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Three CRITICAL Questions To Ask Before Your Next Launch

BY Team BossBabe


Launching a new business means so many things are on your mind. You’re worried about your team experiencing burnout, you’re worried about your customers or audience not relating to your product or services and you're worried about the amount of money you may or may not make in return. The worry is endless – but it doesn't have to be. 

There are only a few things to have on your mind when you’re launching a business. Keep reading below to see which ones should be on your list.


Ask Yourself: Do You Have Your Specific Goals, KPIS, and Milestones In Place For The Launch?

This honestly should be the driving force behind your launch – to hit the goals that you’ve set up for yourself and your company. If this is your first launch it’s important to track the progress you’ve made so far to gauge what would be a feasible goal to reach with this upcoming launch. Tracking your KPIs is a great place to start if you aren't already doing so. Check out this Société Masterclass here, to learn how to scale your business and track the one KPI that will move the needle forward getting you closer to your goal. 


Ask Your Team: How Much Energy Do You Have To Focus On This Upcoming Launch?

Running a launch requires a lot from both yourself and your team Checking in with them to make sure they have the resources and time they need to hit their goals is pivotal. Not only does it inspire your company culture, but it also provides the support your team needs to avoid burnout.


Ask Your Audience: If I Could Help Accomplish A Goal Or Overcome Just One Thing In The Next X Amount Of Days, What Would That Thing Be For You?

This seems like the most simple step – but sometimes it’s not. Talking to your audience not only gives you direct insight into what they are looking for from your brand but also allows them to have a voice within your business. Doing a quick poll on your social media accounts, and reposting answers gives your audience a sense of trust and acknowledgment. Small things like this will set your brand apart from others and give you a clear direction on what it is your brand needs to do to fulfill your audience's wants and needs. 


While these are only three things to question during a launch, there are several more to keep in mind when going through this process. Courses like Online Launch School will talk you through your first launch and give you a step-by-step guide on how to hit your goals, target your audience and keep your team in a healthy state of mind. 


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