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The Three-Step Plan To Pitch Your Business And Close More Deals

BY Team BossBabe

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Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

Remember Business 101? That class where you had to give an elevator pitch about your fake company to 100 other students in a lecture hall who were staring at you? 

Yeah – that one.

Either you were in the 1% of people who love public speaking and you were amazing or you were like the rest of us and stood there stumbling over your words with sweaty palms wishing you were literally anywhere else in the world.

Not a great time.

Then again, Business 101 was low stakes because – newsflash – it was an elevator pitch for a fake business. 

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, though, you still get those same sweaty palms and crazy nerves any time you try to pitch your business. But here’s the problem…the business is, um, real now. So, that means the stakes are high. 

Potential revenue is literally on the table whenever you try to talk about what you do. 

You can’t afford to just be “okay” at pitching your business anymore. You have to be confident.

That’s why we’re taking a deep dive into exactly how to give a perfect business pitch. The kind of pitch that gets potential clients and partners to sign on the dotted line – every time.

Pitch Your Business In Just Three Steps

Pitching your business doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Whether you’re pitching to a potential client or building a strategic partnership, the steps are pretty much the same.

Step 1 – Create A One Sheet

Your one sheet is a one-page PDF with just the essential information boiled down into one place – one sheet. This is where you share key details about your business, past clients or partnerships and paint a picture of what it would look like to do business with you.

Two key things to remember…

1 – Make sure your one sheet is only…well…one sheet. You don’t want to ask your potential client or partner to filter through pages and pages of information to just get the basics. 

2 – Make sure you include your contact information. Make your email, phone or website incredibly clear so the person reading your one sheet can take the next step easily.

Step 2 – Put Together A Press Kit

Your press kit is a much longer version of the one sheet. This is the document where you take a deep dive into all the granular details of your business including your founding information, key measurables and details about exactly what you have to offer. 

If you get stuck during this step, ask yourself, “How can I provide value to the person I am giving the press kit to?” Then, add more information to the press kit that offers real, tangible value to your potential client or partner.

Step 3 – Curate Your Look Book Or Portfolio

People want to know it’s not all talk. They want to know you actually have the product or service that’s congruent with your bold pitch claims. 

This is the part where you get to show off all the incredible work you’re doing so the person or company you’re pitching to can’t wait to work with you.

If you have an e-commerce product or physical product, this is going to look like showing visuals of your product, providing descriptions and curating a cohesive look for your brand.

On the other hand, if you offer a service-based product, you can feature past work, client testimonials or descriptions of the various packages you offer tailored to your customer’s needs.

Pitch Strategies – The Do’s And Don'ts

One last thing – there are some critical do’s and don'ts you need to be aware of when you’re pitching your business. This is the part where your best friend is like, “Hey, don’t be that girl.”

Yeah – don’t be that business pitch. Here’s what we mean…

Don’t pitch something that has nothing to do with your target audience. / Do pitch to your niche.

If you send a generic pitch out to every company, they’ll sniff that out so fast. Don’t worry so much about casting a wide net. Instead, focus on your niche and present really strong, tailored pitches to that unique group.

Don’t submit pitch documents with errors. / Do make sure everything you turn in has polish.

Typos in a business pitch? No thank you. Be sure to groom your pitch for spelling, grammar and mechanics. Then, double-check and triple-check you spelled the company’s name and names of the people you’re communicating with correctly. 

Then for good measure, check everything one more time. 

Don’t leave out important information. / Do give the company everything they need to do business with you.

If the potential client or partner needs to follow up with you to get critical pieces of information you left out…that’s not good. Show them you’re over-prepared, answer their questions before they ask and demonstrate how doing business with you is a breeze.

Don’t only focus on yourself. /Do show interest in who you’re talking to.

The potential client or partner you’re pitching to wants to know you care about them, too. Be sure to include specific details about why you want to work with them specifically – not just why you want their money. 

You Can Pitch Your Business Like A Pro

At BossBabe, we believe competence leads to confidence. When you use this three-step plan, you’ll have the confidence you need to pitch your business without getting sweaty palms and crazy nerves. 

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