCUSED on dialing in what works.

It’s called the 80/20 rule and it’s a proven concept in all categories of life.

80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts.

That means the entrepreneurs who really make it - the “2%” – have DOUBLED DOWN on the 20% of things in the business that are getting them the most results.

Going all on that 20% means you get scalability and stability.

Going all in on that 20% means you get to hire a team, get expert coaching, be in rooms that the doors are closed to right now.

And I’m going to show you how to do that.

This Is The Simplest, Most Reliable Way To 10x Your Business – Without Burning Out

I did this for bossbabe and since then, I’ve worked with thousands of women entrepreneurs to get them the same results.

I’ve been a part of that 2% for years – so I’m uniquely QUALIFIED to teach this to you.

So…I’ve decided to share the secrets others have been gatekeeping for years. Because I’m not intimidated by that 2% number growing.

In fact – I want it to.

So I’m laying it all out there – all my business secrets…

No fluff…

No BS…

Just proven, repeatable systems that WORK.

The things that I have PERSONALLY witnessed taking women entrepreneurs from the idea stage to starting their business…

From starting the business to their first sale…

From their first sale to the six-figure mark…

And now…

I’ve Developed The Simplest, Most Reliable Way To 10x Your Business

Because that’s where you’re at now.

You see, when I started bossbabe – I was solely focused on serving early-stage entrepreneurs.

But many of you have grown up and grown out of business fundamentals.

You’re ready for a quantum leap.

You’re realizing that the way your business has been over the past few years is NOT how it needs to be moving forward.

And if you want to do this thing…

Like – really do this business thing…

You need to achieve a different level of results that’s not been available to you yet.

Until now.

I’m Giving You Access To Results Most Of Us Can NEVER Achieve On Our Own

Because with this kind of community…

Things that take most entrepreneurs YEARS to navigate and figure out alone…

Become crystal clear in SECONDS.

Yes…you know how to make sales with your business and have been able to get it to this stage on your own…

But do you want the next years of your business to look like the last? The sleepless nights, constant hustling, chaos, unpredictability, exhaustion…

Or do you want to have a clear, intuitive, proven path forward where your questions are a call away and feedback/brainstorming sessions are at your fingertips and your results are GUARANTEED.

The answer is obvious.

I’m Giving You Access To Results Most Of Us Can NEVER Achieve On Our Own

Now, to be clear – what I’m offering is a private mastermind and mentoring group.

I purposely am limiting the number of entrepreneurs who can join because it really is an exclusive, private, close-knit group and it’s important to me to protect that.

Because I KNOW (and you do, too) that there are other masterminds out there that prey on entrepreneurs just like you.

They’re fluffy, feel-good communities but they lack real connection – and more importantly – real results.

But what WE have inside this mastermind is an exclusive group of entrepreneurs who are not only sharing critical insights and information and developing connections with each other…

But also learning from me and getting a direct line to my inbox…

I’m PERSONALLY looking at your business, giving you feedback, encouraging you and giving you support…

So you’re getting INSTANT feedback, connection, coaching, industry intel…

PLUS You Get A Lot More Inside The Mastermind…

It STARTS with a 1:1 strategy call with me where we’ll look at your business through a magnifying glass and set a clear intention for our time together.

PLUS - each month, we’ll have a “hot seat” coaching call…

That means you’re putting ME in the “hot seat” – asking personalized questions and getting tailored feedback…

And after that I’ll put YOU in the “hot seat” to pick apart your business (with love!) and find what you need to be doing to make 7 figures inevitable. 

That means – finding your best opportunities and your biggest risks so we know exactly what your 20% to focus on is (and what the 80% you need to ignore is).

Because You Also Get Access To Templates That Do The 80% For You

Because that 80% that’s not growing your business is often still necessary…

But you can’t always hire for every little thing.

So for just a minute – my team is going to be YOUR team.

We’ve put together resources you can plug + play into your existing business model - getting you results without wasting your time.

Including emails that are basically an entrepreneur’s MadLibs so you can fill in your copy and be delivering value/closing sales in a blink.

And budgeting templates so you don’t have to navigate intimidating P&L statements on your own and know exactly how to get your business in a healthy, safe, stable financial position.

(hint hint - the kind of position that investors and buyers want to see).

And even legal docs so you don’t have to allocate a massive legal budget to protecting your IP and covering you/your business in the event that sh*t hits the fan.

And so much more that I don’t even have space to list it all out – but trust me…

It’s goooood.

AND You’ll Get Access To 2x LIVE Retreats/Events To Connect + Grow – In Person

Because – let’s be honest – we’re ALL craving that in-person time. So we’ll get together 2x a year to have that kind of inspirational energy, power learning sessions…

And time to laugh and connect and enjoy time together that’s just pure FUN because your entrepreneurial journey GETS to be fun, too.

But because we live in a virtual world and online communities are KEY – the connection is not JUST for in-person events…

You’ll Also Get A PRIVATE Slack Community To Connect On The Daily

Think of it like your favorite best friend group chat – but on another level…

The entrepreneur edition.

Your place to connect with my team directly, bounce ideas off each other, check-in, get encouragement and realize that entrepreneurship does NOT have to be lonely.

We get to create community AND learn from each other. That’s what we’re doing here.

So Here’s A Quick Recap Of Everything Included

When you join my 7-Figure, CEO Growth Method Mastermind, you’ll get…

1, 60-minute 1:1 call with me, Danielle Canty ($4,000)

2, in-person 3-day retreats to connect with one another + countless celebrity speakers ($50,000)

1, 60-minute small group coaching call each MONTH ($48,000)

24/7 access to our private Slack community with hands-on support from team bossbabe ($10,000)

Dozens of critical business-building templates ($10,000)

A value of WELL over $120,000. All specially curated to get you RESULTS.

But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what some of bossbabe's past students are saying…

"The Mastermind saved my 2020! Since I joined the program I signed 20 new clients. I also gained over 1K new leads."


"I struggled getting myself out there with confidence. I was frustrated and felt like it was holding me back. Since joining the Mastermind I have launched my program and feel more confident."

Carly, business coach

"While our industry is fairly cyclical we made 5 figures during our launch season, which is pretty exciting. And yes, even with an audience of less than 6K."


"Last year was my 5th year in business & my first million dollar year in sales as well as hitting 20k on my email list. bossbabe products are still save as favorites in my browser & always will be! 

Anna, sales strategist

So at this point…

You’re probably wondering how much it costs to join this 7-Figure, CEO Growth Method Mastermind...

What are these, now 7-figure entrepreneurs investing in themselves and their businesses to be a part of this…

Honestly? Based on what all MY entrepreneur friends are telling me when they give ME feedback on MY offer…

A lot less than it should cost.

Because with all the resources…

And community…

And events…

And calls…

And online feedback…

You WILL hit 7-figures in your business if you put in the work. Period. End of story. I promise.

But I’m not charging 10% of that.

Not $100k. Or $80k. Or $50k.

I want this to be a no-brainer, sign me up, simple decision for you.

For any female entrepreneur who is ready to be a part of the 2%.

To make more money, hire a team, connect with others in the industry, learn, grow, build…

Take a freaking vacation…

So that’s why…

Joining this 7-Figure, CEO Growth Method Mastermind is just a $30,000 investment for the full year and payment plans are available. 

Think Of It As Your Way To Guarantee Your Business Success -
Bringing In $100k MONTHS in 2023.

You can join us now, you get instant access to ALL the resources above and will have a business with true stability and scalability within MONTHS.

All the calls…all the resources…all the community…all the events.

It’s a complete no-brainer.

And I’m sure you’ve done the math but…

When you’re consistently having six-figure months and running a seven-figure business – it’s pretty easy to recover your investment when you apply what you learn.

In fact – I’d be SHOCKED if you didn’t make your money back.

(And the $30k is a pretty great tax write-off if you ask me.)

Suffice it to say: the value is priceless.

So while you’re probably ready to click the “Get Access” button right now…

You’ll notice… There IS no “Get Access” button on this page.

And that’s because the 7-Figure, CEO Growth Method Mastermind is intentionally designed to be a private, exclusive container.

Ultimately, my priority is to get you results and to protect what we’ve created within this unparalleled group.

So that’s why – intentionally – you can’t just “Get Access” to the 7-Figure, CEO Growth Method Mastermind.

Instead, we need to make sure you’re the right fit and protect the energy of this space we’re creating together.

So before you can buy, your next step is this: you need to apply.

We’ll ask you a few questions about yourself, your ambitions and your business and give you an honest assessment of whether or not the 7-Figure, CEO Growth Method Mastermind is the right next step for you.

If your application seems aligned, we’ll schedule a call with you and only then will you be able to access the 7-Figure, CEO Growth Method Mastermind.

There’s no question for me whether or not this works. I KNOW in this Mastermind, I can help you get your business to that seven-figure mark and beyond.

I’ve done it before and it’s simple to recreate for you, too.

The only question is whether or not you’re ready to put in the energy and make critical decisions in your business to get results.

Because some people don’t.

Some people are content with where they’re at. Some people actually WANT to do it on their own.

If that’s you – this is not for you.

But if you want to do this…

If you want to get results and actually move your business forward this year – like at a quantum leap level…

All you need to do is take the first step to apply.

YES! I Want To Apply Now 

Once we’ve got your application, we’ll reach out and let you know whether or not you’re moving on to the interview stage.

Remember, this isn’t a “sales call.” This is an interview to genuinely gauge whether or not this program is a fit for you.

In fact, what I’m most interested in is whether your business is at a stage where you’re ready to make key shifts and grow to that seven-figure mark because some people have upper limits and behind-the-scenes challenges that would get in the way.

I want to make sure you don’t have any red flags that are going to hold you back because in this program, I’m DETERMINED to get you results.

So if you’ve ever dreamed of joining the 2% of female entrepreneurs who hit seven figures.

And if you’re determined to make that number grow past 2%...

And if this is the year you’re willing and able and determined and focused enough to actually go all-in and make that change…

Then you’re going to want to apply ASAP.

As you can imagine, spots in this mastermind are EXTREMELY limited.

It’s going to be CLOSE knit. Because that’s where you’ll get the best results.

PLUS – the price will NEVER be this low again – so you’re going to want to act while you have access.

Sound good?

Let’s see if you’re ready to join the BEST female entrepreneurs in the world, in the premiere mastermind for seven-figure businesswomen…

YES! I Want To Apply Now 

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