I had the opportunity to chat with Success Coach and Positive Psychology Expert Izabella Levey (IG – @IZABELLALEVEY) all about how she started and scaled her business to multi six-figures within just a year.

Let me tell you if her cheery demeanour, contagious smile or magnetic energy don’t catch your attention, trust me, her knowledge and client track-record will because girlfriend knows her stuff!

Originally from Manchester, Izabella grew up bouncing around from place to place with her family and had a lot of obstacles to overcome as a child when she experienced some extremely difficult and dangerous situations. But after working hard to get into University she followed the vision she had for herself and graduated with a degree in Psychology.

With that and her genuine, positive attitude she attracted people seeking advice and eventually, her coaching business was born.

Now she tunes in for our chat from her apartment in Madeira, an island off the coast of Portugal. And with her gorgeous ocean view, I can’t help but wonder how she created this amazing business and life.

Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Izabella’s success didn’t come without some challenges along the way, she’s only human!

But her biggest obstacle wasn’t necessarily an event or particular occurrence but more of a disconnect within herself.

Not being completely aligned within her business caused doubts and a blow to her confidence, throwing her slightly off course. She was only able to overcome it by reconnecting with her purpose and realigning with her true, authentic self.

That authentic self that in under 12 months created:

  • 17 clients in the first month of business
  • 5-figures each month consistently without paid advertising or marketing
  • Speaking engagements alongside multi 7-figure guest experts
  • Clients achieving £300k months

So with all of that, I wanted to know what Izabella considers her greatest achievement so far in her career.

And no surprise here, hitting her first £70k month tops the list!

But when I asked what she considers her most proud achievement thus far, she came up with a different answer…

The Ultimate Uplevel Retreat

Since she was a teenager, long before she became the badass success coach she is today, Izabella knew she wanted to organize some form of retreats in the future.


Because she saw the value in disconnecting from the outside world in a beautiful destination and fully immersing yourself in an experience to come out a better version of yourself.

And that’s exactly what she does in her own retreats now. Combining luxury with personal and business development with the goal of having her clients leave as the upgraded, “2.0 version of themselves”.

Her latest SOLD OUT Ultimate Uplevel Retreat is a week-long event in a 5-Star Luxury Villa that has everything from:

  • Intimate Group Coaching
  • Private Coaching     
  • Multi 6 & 7 Figure Guest Speakers
  • Daily Yoga, Meditation, Fitness    
  • A Social Media Makeover   
  • Photo and Video Shoots    
  • Business Strategy Sessions
  • Personal Development Sessions   

Where can we sign up for the next one right?!     

Advice for Entrepreneurs Looking to Grow

So for us that aren’t able to attend, what advice does she give based on our current stage of business?

Economy Class (Beginner Stage) – When you’re just starting out, nail down your message and audience as clearly as possible. If something feels disconnected, it’s likely not aligned with your authentic self and it’s time to adjust!

Business Class (Intermediate Stage) – After gaining some success in business it’s time to focus on both personal development as well as creating and strengthening your network because business is built off of relationships!

First Class (Advanced Stage) – Now that you’ve hit your goals and are ready to scale even more it’s back to basics! Ensure you’re still closely aligned with your core values and begin freeing up your own time to evolve into the next level of your business by building a team for support.

Why Goal Setting is Key

Not only did Izabella also stress the importance of goal setting, she even shared with me her list of goals from this past year which included things like:

  • Hitting 6-figures in her business
  • Commit and complete all coaching programs for her personal development
  • Master her 1×1 coaching
  • Develop scholarship programs

All of which she smashed so of course, I needed to know what her goals are for the future, some of which include:

  • Hitting £500K in her business
  • Sharing her voice more often through speaking engagements
  • Her own Ted Talk
The Importance of the Millennial Woman

When chatting with someone who obviously genuinely loves what they do, I knew passion would naturally come up at some point.

So I asked Izabella why she chooses to work mainly with women and to my surprise, her answer stems all the way back before she even decided to launch her business.

During University, she came across a statistic about the wage-gap between men and women and it changed the trajectory of her future.

That idea of women equality and empowerment combined with the Millennial generation (of which she belongs to), she believes it’s time to stand up and show up.

“Our generation is the one to create change.” – Izabella Levey

What Makes Izabella Different?

It’s that strong belief in the importance of the millennial woman to share our messages and her system, the Four Perfect Premium Pillars, which she bases everything she does off of that sets her apart.

The Four Perfect Premium Pillars:

Value – Striving to bring value to anything and everything she does whether that’s a Facebook live in her private group, her 1×1 coaching or even a Breakthrough Call with a potential client.

Transformation – Guaranteeing massive transformation with each and every client she works with to help them reach their goals.

Authenticity – Staying true to her own core values and beliefs to provide the most honest and genuine connection to her community.

Energy – Aligning with her real, positive energy that uplifts, energizes and encourages those who work with her to level up!

Check it Out Babes

After ending our chat I couldn’t help but feel ready to “uplevel” myself. But more importantly, I also felt like I had gained a new friend and isn’t that what it’s really all about?

Izabella has been kind enough to share her Signature Methodology, The W.E.A.L.T.H Method, with our BossBabe readers! In it, you’ll learn exactly how Izabella scaled to 6+ figures in her first year of business.

Also check out her awesome facebook community, The Level Up Club, where she offers her insight and advice on how to grow and evolve both in business and in your personal life!



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