Struggling to Make Sales? One of These 3 Things is Broken

BY Natalie Ellis

Let’s bust the myth that sales are hard, complex, or confusing… shall we? 

Sales don’t have to be hard.

In fact, they can be quite easy – when you set yourself up for success. 

Making sales doesn’t have to be complex.

It can be simple and straightforward when you’re speaking to the right audience. 

Sales don’t have to be confusing.

In fact, we’ve got a simple sales equation you can use immediately in your business. 

It’s simple: If you have the right offer being seen by the right people, communicated in the right way, you will make sales. 

And if you're NOT making sales, one of these three things is off.

So let’s walk through these three key (and critical) areas in the sales process. 

#1 – Having The Right Offer

This piece is all about competitive market research and fully understanding your ideal client avatar. We see so many entrepreneurs skip past this step, but make no mistake, this is a total needle mover. Newsflash: if you don’t know your ideal client, your offer will be created with no-one in mind. 

In order for someone to resonate with your offer: aka your product, service, or program, it must speak to their exact, specific, pain-point, and need.

So how do you know if you’ve got the right offer? Well, here are a few questions to ask:

  • Is your pricing competitive in the market? 
  • Is the product positioned properly? 
  • Is it providing tangible transformation? 
  • Have you done market research? 
  • Have you spoken to 10 of your ideal clients to ask them these questions? 

If you aren’t sure that you’ve got the right offer, take some time to go back to the drawing board. With your ideal client in mind, create specific solutions just for them Note: a specific solution is one where you can clearly explain the transformation your offer provides. Once you’re clear on this piece and have done some meaningful research, you’re ready to move into the next step. 

#2 – Being Seen by The Right People

You must make sure your offer is being seen by the right people:  aka your ideal clients. This is all about growing your audience with the right people, so you can get more eyes on what you're doing.

Keep in mind that people need to be seeing your offer.  A mistake I often see is people having the right offer with no eyeballs on it… which means making NO sales. This is why it’s so important to have your lead-generation strategy dialed in, as this is what’s going to help you build and grow your audience of followers. 

So, how can you grow your audience and get more eyeballs onto your offering – start by asking yourself these questions: 

  • Where do my ideal clients and customers hang out?
  • How do they find me? 
  • How can I get my message and brand in front of my ideal audience? 
  • What other competitors are already speaking to my ideal audience?
  • What platforms can I fully utilize to grow my audience?

Open up to new ideas you may not have implemented before. For example, getting affiliates involved or perhaps doing an Instagram Takeover for someone in your industry. You could run Facebook ads to fill your private group, or get interviewed on someone’s podcast or radio show. The sky’s the limit – so get creative and start thinking of ways to attract your ideal clients into your community!

Again, don’t overcomplicate this – simplicity is key. Once you’ve got your right offering and your right audience… you’re ready for the final piece of the puzzle. 

#3 – Communicating Your Offer in The Right Way

This part of the sales equation is so important because the more you understand (and can clearly speak to) your ideal clients’ pain points and challenges, the more effectively and easily you’ll be able to sell them the solution(s) – aka your products and services. 

So, are you communicating your offer effectively? Ask yourself these questions: 

  • Are you truly understanding your ideal client avatar, like truly understanding them? 
  • Are you speaking to them in a way that has them saying, “Oh my god, you are literally in my brain”?
  • Is your communication really resonating with them? Are they seeing why your offer can help them solve their problem, and they’re considering taking the next step (aka inputting their credit card details!)?

It’s all about effectively, confidently, and clearly communicating your offer.

When you can do that, you’ll have your ideal clients and customers lined up around the block waiting for you to open enrollment, launch your services, and answer their emails. 

So next time you find yourself not hitting your sales numbers or feeling confused about why you’re not fully booked, come back to these three things to pin-point exactly what is the missing (or weak) link. Then you’ll be empowered to pivot, make a shift, and improve your results.

Happy implementing! 


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