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Your mission, should you choose to accept it:  One book per month to kick start 2020.

Are you looking for tips and inspiration for your entrepreneurial journey?  Then this book list is for you.  From lack of sleep, to conquering your finances – the order of the books in this blog is for maximum productivity.


168 Hours:  You Have More Time Than You Think

What if I told you, that in addition to work, Laura Vanderkam could help you get eight hours of sleep (a night!), exercise daily, AND have a hobby?  She can.



The Seven Levels of Communication

This book is great for any entrepreneur, especially a small business owner.  Michael J. Maher shows you how to build a successful business, WITHOUT spending advertising dollars.  Meet – the Generosity Generation.



The Five Minute Journal

Have you heard of morning affirmations, but don’t know where to start?  Intelligent Change is here to help!  This journal is your secret weapon to focus on the good in your life.  On the go?  The app helps you to wake up inspired with daily quotes, allows reminders and offers photo snapshot entries.



Crushing It!

Allow Gary V to take you into the Kindness Generation, and blow your mind with applicable tips to implement in your business.  Ready to jump into the entrepreneur lifestyle?  Ready to up your social media game?  Need ideas for a podcast?  If the answers are yes, then this book is for you.



The Family CFO

Scrub the title, this book is for anyone who is wanting to take control of their household finances.  Mary Clair Allvine & Christine Larson take you from conflict and anxiety, to priorities and goals.  Their stories, tools and worksheets will turn you into your household’s Chief Financial Officer (and even help your small business!!).



Tool of Titans

This book is AH-MAZING!!  Follow along with Tim Ferriss as he digs into 200+ world-class performers to learn their tactics, routines and habits.  Want to know what Tony Robbins morning routine is?  How about an at home exercise routine created by a Navy Seal?  Dig into chapters that interest you.

2020 is in six months.
Don’t Let Anyone Waste Your Time!




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