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The Best Social Media Platforms For Your Business

BY Team BossBabe


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If you’re a business owner it’s no surprise that when you post the same content on different social media platforms, you get different results. For example, your blog post about The Five Best Ways To Shop Black Friday Deals may be a hit on Pinterest and Facebook but may fall a little flat on Instagram and YouTube.

Well, firstly, it’s not the content you are posting, it’s the actual audience you’re posting your content to. 

And believe us – it makes a huge difference. Which is why we listed the best social media platforms for your business.


Best For: Influencers, Companies, Coaches, E-Commerce, Brands.

When people start their business, one of the first social media platforms they make an account on is Instagram – and for a good reason. This multifaceted platform allows you to create shops, viral content and highlight quick tips for the fast reader. 

Because Instagram is an image and video-based app, it takes super captivating content to catch your audience's attention. So, long-form copy wouldn't work well on this platform. 


Best For: E-Commerce, Blogging, Coaching.

Facebook may be considered the OG of the social media world and year after year it proves why it’s worthy of that title. Facebook is no longer a place to reconnect with old friends, it’s now turned into a marketplace for business owners like yourself. Creating shops/stores is one of Facebook’s best marketing advantages, as this allows users to pay directly to your business without a middleman. You’re able to host live coaching calls, join groups and grow a larger audience with your blog post. 

Facebook is the social media platform where your audience has time to spend reading and engaging in the content as opposed to swiping through images and videos, so be sure to plan your content accordingly.



Best For: Blogging, Influencers, E-Commerce.

Pinterest may be the one social media platform that is designed to outsource its content. This platform allows you to pin content onto different bulletin boards and the content pinned directs you to outsourced pages aka your business. 

This is the perfect content for bloggers and e-commerce stores because it teases the content and encourages the user to travel down the user experience funnel.


Best For: Coaches, Lifestyle/Beauty Influencers, Diverse industries.

YouTube has billions of users every single day and they’re seeking content from people who can teach them something that they don’t already know. So that means, lifestyle hacks, cooking tips, confidence workshops, literally anything. It’s the google of the video world.

So, if you have content that can be turned into a “how-to” video then YouTube is absolutely the platform for you.

Maneuvering social media can be a tricky process but as long as you realize which platforms work the best for you and your business, you’ll be just fine. 


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