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The Best Grants For Women-Owned Businesses

BY Team BossBabe


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When it comes to women-owned businesses, we seem to get the short end of the stick compared to our male counterparts regarding funding. Unfortunately, women are severely underrepresented when it comes to receiving money to fund, build and scale our businesses.

Which is why it’s super important to know where to look as a woman when it comes to grants, loans and just the overall right resources needed to grow your company.

Here, we listed the best grants for women-owned businesses and how to apply to access funds to get your business to the next level.

Amber Grant

When Amber Wigdahl passed away before she had the chance to turn her entrepreneurial dreams into reality, WomensNet founded the Amber Grant to honor her and all aspiring entrepreneurs. Each month the organization awards at least $35,000 in grant money to promising recipients in multiple business categories.

To apply, click here.


Cartier Woman’s Foundation

Cartier Women’s Initiative was founded in 2006 as an annual program empowering women entrepreneurs. They award 30 grants across 10 regions ranging from $30,000 to $100,000. And they also have select awards for science and technology as well as a diversity, equity and inclusion award.

To apply, click here.


Tory Burch Foundation

This is another popular fashion brand with the goal to sponsor female entrepreneurs. Aside from grants, they also provide access to expert-led workshops and peer-to-peer networks which allow entrepreneurs to connect with other female founders providing access to business capital. This foundation chooses 50 female entrepreneurs each year and to be eligible you must own at least 51% of your business.

To apply, click here.


The Fearless Fund

This fund was created to assist women of color business owners in the early-stage development of their companies. They’ve partnered with the Tory Burch Foundation, Goldman Sachs and others in hopes to provide as much money for grants as possible.

They’ve also recently launched the Fearless Striver’s Grant Initiative for Black women-owned businesses where 11 small business owners will receive $10,000, the necessary digital tools to build their company and one-on-one mentorship on the ins and outs of entrepreneurship.

To apply, click here.


Red Backpack Fund

Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx has a self-titled foundation dedicated to elevating and supporting women through their entrepreneurial journey. The foundation donated $5 million to support women during Covid-19 and awarded 1,080 grants of $5,000 to female entrepreneurs to help support them through the global crisis.

To apply, click here.


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