Let’s talk about the one thing we all want more of, but very rarely talk about in a real and honest way.

We use it every single day.

We stress about it.

We’re grateful for it.

It sometimes likes to play hard to get on us.

But at the end of the day, it can make a huge difference in our business and personal lives.

Money. The big mu-lah.

And yet, when we’re growing up, nobody ever seems to really teach us about how to properly manage or use it.

We learned about it from the people around us. From how our parents discussed it and how adults reacted to it. We learned how it made us feel from the different experiences we’ve had around it.

Whether it was the joy of making your first $10 on a lemonade stand or that time you received a credit card bill at college and stuffed it behind your dorm-room bed. Or the arguments your mom and dad used to have about there never ever being enough.

We all have thoughts and feelings about money. And for so many of us, there can be subconscious fears, blocks and associations attached to it that can potentially massively hold us back from ever experiencing the financial goals we aspire to in our BossBabe businesses.

So, if you’re feeling blocked in your financial goals or want to see more growth and abundance in your life – it might be time to take a truthful and honest look at what your subconscious money programming is.

That means taking a deeper look than just what your physical bank balance is. It means looking at what your emotional attachments and beliefs are around the big “M” word.

Here are some simple and easy questions to ask yourself that will start unlocking your subconscious money programming.

What does money represent for you?

When you think about your income, what do you make this mean about yourself?

How did your parents feel around money? (Look at both your mother and father because each may have had different beliefs)

When you think back to your childhood, what beliefs did you form around money?

If you were to look at your bank balance right now, what physical sensations would you experience in your body?

How do you feel when you think about very wealthy individuals and those that are financially poor?

Write down your responses and you’ll discover that it’s so easy for us to accumulate stories and emotions behind that one word – MONEY. So, if you’re willing and ready to watch your business and life thrive, this is an area that truly needs your attention, love and care.

Because abundance is your birthright. And when you fully step into alignment with your power and choose to live in a prosperity mindset, you are living from your truest nature.

Here are some simple tips and tools to begin doing that today….

Tap On It

Once you become aware of your subconscious beliefs, you’re halfway towards releasing them. And the Emotional Freedom Technique (also known as Tapping) is a brilliant way to clear them out of your body and mind so that they no longer rule over you. It involves tapping on certain acupressure points on the body while acknowledging the thoughts and feelings that you have around money. There are many wonderful Tapping practitioners that can guide you through this and I highly recommend hiring one who specializes in money mindset.

Create A New Money Mantra

We live with our thoughts and beliefs every single day. And for a long time, you’ve probably been carrying around a specific set of money beliefs, without realizing it. But now you’re becoming conscious of it, a great way to release it is by flipping it on its head. If you learnt that financial abundance meant working yourself to the bone, try creating a new mantra for yourself like: “The more I tune into my creative passions and add value to this world, the more money flows effortlessly and easily towards me.”

See how differently that feels? Tape this mantra to your bed or mirror and repeat it to yourself several times a day. By repeating this new positive mantra you will be creating new neural pathways in your brain and changing your reality around money.

Find Abundance In Hidden Places

According to the Law of Attraction, we attract what we focus our energy on. And if you’ve been fearful of or shying away from your money and finances, your energy field has probably been emitting a vibration of lack rather than plenty. So, from today onwards, make a conscious effort to find abundance and wealth in all the places you look.

Whether it’s gratitude for the sheets and pillows you sleep in at night, or the abundance of leaves on the trees, or the number of forks and knives in the drawer – all of these point towards abundance! Be grateful for every dollar and cent that is in your bank account – even if it’s just $10!  It is so important to remember that we are in fact divinely supported – sometimes we just forget this and need to point ourselves back in the right direction.

Face Your Fear

I used to have such anxiety around my finances and never felt like I was earning enough. So, instead of facing my reality and making friends with my finances, I treated my bank accounts like they didn’t exist. I was in denial. So much so, I absolutely hated logging on to my online bank account. I’d often wait for that stomach dropping notification that I was overdrawn.

It wasn’t until I realized that something absolutely had to change that I began to make the conscious effort to face my fears. I forced myself to log onto my accounts every day, get clear on my budgets and truly understand what my outgoings and incomings were. I chose to make money my friend, instead of my enemy. And with just that knowing, my anxiety started to dissipate and I began to trust myself. So make a commitment to yourself to treat money like your lover and appreciate it every single day.

 Facing these blocks head-on may seem really scary. But remember that you are here for a reason and greater purpose. In order to grow and thrive as successful entrepreneurs, we need to continually do our own inner emotional clearing.

As BossBabes, this is such an integral step forward towards stepping into our feminine power and creating abundance in our lives and financial success in our businesses. You go, girl! We’re in this together.