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The Secret To Attracting Qualified Leads

BY Team BossBabe

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Can we let you in on a secret? A successful product launch isn’t about targeting more people with more ads and more marketing promotions. 

It’s about targeting the right people.

A targeted community of 10k will create a lot more revenue than a non-targeted community of 100k. For real.

So how do you make sure you’re targeting the right people in your next product launch? You have to do the work on the front end to qualify your leads.

Don’t let the term “qualified lead” scare you away. A qualified lead is simply somebody who is well-positioned to buy your product based on their wants, needs and financial situation. Qualified leads are the people who, above anyone else, are actually ready to buy your product or service – today. 

Just take a second. Imagine sending your emails and pushing your ads to a group of people who were literally raising their hands asking for your product. Can you even begin to picture what that would mean for your business? It would change everything.

Unfortunately, if you’re like most business owners, you’re sending emails and advertisements to a group of people who may or may not care about your product. And it’s costing you money.

You probably don’t have time to get on the phone with every single person on your mailing list and ask the right questions to find out if they’re actually qualified to buy your product. The good news is, you don’t have to. It only takes three simple steps to begin to qualify your leads to make sure your next launch is a success.

In this blog, we’re going to walk you through a three-step process so you can finally start targeting the right people and stop targeting the wrong ones.

Let’s dive in!

Your Three-Step Plan To Building An Audience That Converts

The idea of building an audience that converts can sound like lofty, marketing-speak. It’s not. 

All it means is you’re intentionally curating an audience who is qualified to buy your product so when you send ads, emails or promotions to that list – you’re not just shouting into a void.

Building an audience that converts can get nuanced and technical. When you boil it down, it’s about three things: offering a relevant freebie, building strategic partnerships and making a high-value content strategy. Here’s what we mean…

1 – Offer A Relevant Freebie

One of the best, simplest ways to qualify a lead is by offering a relevant freebie. A freebie could be a download, video series or even a live webinar. Whatever route you choose to go, the freebie should give the customer a taste of the free product so they end up buying the real thing.

This step is simple, but it’s also where a lot of business owners make a crucial mistake: they create a freebie that’s too broad. 

If your freebie is too broad, you’ll end up building a list of people who don’t actually want your product – they just want a free thing. Instead, make sure your freebie relates to the product or service you’re selling so you know people who opt in will be interested in your product when you launch it.

2 – Build Strategic Partnerships

There are people in your industry who are already serving your future customers. That’s not because the customers are going to turn their back on the other business. It’s because your business is the natural next step in that customer’s journey.

Put it this way: if you have a dog training company, you should be communicating with dog breeders in your area because people who buy puppies need dog trainers next. In the same way, if you have a graphic design business, you might want to connect with a business coach so she can funnel her customers to you when they need a logo.

At BossBabe, we believe in collaboration over competition. Building strategic partnerships is not about taking customers from someone else. It’s about realizing that one customer is going to have a lot of different needs. When you make connections and build strategic partnerships, the customer will have all their needs met in the end.

3 – Make A High-Value Content Strategy

The freebie might be what gets a prospective customer in the door, but content is what keeps them there. Valuable content nurtures your audience so they go from being aware of who you are to trusting you as an expert in your field. A potential customer who loves your content and trusts your business is going to buy from you when they need your product. Every time.

Just like creating a freebie, be sure your content strategy actually relates to the product you’re trying to sell. If your content is delivering great fashion advice but you’re trying to sell business coaching, you’re going to attract the wrong customers. You might have a great following, but those leads aren’t going to convert when it comes time to buy.

A Successful Launch Starts With Qualified Leads

Having a list of qualified leads matters for your business all the time, but it matters more than anything when you’re doing an intentional product launch. 

Product launches can already feel overwhelming. If you do all that work just to launch to a group of people who are “meh” about your business, you’re going to get discouraged and wonder if it was even worth putting in all that work in the first place. 

The hard but honest answer is: launching to an unqualified list just isn’t worth your time.

We don’t want you to waste time, energy and resources on a product launch that isn’t going to get real results for your business. That’s why we designed Online Launch School.

Online Launch School is our 12-week mentorship program that takes the guesswork out of sold-out and booked-up launches. Through this program, you’ll learn the no-fail basics of putting together a successful launch and scaling it beyond what you ever thought possible.

But don’t just take our word for it. Listen to what one of our Online Launch School Alumni, Lauren Schwab, had to say about her launch…

“Before BossBabe I'd never done a proper launch. I had approximately 23 1:1 clients when I started working with BossBabe and they helped me convert those clients into mastermind members! I did a proper launch and generated multiple 6-figures in my first month. My first launch generated over $150K and I'm now preparing for my second launch!”

Now, it’s your turn. If you’re ready to dive in, click here to sign up. We can’t wait to see you there!


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