Self Love, Systems and Supporting Each Other with Amanda Boleyn

By Stephanie Powell

I had to take some long slow breaths when an email popped into my inbox from Amanda. A few weeks earlier I had reached out in the least ‘girl-crush’ way I possibly could, and asked if I could interview her for this post. She said yes!! And I didn’t pass out – so it was win-win really.

What’s really awesome about Amanda is that she’s real. Aside from this interview, we had some great nerdy chats about systems, books and podcasting. Listening to podcasts makes you feel like you’re in the room with someone, except Amanda is actually exactly like that in real life.

One of the things we talked about was limiting beliefs. Having spoken with her, a woman I admire, I realised just how much limiting beliefs had almost stopped me from reaching out. Why would Amanda Boleyn want to talk to me? In fact, why would anyone with a huge following and an internationally popular podcast want to tell me about their favourite books and what microphone they use?


Because Amanda did, and here’s what she has created…

BossBabe Blog Amanda Boleyn Interview

Hey Amanda! We know you for the fabulous She Did It Her Way podcast, but what else are you up to at the moment?

She Did It Her Way launched in 2015 and it really started as just a hobby. I quit my job in 2012 and became a full-time freelancer – but 2018 was really the year that She Did It Her Way became a fully-fledged business itself.I’m really focusing on getting clear on our target market and how we can best serve everyone; this means leveraging Facebook, investing in our marketing and building our email list.

“I’m really learning how important it is to focus on one funnel and one product at a time.”

Which are your most memorable podcast episodes?

One of the most memorable ones was having Amy Porterfield on. It was such a fan girl moment when she said yes!

Episode 268 with Julie Ciardi is a great one. Julie attended my first ever in person event (She Did It Her Way summit). She came along whilst being a mum of two and working a corporate job. Julie was in the process of building her brick and mortar/online store and she cried at the end of the event because she was just so ready and scared. We kept in touch and 8 months later she quit her job and reached 6 figures within 4 months! It’s one of the top downloaded podcasts, and I love it because it shows the full circle of what happens when you put your mind to something.

Rachel Hollis was also on way back when she had around 60k followers (she now has over a million). She’s so real and authentic, has a family of four and just crushes all these limiting beliefs. I sometimes think ‘I can’t have kids yet, I have so much growth to focus on in my business’, but really I know women whose businesses have exploded at a time when they’ve had kids. Now I have a new frame of reference for what’s possible.

[Note from the writer – My fave episode is: 7 habits that are draining your energy. As an introvert, this episode really spoke to me – plus, I love Amanda’s solocasts for reflection time and to get me ready for meetings and events.]

Who/what inspires you?

Amy Porterfield really inspires me, she is someone who is so consistent in how she shows up, how she teaches – she’s doesn’t waiver and she’s very systematic. I saw her live and it just solidified how much of an incredible stand-up person she is, not just in business but as a human. She inspires me in how she runs her business too. She’s clear on ‘this is who I am’ and ‘this is who I’m not’ and sticking to it! She doesn’t allow herself to get caught up – at least that’s how it appears (I mean we don’t have BFF chats!).

Systems inspire me. Anything that I can create a template or a process around, I know is laying a scalable foundation for my business. For me it means that even if something isn’t immediately outsourceable, I can grow it in the future. It gives me confidence. I’ve helped a lot of full-time business owners get their systems in place and I created a guide to help anyone who is ready to put themselves back in the driver seat. In the guide I show people exactly how I leverage Asana in my business and life. You can grab the Ultimate Asana HQ Guide here.

“A lot of people think that they don’t need systems when they start out because it’s ‘just me’ – but even if you can systematise the work that you do personally, you can save energy and won’t have to think as much.”

BossBabe Blog Amanda Boleyn Interview

As a champion of women supporting women, what’s the best way we can lift each other up?

I have so much to say about this, but the first thing that comes to mind is:

“Before we can lift each other up, we have to lift ourselves up.”

You only have the capacity in which you love yourself, to love anyone else. We have to be our own champion and be nicer to ourselves in the thoughts that we think when we mess up. The way we view other people is a reflection of how we view ourselves and it’s way easier to love and lift up someone else, than it is to love and lift up ourselves.


What are you reading at the moment and what are your favourite business/self-help reads?

Clockwork – Mike Michalowicz

Product Launch – Jeff Walker

Becoming – Michelle Obama. This a good before bed read. For me, I don’t like to read business books before bed because it winds up my brain. I want to read something more story based and Michelle’s story is super inspirational.

I have to pull myself out of self-help and business books. One of my best friends challenged me last summer to  read Crazy Rich Asians and at first I thought “Why would I spend time reading something not self-help?!” In the end though I enjoyed the book and loved the movie even more!

If you could describe yourself in a quote or metaphor, what would it be?

“Messy massive action breeds more clarity than perfect passive action ever will.”

Don’t forget, you can download Amanda’s Ultimate HQ Asana Guide if you’re ready to start working on your business rather than always in your business. Grab it here!

BossBabe Blog Amanda Boleyn Interview