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Raise your hand if you have a list of daily “to do” items.  Thought so, most entrepreneurs do.  Now, how many of you must accomplish each item, and if you don’t, you feel like a failure?  (Raises hand.)  I am going to show you how to tweak your daily to-do list, and how good enough is enough.

As women, we are bombarded daily with ways to improve ourselves.  Somewhere along the way, most of us learned that good enough was not enough.  Whether that be self-imposed limitations or work-place standards, we feel that we must produce perfect results.

Let’s stop striving for perfection, and center our attention on the big picture.  In the words of Winston Churchill, “Perfectionism is the enemy of progress!!”.

Good enough to do list

Here are five items to get you started on your good enough to do list:

  • Choose your app (I recommend Evernote, Swipes or Trello)
  • Make a list of 10-15 items that you would like to implement into your daily routine (don’t panic!)
  • Create a template, and arrange your items in chronological order (don’t forget your checkboxes)
  • Set your minimum tasks to be completed per day (I recommend starting with half)
  • Set your reminder for your wake up time

Let’s dig into #4 (see my personal list as an example).  Remember that feeling you get when you don’t check off all your tasks?  How about when you go over your daily calorie count?  Or when you don’t exercise?  Disappointment, anxiety, disgust?

Now you don’t have to!!  Setting your minimum tasks to be completed allows you to make choices based on your needs for the day.

Want to sleep late?  No problem – just be sure to exercise.

Need a night of Netflix binging?  No problem – just make sure to layout your clothes for the next day.

The best part?  You get to start each morning with a fresh list of opportunities.

Progress, not perfection

Remember, we are not striving for perfection, only progress.

If you implement the good enough to do list, you will move forward daily.  It may not be by leaps and bounds, but each step forward is an improvement.  Instead of choosing to be disappointed in our imperfect selves, let’s celebrate progress.

“Sometimes it is the smallest decisions that can change your life forever” – Keri Russell


  1. Awesome post Stephanie! I completely empathize with having felt like a failure at times for not checking off every box on my to do list. Thanks for sharing your Evernote list! I like your 5 min journal item. Do you recommend a specific app for that?

    • YES!! The perfectionist’s curse 🙂
      I use/recommend the Five Minute Journal app. It asks you morning & evening questions, and also lets you upload a picture/quote of the day

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