Getting promoted to that executive position within your workplace is a huge moment. It can feel like you finally made it, all your hard work that has led up to this point is finally being rewarded, and your career is truly on track. But after all the initial excitement wears off, something else may start to settle in, something that feels an awful lot like fear or doubt. Sure, you know you worked hard to get this promotion, but now what? Are you actually ready for the job?

Before you start spiralling in your thoughts too much, and let that fear and doubt chip away at your confidence and hard work, here are some tips that you can use that will ensure you’re up for the challenge. 

Get a Good Understanding of Your New Role

One of the first things you’ll want to do is get a firm grasp on what your new role entails. You were likely in a supervisor or management position before, so your new job as an executive will carry very different responsibilities and tasks. The sooner you can get a clear picture of your job responsibilities and expectations, the sooner you’ll be able to perform to your peak potential.

Set Out to Learn Everything You Can

The next step is to set out to learn everything you can, about basically the entire business. Executives really need to have at least a basic knowledge of every aspect, department, and process of the company. Sure, you won’t be an expert in everything, but the more you know about the company, the more effective you can be in your leadership role. You’ll be guiding others and making the hard decisions, so being informed is key.

Investigate How Business Coaching Courses Can Benefit You

One route you may also want to look into is business coaching courses, such as the ones offered through the BCF Group. While many enrol in these courses to obtain their business coaching qualifications that allow them to go on and coach themselves, others use it as an opportunity to learn new skills, help bolster their confidence in their executive position, and really learn how to connect, mentor, and coach your own colleagues and staff. 

The one-to-one coaching sessions are ideal for executives such as yourself, and this is how you’ll get the most takeaway from the experience. Not only that, but you can also call on the mentoring and coaching services moving forward, whenever you feel like you need it.

The business world can be rather competitive, cutthroat, and stressful, so it can be wise to invest in one of these business coaching courses from The BCF Group and really set yourself up for a positive future.

Start Bettering Your Communication Skills

As an executive, it will also be imperative that you have superior communication skills. You need to not just listen to employees and customers, but truly hear them. At the same time, you need to be able to communicate effectively to them, getting your points across in a direct and easy-to-understand manner.

Even if you weren’t born with the gift of communication skills, this is a skill you can work on and really perfect with practice. Even those executives who have been in their job for years could probably do with a little brushing up on their communication skills. It’s really about being an active listener, showing respect while someone else is talking, giving your full undivided attention during communication, and making sure everything stays professional at all times.

Be the Executive You Would Have Wanted to Learn From

There is also the fact that you lead by example, so be that role model you would have loved to have had if you were an employee in the company. Exhibit the kind of behaviour, work ethic, and passion that you want others to share, and they will follow suit. This also helps to build respect with your employees, which will be important if you hope to be an effective leader.

Understand That Relationships May Change

Finally, there is the relationship shift that can occur when you’ve been promoted. If you were with the company for any length of time before your promotion, there’s no doubt you made friendships and working relationships with co-workers. Now that you are an executive, manager, or supervisor there will need to be a shift in the relationship. 

You are now a “boss” so that means friendships need to take a backseat. That doesn’t mean you can’t be friends with people you work with, it’s just that friendship is for outside the office. In the work environment it needs to be professional at all times. This can prove to be tricky to navigate.

Becoming an Effective and Respected Executive

All of these tips till help you to become an effective and well-respected executive within your company.


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