BTS of My Marriage! How to Balance Ambition in Your Relationship with Natalie & Stephen Ellis

How to protect your energy, and set your priorities and boundaries so you can be present in your relationship..,


The BossBabe Podcast Episode 109



  • The importance of setting priorities and work boundaries in your relationship when you’re an entrepreneurial couple
  • Habits and rituals that will help you be present with your partner whilst maintaining your schedules as entrepreneurs
  • How to protect your energy so that you can show up for your partner, your business, and yourself
  • Stephen’s advice for entrepreneurial couples to build trust and communication
  • Three misconceptions about Natalie from Stephen’s perspective 
  • Stephen’s epic career evolution from college dropout to professional eGamer and now, Co-founder and CEO of his own company, @pipelinegg 
  • The challenges of transitioning from a corporate employee to bootstrapping your own business


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