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People pleaser – AVOID THIS TRAP and create unforgettable success.

BY Sarah Jane Nyman

people pleaser - you wont reach success

Angry fans have complained about the site's style of humour.

His business website talks about genital warts, overdue porn-site bills and embarrassing watch lists on Ebay, to name just a few!

It even shows a message from an aunt Lily which reads:
“please don’t leave your butt plugs in the bathroom!”


Yet, his successful app has exploded in popularity and has astronomical conversion rates!?


Okay. OKAY. me personally, my sense of humour found this site hilarious.


He has done something most people find impossible to do.

Firstly, he didn’t let others hold him back in any way, shape or form.

He didn’t let “what will people think?” stop him!

He didn’t let other people’s opinions stop him either!

And he certainly didn’t try to please everyone!

He knew he had something that could solve a problem.
Not for all, but for the people he seeks to serve.


Adding the golden rule of marketing to the mix.

“when you speak to everyone, you speak to no-one”
– Meredith Hill

His message is simple and his copy speaks ONLY to those he seeks to serve.
His target market and nobody else. Despite the haters.

He doesn’t try to please everyone!

Why is this important?

Paradoxically, writing copy that speaks to the smallest viable audience is the key that will unlock huge growth and success within your business.

I hear you saying but, but, but.. “my business really can serve everyone!

, I hear you and I feel your resistance, but please do not make the vital mistake that causes most businesses to ultimately fail.

Create copy that speaks ONLY to your target market and something magic will happen.

So think about YOUR business for a second.

Are you trying to please everyone?

Are you trying to serve everyone?


The founder and creator of this genius free app, Bryan Jones has quite openly expressed how he feels towards those who are not in his target market.

In his words, he says:

“If you can’t laugh at yourself and the absurdities around us, that’s totally fine. Just don’t visit our website.”


He also displays the following in the help section of his incredible website.

People pleaser, how to create a home page, website copy



Look, If you want to succeed in business, you cannot please everyone, no matter what business, product or service you are offering.

My hope is that you avoid the trap that will kill your business dreams.


His website has been named “best landing page ever”


He has captured everything that makes a homepage work.

Within a split second of landing on his homepage, you instantly know:

Who the product is for.
The problem this product will solve.
And a call to action, with no other options.   

People have a very short attention span online.


Your message needs to be clear, concise and connect with YOUR target market within SECONDS of them landing on your home page. 


The “OMG!” Factor!

Now, the app is great but without the “OMG!, you have to see this website”  element, Founder Bryan Jones says it would have never spread beyond his small circle of friends.


But, here’s the real deal:

He doesn’t tell “his target market” what problem the product solves.

He SHOWS them.

And, as you can see on the MuzzleApp website, he does this with REAL transparency.


Now, showing them visually (as Bryan’s website does) isn’t the only way to show not tell.

Show don’t tell is also a golden rule of copywriting.


You can do this by painting a picture with your words.

Here’s an example.

instead of landing on a homepage of…let's say a fragrance boutique and it saying something like:

“we sell gorgeous fragrances to suit every woman”

Paint a picture that fits into your target markets deep desires, emotions, and feelings

“create a unique scent that makes your husband dream of holding you tight”


Here’s another example of a different target market.

“make your grandchildren smell your warm tight hugs”


Create an unforgettable brand, amongst all of the online noise.


People connect with REAL humans.

Don’t let the chatter in your brain prevent you from showing people your quirks, sense of humour and uniqueness.

This is what makes you stand out instead of blending in with the sea of “sameys”.


I really don’t want you to waste precious time building a site that gets crickets!

“If only I would have sorted this before I spent hours on my site”
– Don’t be that person.

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