How I Used Instagram to Build My Multi-Million Dollar Food Business

BY BossBabe

The BossBabe Podcast Episode 117



  • How Olivia identified a gap in the market and revolutionized the entire sweet snacking market in the UK 
  • The bittersweet lessons that Olivia learned from dealing with venture capitalists as a young female entrepreneur 
  • How Olivia used Instagram to build her relationship with buyers and retailers to get stocked in major stores
  • What you really need to consider before working with any venture capitalists, retailers, buyers, and partners
  • The power of embracing your strengths + weaknesses along with an openness + willingness to learn


We’re joined by Olivia Wollenberg, CEO and Founder of Livia’s Kitchen, a vegan food company that creates indulgent, plant-based snacks. In fact, Livia’s Kitchen revolutionized the sweet snacking market in the UK for being the first of its kind: a sweets brand dedicated to delivering on deliciousness as much as it is nutrition.

Before Livia’s Kitchen, Olivia was studying to become a neuroscientist and had already invested six years into her academic career. A sudden spark of entrepreneurial inspiration struck when she was diagnosed with food intolerances and was unable to find indulgent treats that weren’t packed with additives and preservatives.

Olivia identified a gap in the market for indulgent treats with a nutritional twist. Having the drive and determination to be the first to fill this gap, Olivia  embarked on her entrepreneurial journey to finding success by building her food empire.

The road to success wasn’t always sweet, but Olivia’s willingness to learn, openness to embracing criticism, and vulnerability to be transparent about her strengths and weaknesses helped her to build resilience in the face of rejection and objections.

Tune in to hear how Olivia built her business from the ground up, from driving around to drop off products, to pitching her treats to Selfridges (one of the biggest chains of high-end department stores in the UK), and using social media to build her empire.  She’s also lifting the lid (and very transparent) on her experience raising money as a young female entrepreneur.

So, if you’re looking to disrupt the market and lead by example, this episode is for you.


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