Stop Being Your Own Worst Enemy!

By Stephanie Powell (Photo: WinchestHer)


You’re hiding behind the computer screen, you’re wallowing in your own loneliness and you’re pretending that you know exactly what you want…

But deep down inside, that little gremlin is reminding – you – are – alone!

Look, I’m not here to judge. I’m just letting you know that you don’t have to feel like this. There are corners of this wonderful world wide web where you can throw loneliness in the bin, butt-kick your imposter syndrome and self-assuredly SHOW UP as a woman with crystal clear ambition.

One of them is The BossBabe Société. If you haven’t seen the Insta-hype (ummm where have you been??), I’m about to truth bomb you with 3 incredible Société ladies who are ready to support you and tell you how to stop being your own worst enemy. 

Imposter syndrome…

Jill – Northern Resolutions

It’s a tough pill to swallow that you might be standing in our own way on the road to success, but it is definitely a reality. Limiting beliefs are negative thoughts you have about yourself and your identity that actually restrain you from achieving your goals. If you have spent a lot of time thinking negatively about yourself, your subconscious mind automatically reverts to these thoughts, and they typically start with statements like, “I can’t”.

An abundance of limiting beliefs is a symptom of imposter syndrome, which is the psychological phenomenon of feeling like a fraud in your field, despite any accomplishments or accolades you may have garnered. While 70% of people deal with imposter syndrome in their lifetime, it can be especially damaging to a #BossBabe trying to build an empire. You want to be making bank, not making yourself feel bad. Limiting beliefs will affect your productivity if you are constantly questioning your capabilities. If you tell yourself, “I can’t write a blog post, I’ve never done it before” – you are already putting doubt into an action that you haven’t even attempted yet.

Sometimes women tend to think that we can predict the future (which includes our future feelings!). Telling ourselves “I can’t do this” is the way we communicate to ourselves that we have looked into the future of what it will look like if we attempt the thing we are saying we can’t do – and if our self-talk is negative, we think that the outcome to this new thing will be negative as well. And because we naturally want to avoid rejection, disappointment, or other negative feelings, we stay in our safe zone. Which is great relief for our brains, but does nothing for our personal or business growth.

If you want to up-level in life and in your biz, start investigating the why behind your “I can’t” statements. What makes you think you can’t achieve what you want? Bottom line, babe, “can’t” should totally be removed from your vocabulary.

Lack of clarity…

Mel McSherry – Better Than Before

All female entrepreneurs have unlimited potential in what they can create for themselves within their businesses. However, so many don’t even get close because they are so bogged down by everything that they think they need to do in order to be successful. This is because they never really get clear on who they are and what they want. This lack of clarity can lead to overwhelm, overextension and procrastination.

I see this all the time with my clients- the fear of niching down and neglecting someone. This has them saying yes to everything and everyone without setting the boundaries on what that “Yes” means for them. In order to create the business, the money and the life you want, you have to start prioritizing yourself and your time correctly.

Here’s the first thing you need to do- get crystal clear on what YOU want. Not what you think you deserve or what others say you can do, but what really do you want to create with this business.

I know this question can be a bit overwhelming and can quickly become a procrastination device, let’s break it down.

What do you want to create with your business in 6 months? Here’s a tip- BE SPECIFIC.

For example, a typical response is “I want to help people.” OK, how many people? Another one is “I want to make some money.” OK, how much money?

The more specific you are the easier it will be to create simple steps to get there. You can’t go somewhere if you don’t know where that place is to begin with.

Next- Tame your time. You have full say on how you spend the time you have but that doesn’t mean you have to cram every single thing into it. It’s easy to get caught up in the idea that since you own your own business you can work any and all hours.

Any? Yes.

All? Hell no.

Create boundaries on when you are going to work on your business. As I tell my clients all the time, you have to schedule your priorities, not prioritize your schedule, and those priorities are all based off of what YOU want (see how that all works together?).

So by simply getting crystal clear on what you want within your business, taking control of the time you have with those priorities in mind, you will not only be more productive and profitable during your day, you will also end the overwhelmed and feel successful, fulfilled, and focused. Therefore creating the business, the money and the life you want, in the time you have!

Lack of confidence and self-esteem online…

Loni Nelson – LimitlessLoni

4.6 Billion video ads are watched online each year. Over 40% of those who watch follow-through with some sort of action right after.

If those numbers scare you, they should. Video content is taking over, and if you want to see an increase in email clickthroughs, reliable leads, and overall interest in what you’re providing then you have to hop on this video bandwagon!

“How do I get used to recording videos of myself, even if I am shy/anxious/confident/empowered/excited etc. etc.?”

Practice. Seriously, such a simple way to do it, and with some extra layers, it will do the trick.

While you’re practicing creating video content equip yourself with these tools:

-A script

-Some lipstick

-A purpose

A script doesn’t have to go into tiny detail but give it enough so that you follow a path and stay on topic.

Lipstick? Well, this doesn’t have to be lipstick, but choose to take videos when you’re feeling confident, happy, and presenting your best self (this will show in the delivery of your video).

A purpose seems obvious, however, so many individuals hop on a video and go off on a tangent, then “um, um, um” their way through to the end. Stick to a purpose and your message will be absorbed better.

Ready to tap into over 4.6 Billion people each year with your video content!?

Ya, neither am I… But I am looking to start with the people that matter most.


Sound like your kind of girl gang?

Well, then it sounds like you need to get on the waitlist… amiright?


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