Who Are You Really? How to Reimagine Yourself for Success with Ivirlei Brookes

BY BossBabe

The BossBabe Podcast Episode 120



  • Ivirlei’s entrepreneurial journey and the biggest lessons she’s learned thus far  
  • How to rebuild after loss and setbacks by learning not to equate your worth with your work 
  • Techniques and practices to uplevel your mindset for resilience when the hard times hit 
  • How to cultivate meaningful personal transformation with deep self-reflection (spoiler: it’s uncomfortable) 
  • Why you should always stay curious about you are


We’re joined by special guest, Ivirlei Brookes, an actress, serial entrepreneur, and business and mindset mentor who helps creatives and entrepreneurs build thriving businesses and master their mindsets for meaningful success. She is passionate about educating and using her voice to empower people to cultivate deeply intentional transformations.

Ivirlei’s entrepreneurial evolution is nothing short of epic. From being the creator of a women’s magazine (that interviewed Drake before he became famous) to starring in a series based on her magazine (which never aired because the production company went bankrupt), and then starting her coaching career as a dating coach for men to now mentoring people in their lives and businesses.

She knows all about loss, rebuilding, and understands that entrepreneurism is the ultimate rollercoaster ride. You must master the mindset of resilience to really roll with the punches and become a success.

Tune in as Ivirlei shares actionable tips on how to hack it when things don’t go to plan and how not to equate your work with your worth. According to Ivirlei, the key to leveling is to constantly be reimagining and redesigning your version of yourself – which takes a lot of deeply transformative inner work.

If you’re looking to trust the process more and cultivate the confidence of a successful entrepreneur, listen now.

Get two free months of Skillshare premium membership and receive access to unlimited to over 1000+ classes: www.skillshare.com/bossbabe


  • Get two free months of Skillshare premium membership and receive access to unlimited to over 1000+ classes: www.skillshare.com/bossbabe

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