the right time to start

I have a newly single friend (from whom I have permission to share!) who not so long ago took up online dating.  ‘I really like this guy I’m talking to’, she told me over dinner and drinks one time… ‘but I want to wait for a bit before I meet him… I need to make sure it’s the right time to start something new’.

They chatted on and off for a couple weeks while she hummed and hawed about whether or not to date him. She made a list of pros and cons and after piss farting around for what felt like, well, forever (sorry girl), she called quits on the whole thing. ‘I’m just not ready’, she told me. ‘It’s too soon’.

I mean, that’s fair enough, right? To take the time to heal your heart before rushing into anything with somebody new. Sensible even. But a week later after she’d heard her ex had hooked up with somebody else she decided to pick up the phone…

…except by that point Mr Bumble had had enough of her bullshit and had stopped returning her texts and calls. He’d ghosted her, and the thing she was so scared to take a chance on was gone.


you see, she spent too long waiting for the right time to start, but spoiler alert: the right time to start is always now!


The conversation got me thinking about business, and how long it took me to start mine.

I’d put off launching to the next day and the day after that, until another friend (Natalie actually) said something to me that made the penny drop:

‘If the first product or service you launch is perfect, you’ve waited too long to launch’.

Fucking, right?!

Do first-time Mums having their babies put on their chest after childbirth for a bit of skin to skin feel calm and collected, or do they do a little sick in their mouth at the thought of being in charge of an actual human being and get on with it anyway.

Because I know I would.

As a perfectionist, I’ve never personally felt properly prepared for anything in my life so I get it… but if we waited until we were ready all the time, we’d never get anything done.

Did I feel ready to do an undergraduate degree before I’d finished my A Levels, an MLitt before I’d finished my degree or my PhD before I’d finished my MLitt? Hell no, but I took a leap of faith each and every time anyway, trusting that everything has a funny way of working itself out in the end because the universe always has your back.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that from now on I’m taking a leap of faith on everything in life (especially my business) and I’d encourage you to do the same. 

We can always be smarter, or funnier, or prettier or thinner. We can always be more prepared. But as the minutes roll into hours and the hours run into days, life doesn’t wait for us to catch up. Time goes on with or without us, and I never want to wish I’d started sooner.

I never want to be too late to the party.

And neither should you.

But if you are be sure to bring a bottle… because my girlfriend sure as hell needs it.

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