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Launch Lessons: Is Your Underlying Fear of Failure Limiting Your Success?

BY Team BossBabe

Procrastination happens to the best of us. But if you want to keep pushing your business forward you need to investigate the root cause and deal with the ultimate f-word: fear.

If you're reading this, chances are you're not procrastinating because you're lazy or incapable. As with many entrepreneurs, the issue is likely rooted in your mindset. More often than not, the main factors holding you back from success are your limiting beliefs and the fear that fuels them.

Unaddressed fear can make us doubt our abilities, keeping us stuck and small. While it can be terrifying to face off with that fear – to look it straight in the eyes and feel into why it’s there and what it’s really about – that process is key to killing procrastination.

It's so easy to pretend like your fears don’t exist. Avoidance can feel more comfortable than confrontation, but that’s not the BossBabe way; that’s not the way to make your dreams a reality, and that’s not going to move the needle in your business.

If you want to reach the next level — whether it's in your business, with your health, in your relationships or your finances — you must be willing to face off with your fears. Dive in, do some digging and find that one thing that will help you overcome the limiting beliefs holding you back from success.

What Are You Afraid Of?

Entrepreneurship requires embracing the unknown, which can spark fear in even the most confident business person.

Everyone has something they're fearful of — that could be fear of failure, of burnout, of isolation, of showing up or of being judged.

Understanding that fear is at play and contributing to procrastination is the first step to overcoming those blocks. Addressing the fear is the next step. Fear doesn't like to be named, but once you call it out you can address it directly.

What is stopping you from showing up fully and giving it all that you've got?

woman sitting on bed experiencing fear of failure
Don't be shy about naming your fears. Nothing you fear is stupid. You need to have compassion for your fears and the process of overcoming them.

When the fear is still unconscious, you can't really realize how it's manifesting in everyday life. You cant address the shame associated with it; it stays hidden and keeps holding you back from growth.

Name It to Claim It

What's the best way to deal with fear? Call it out. Sit quietly and ask yourself: if I do the thing I am scared of, what am I afraid will happen?

First, give yourself compassion and credit for showing up for yourself. Then, write down all the reasons why the things you fear are not true or won't happen. Spend a few minutes reflecting on all the other, more positive potential outcomes.

Even if the worst-case scenario happens, what will happen to you? Are you equipped to handle it? Chances are pretty good that you can.

Be honest with yourself about what fear is holding you back and keeping you from moving the needle. You owe it to yourself to do the work and keep pushing past the fear that's holding you down

Your Fear of Failure Isn't Worth It

Your fear is valid, but is it worth it? What do you lose by letting fear take the lead?

Addressing the things you fear saves you time, money and effort. You don't have to constantly fight your limiting beliefs and waste energy that could be used to drive your business forward instead.

You owe it to yourself to zero in on the one thing that's blocking you and actually deal with it. Use your fear as fuel to improve yourself and optimize your mindset.

The work you do internally will be reflected in the work you put out into the world.

How to Uplevel Your Mindset

Continuing to learn about yourself and grow is a key ingredient for success. When you allow yourself to receive support, accountability and encouragement, your success takes on a whole new pace and life of its own.

Trust us, if you name the thing that scares you the most — the dragon you have to slay — and then face it head-on you are going to see the needle move in your business.

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