The Top 5 Best Tools For Content Creators

BY Team BossBabe


Being a content creator means you need a tool for every single creative idea you have – and tbh, that can be quite a lot of tools.

But, while there are an abundant amount of tools to choose from, there happens to be a small number of must-have ones that every influencer, writer, podcast host and business owner should have in their pocket when getting started.

Here, we rounded up the top five tools every content creator should have when starting a business. 


This easy-to-use tool is essential for every content creator out there. Why? Because it gives you access to create graphics, documents, flyers, banners, presentations, infographics and so much more – honestly the list ends where your creativity does. 

What’s so amazing about this tool is that it’s free to join, but they offer plans that start out at $12.99 for more advanced design and editing features + with our exclusive link, you can try out those plans for FREE. This tool helps you eliminate the need to hire a graphic designer, which in turn will save you tons of money in the future.

Google Trends

All creators need to stay in the loop about what’s trending in the world to make sure they're creating relevant content, whether that be on social media or blogs. Google Trends allows you to research trending keywords and topics within your niche to help you curate content ideas to grow your brand. 

This app even allows you to use a trend prediction feature that gives you access to an algorithm that will give you a competitive advantage on what is to come for the following weeks on search engines and social media.



You don't need to own a blog to effectively use Grammarly – trust us when we say, this tool is for everyone. As content creators, your copywriting skills give a good insight into the credibility of your brand. And, although you may overlook a spelling mistake or punctuation errors – some of the people you want to do business with may not.

Grammarly is a proofreading platform that corrects all the overlooked mistakes your English teacher warned you about in high school. In addition to its proofreading process, It also has a Chrome extension that allows it to check your spelling in emails, forms, websites and just about anything that involves typing.

SEM Rush

This is another amazing tool to help plan content ideas ahead of the game. You simply enter a topic and target location and SEM Rush provides you with a list of trending topics (and even potential ones) surrounding your main inquiry. This all-in-one tool helps with online visibility for your current website or social platform shows you how you rank in search engines and guides you to discover the marketing insights you need to have for your business.

The plans can be a bit more costly than other tools, starting out at $99.95 a month – but it’s totally worth it.


This is the perfect tool for all the creators whose main source of content is podcasts. This easy-to-use, multi-track audio editor allows you to record and edit podcasts to help adjust background noise, speed things up (or slow things down), export files, and anything else you may need as a podcast host.

To make it even better – this tool is completely free.


Being a content creator is challenging as is – but the tools you need to build your platform don’t have to be. Take advantage of these tools to help grow your business and don’t forget to thank us later when you start hitting your social media, revenue and analytics goals.


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