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Style Matters: Elevate Your Personal Brand with Fashion Tech

BY Lakisha Greenwade

Have you ever seen a classy lady stand out in a crowd? In many cases, she won't have to speak because her attire, demeanor, accessories, and confidence will do the talking for her.

Whether you own a service based business or sell a product, YOU BossBabe, are the ambassador. Customers and observers will take their queue from your personal aesthetics  to assess the quality and positioning of your offering. Here's some tips to elevate your personal brand with Fashion Tech.

To position your strategic market fit, use the 5 P's of marketing commonly associated with business: Product, Price, Promotion, Place, and People.

Products are often assessed by packaging, appearance, and quality. In this case, your personal brand is synonymous with an offering for the public. Consider Tiffany. The little blue box associated with the luxury store is easily distinguishable and often coveted. You are not a box, however,

YOU are a visual representation of how your brand should be perceived.

Regardless of your personal style preference, if you want to be stand out as an innovator, forward thinker, or one who does not live within the confide box of a status quo, then consider how the use if fashion tech (also known as wearables) can enhance your overall image and personal brand.

What exactly is Fashion Tech?

It is a category within the wearable tech market dedicated to creating efficiency or a ‘wow factor' through wardrobe and accessories.

Claire Danes was the talk of the town a few years ago as she made a statement on the Met Gala red carpet with an illuminated gown. I'm not suggesting you do business in a formal glow in the dark dress, however, there are some options to help you stand out.

So, how do you get started with fashion tech?

Here's some suggestions on easy way to incorporate a signature look that will set you apart from others.

Polish up your wardrobe through virtual personal styling services or on demand shipping of clothing.

There are so many options available these days to hire a remote stylist for a special occasion or to restock your closet. If you ever find a service on an app or online, review options, place an order, then wait for your items to be shipped to your home,  then…whaaalah! You have taken the first step to indulging in fashion tech.

Allow glasses and jewelry to multitask for you.

Accessories often make an outfit don't they? Choose options that create a signature look for your personal brand. Do you want ditch headphones altogether because they mess up your hair? Consider sunglasses with mapping technology and app features for popular streaming services. Need a charge on the go or a suitable option to cover your bulky smart watch? There's plenty of jewelry items in the form of bracelets, rings, and earrings to achieve that task while maintaining a signature style.

Get a virtual makeover to spice up your face.

Need to change from a day look to happy hour or date night? Most of your favorite brands offer virtual makeovers on their sites so you can determine the best match and mood for your occasion. Keep it sexy, professional, or turn up to party mode with virtual makeovers on the spot. More than anything, you will stay current on new makeup trends and products.

Show how cool you are with mood polish.

Send a message through your nails. Ask your local nail salon for mood polish that changes according to your body temperature. This will allow your staff and customers to know where they stand with you.

Stay charged with chargeable bags and luggage.

Tired of carrying a separate charger with your purse and bags on the go? Don't worry. Achieve a sleek, no nonsense type look with chargeable luggage, back packs, and purses.

Style guides are not limited to websites and copy, but it is a useful tool to assist you with making a mark with your personal brand. Fashion Tech is the way to go to stand out and be a winner.


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