female intuition

You see t-shirts left, right and centre that read ‘the future is female’…

…but that statement is more than just a slogan from the feminist movement.

Ohhh yes, because in business especially? The future is female intuition.

Say what?!

Well, how many times have you went round and round in circles trying to make a decision about something, and in the end, decided to just go with your gut?

How many times have you just known that someone or something wasn’t worth your time or energy, and not known where it’d come from?

Yeah – in those times it was your intuition talking girl…

…and your intuition is something to be listened to.

I’ve built a 6 figure business from scratch listening to my intuition and guess what? What I’ve started it scaling faster than you’d think.

I’ve gone from running spiritual workshops from Dad’s house in my hometown (lol) to travelling the world while making monthly recurring revenue through my online Soul, Spirit and Source Academy, and my latest venture (a group coaching course) that calls in my ideal clients.

You see, it’s all very well coming at business from a masculine (intellect) mentality, but when you work with the feminine (your intuition) as well? That is where the real magic happens.

The secret to success (in my eyes, at least) is to find a balance between the two; to listen to your innate, instinctive, inner knowing (the feminine) as much as you do the brain through which you’ve acquired knowledge over time (the masculine).

Girl? I get it. I know exactly what it’s like to go backwards and forwards between choice A and choice B not knowing which way to turn…

…but next time you find yourself in that position, do me a favour and ask yourself this:

“What’s do I feel intuitively, here?”.


“What do I think?”.

Or even worse…

“What does everyone else think?”.

Let your feminine find the alignment, and then allow your masculine to take the action!

Life isn’t meant to be hard, babe.

It’s meant to be easy.

So start aligned and finish strong.

No-one wants to be the girl who says she should’ve listened to her intuition when things don’t turn out as planned…

…just like a soul sister, it always has your back.

There are four chairs, clairvoyance (which is clear seeing), clairaudience (which is clear hearing), clairsentience (which is clear feeling) and claircognizance (which is clear knowing).

Find out what your intuitive gift is, babe, by taking this quiz right here: bit.ly/intuitivegiftsquiz

I wonder whether it’s what you think it will be?