Three Strategies to Level Up in 2019

There is no shortage of New Year’s resolutions at the start of every new year. The word “resolution” is derived from its root word “resolve”, which means to make a vow.

Resolutions fall short because vows aren’t specific enough to set goals around them and give them a deadline. Instead, BossBabes should focus on goal setting and intention setting when facing a fresh start in the new year.

Here are three strategies to level up your life in 2019:

Get Clarity

Clarity is the foundation for focus, and focus is key to success. When people try to focus but don’t first have clarity, they get overwhelmed. A renowned business and life coach Marie Forleo provides a simple process for getting clarity in her simple 2-step goal setting training. She says, “Focus on the critical few things, rather than on the trivial many”. Get clear on what your few critical goals are, let go of the rest, and zero in on accomplishing them. This is the first of the three strategies to level up in 2019 because it sets the stage for the others.

Be Present

BossBabes are ambitious. We are always looking ahead to the future and thinking about how to take the next step to our huge goal. Sometimes we do this to the point of not appreciating our current situation in pursuit of our future goals. If you find yourself not being present in the moment, as yourself why. Are you not appreciating what you have? If so, make a habit of saying what you’re grateful for out loud. Is this moment getting in the way of what you need to do? Find a way to cut the activity from your routine. Just as having clarity is crucial to being able to focus, it’s impossible to fully focus without being present.

Build Strong Habits

John Dryden said it best: “We first make our habits, then our habits make us”. The beginning of a new year is a great time to reflect on what works in your life and what doesn’t. Oftentimes, we can attribute our accomplishments, or our failures, to our habits. (If you want to improve your financial situation, read this article about millionaire habits.) Which habits helped you progress last year? Which bad habits held you back? When you write down your goals, also write down three habits to work into your routine as strategies to set you up for success.

By implementing these three strategies to level up in 2019, you will start the new year with more clarity, better focus, and strong habits that will push you toward your goals. Now go crush them in 2019!

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Amber loves to share her passions for business, marketing, and entrepreneurship. Amber has experience growing small businesses, as well as leading the marketing in companies with annual revenues ranging from $35-$100+ million. Amber is the Marketing Manager for BigRentz in Irvine, California. BigRentz was recognized in the top 10% of the Inc 500 list of fastest-growing U.S. companies, landing at #10 in California, #6 in Los Angeles, and #1 in Orange County in 2016. Amber has an MBA from Chapman University. Her program was ranked by Bloomberg Businessweek as #82 in the U.S. and by U.S. News and World Report as #79 in the U.S. and #4 in California. She was awarded a three-quarter-ride academic scholarship to the program. While earning her MBA, Amber worked at the Leatherby Center for Entrepreneurship. There she connected entrepreneurs with mentors and investors, coached startup founders, helped plan a business model competition, and guest taught entrepreneurship classes. Amber strives to be a Proverbs 31 woman, loves living in Los Angeles, and is happily married to her husband of five years.


  1. Amber, I love the quote; “We first make our habits, then our habits make us.” Awesome piece. You inspire me every time.

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