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Rule #1 To Make That Money Honey

BY Tiffany Skirrow

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You hear it all the time. This idea that you need to work on your ‘mindset’ when it comes to making money.

For some people that may make a ton of sense.

But for others, you might feel like your mindset should have nothing to do with your ability to make money.

“If you’re good at what you do, money will come”, right?

Well, let me tell you, politely of course, that you’re wrong.

There’s a reason why there has been so much talk around the notion of a “money mindset”.

BossBabe even has resources and training on it, because it matters!

There’s nothing like getting your mindset right and starting to see the good kind of zeros in your bank account!

So allow me to break it down for you.

What is Money Mindset Exactly?

Your money mindset is simply the attitude you personally have surrounding the concept of finances. It’s how you feel and the thoughts you have when asked to think or speak about money.

Now, why would that be important?

As emotional beings, much of what we do is affected by our subconscious. So, if we’re having these disconnects when it comes to money, it’s likely because we have blocks somewhere pertaining to money that we may not even know exist.

For example, is the money not consistent within your life or business? Do you have a fear of being able to provide for yourself or your family? Maybe you don’t think you’ll ever truly reach the financial freedom you desire?

If any of that sounds familiar, get ready to have your mind blown.

No Amount of Outer Work Can Make Up for Your Lack of Inner Work

You must be aligned with the wealth you want to create and release any blocks that are in the way. Otherwise, The Universe doesn’t have a clear “pathway” through which to send you money.

The Feminine Money Mindset

In business, there is one block in particular I see so many women struggle with and this is the ‘People Pleaser’ block.

We, by nature, are often people pleasers aren’t we?

We want to be liked. And yes, whilst this may seem like a bit of a sweeping statement, most of the women I know fall into this description.

Now, what does this mean for the income within your business?

It’s this need for acceptance and approval, this need to be loved and wanted, that can often lead to resistance when creating or maintaining wealth for two reasons.

Firstly, if we find ourselves constantly in “giving mode”, whether we are over generous with our time, money, or energy, we do not vibrate at the frequency needed to receive.

This isn’t to say that we cannot give to others generously, but it must be done so in a way that doesn’t deplete our own reserves. Once depleted, we are out of alignment with our “receiving mode” and are unable to receive the money we desire.

So perhaps you find yourself unable to create boundaries within your work. 

Check in with yourself: where is your energy and vibration being depleted?

Secondly, a desire to be liked or to please others can often result in us self-sabotaging when it comes to selling.

On the surface, you want a client to say “yes!” to your premium fee, yet sub-consciously, a deep-rooted desire to serve creeps in and tells you that you should be giving this support for less so you are able to help more people.

Whatever it is for you, it's important to understand where you are “giving” away too much of yourself and therefore denying yourself the ability to receive in the most powerful way you can.

Trust Me, I Know

I started within the industry charging just £200 for 8 weeks working with me.

I was tired, I had a lack of self-belief and started to question the whole process.

The more I didn’t see the money coming in, the more blocks I created for myself.

So one of the most powerful things I did was take a step back and spend a week working just on my mindset.

I then enrolled 3 new clients and made the first 10K in my business.

Ladies, your money mindset is EVERYTHING.

Ask Yourself

So to start your money mindset reset, when it comes to making money…

What are the blocks and emotions that come up for you?

Do you experience any anxieties?

What are your beliefs around your ability to make money, good or bad?

Have you neglected investment within your business?

Do you believe investment is a cost rather than an added value?

Acknowledging these questions will set you up to start breaking through those blocks and generating the income you truly desire!

And if you’re looking for more guidance on how to work past any blocks you may have surrounding money, check out Helena Grace Donald's article hereIn it, she dives into how to create a new money mantra!


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