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"We made $600k in our first year in business together after meeting in The Société."

Hollie Prescott

CEO of HerHQ


You can’t shake the feeling that you’re meant for something more than this.

You’re meant to have a greater impact than you’re having now. You’re meant to love the work you do every day. You’re meant to grow beyond where you’re at right now…

Is this resonating?

Are You Craving “More” In Your Life? This Letter Is For You

Trust me – I get it.  I'm Danielle - co-founder of bossbabe + this is my story.

Less than 5 years ago, I was a full-time chiropractor, working 9-5 (let’s be real more like 8-7) in a job that drained me and coming home to a home life that felt just…hard.

Maybe you’ve been there? 

I couldn’t put my finger on it – but something was missing in my life. And the more I tried to ignore it, the more it seemed to beg for my attention.

  • I ignored the tug – then money started to feel tight, and I wondered if there was a better way to make money than hustling for clients all day.
  • I ignored it again – then work got more exhausting and I struggled to find deeper meaning + purpose in it all.
  • I ignored it again – then my dad had a skiing accident, and instead of getting to be with him, I had to go into a job I hated every day.
  • I ignored it again – then my relationship became a challenge and left me feeling worse off than before.

Honestly? At that stage, I didn’t have a clear path forward. I had no idea if I would be successful or if everything was going to fall flat…

Should I start a business? Should I quit my job? Should I move? Should I change my path?

At the end of the day – I just knew I wanted more.

So even though everyone thought I was going to fail, I took a leap of faith and started my own business – first as a side hustle, then as a full-time thing + now, well, the rest is history.

Instead of taking the safe path forward or following the day-to-day grind I thought I was “supposed to” follow, I bet on myself.

I believed to my core that I deserved to love my work every day, have a deeper purpose, make an impact – and still be able to make an income I was proud of that truly supported myself and my loved ones.

I’ll share the details later, but I ended up following a simple (but effective!) framework to transform my mindset and start/grow my business. 

But honestly, that’s not the point…

If all you know right now is that you want more...that’s enough.

You don’t need to have your next steps perfectly defined. 

You don’t need to have your business idea fully ironed out. In fact, you don’t even need to know for sure that you WANT to be an entrepreneur.

But during that season I learned three things I think might be really helpful for you if you’re in a similar spot as me.

Can I share them with you?

       LESSON #1 - Business is 80% Mindset + 20% Skill

Most business gurus will tell you to learn tips, tricks + tactics to grow in business. And while there’s a place for that – I call B.S.

Most of your success in business comes from your mindset. Your ability to develop unwavering resilience, ask for help when you need it, be in community and get back up when you fall down.

       LESSON #2 - So much of business is slow growth, trial and error + small steps in the right direction.

When I was first starting out, I hit more roadblocks than I knew what to do with. And if you’re an entrepreneur who’s ready to give up – I want you to know your success relies on how many times you’re willing to stand back up when you fall down.

I distinctly remember friends saying, “If it’s so hard, why don’t you just quit?” or, my personal favorite, “When are you going to come back to the real world and get a job?”


Looking back, I am so glad I had enough confidence to stick it out. But I wish someone would have told me what I’m going to tell you right now…

If getting started is really hard, that’s not a reflection on you – it’s a reflection on what it’s really like to be an entrepreneur.

Because being an entrepreneur is hard. But if you're willing to put in the work, it's also very worth it. I promise.

       LESSON #3 - When you know you want more, and you finally find a way to make it happen...you take action.

I know it’s scary to take the leap. I know betting on yourself is incredibly vulnerable, but the question really becomes – how bad do you want more in your life?

People who really want more don’t wait for the perfect opportunity or to have it all figured out. They take one small step in the right direction. And then another. And then another…

So this is my challenge for you if you’re serious about wanting more...take one small step this week.

If you’re trying to overcome your mindset blocks – seek coaching + encouragement.
If you’re working to grow your business – seek mentorship + support.
If you’re feeling lonely in it all – seek community.

It doesn’t have to be massive. It just has to be something. And within our community, we’re helping you – every step of the way.

Your Path To Building A Life You Love Starts With Imperfect Action

You don’t have to have it all figured out – you don’t have to know exactly what your life of “more” looks like just yet. 

But you do have to show up for yourself + keep taking imperfect action if you want to see results.

How do I know? Because for me, within a handful of months of taking that imperfect action + knowing I wanted more in my life – I started to see results. 

And then I realized I was onto something…

Which is when I reverse-engineered this simple, proven, repeatable framework to help you go from wanting more in your life to having a thriving business – and I’ve packaged it all for you inside The Société.

I'M READY! Let's get started



“I’ve been a Société member for a few years now, but as of Monday I will be full time in my own business. I’m so excited and a little nervous!”



“I’m still in shock…I just had my first $10K DAY, signing up two clients to our $5k program in one day. Still. In. Shock. We’ve been working so hard to get here…this group has been so helpful for keeping my mindset strong, and I want to give some of that back.”

Online course creator


“Two years back I had so many inhibitions about launching an online business and today I run a design edtech company in India and a few months back we hit our first $100k in 12 months of existing.”

The Société Is For Women Like You... 

As of Monday I will be full-time in my own business

We hit our first $100k in 12 months

I just had my first $10K DAY

The world needs more women making six-figures (or more!).

Income and impact go hand-in-hand – and when more ambitious women have wealth, that’s when we’ll see a change – in your life and in your world.

You deserve to make money doing what you love every day. And in The Société, we’ll teach you how.

Every friend made, every mentor met and every business started in The Société is a step towards wealthy women creating a better world for us all.

 I’m Ready To Create My Dream Life

The Société Exists To Help Women Build Wealth

The bro-marketing tactics, the fluffy “business” courses, the MLM strategies that rob you blind, the get-rich-quick lies – we all know it’s B.S. 

We’re over it. And you probably are, too.

At bossbabe, we’ve crafted a proven, repeatable framework to help you start + scale your business in a way that feels intuitive and aligned to your life as a whole. Here’s what we mean…

(and trust us – there’s a lot of it)

We’re Tired Of The Other Business Bullsh*t Out There

This is for you if...

operations + paperwork.
The Practical Stuff - think: marketing, social media, product creation + revenue.
The Fun Stuff – think: networking, community, coaching + friends.
The Deep Stuff – think: purpose, mindset, inner-child work + upper limits.
The Overwhelming/ Tedious Stuff – think: legal, accounting, operations + paperwork.
One that takes into consideration your mind, body + your bank account.
In The Société, we have courses, community + coaching to support you on…

We take a holistic approach to business.

Too many online communities lack real connection.
Too many online courses talk at you instead of helping you grow.
Too many coaching programs don’t have the receipts to prove they can help you get results.

We Do Business Differently

creation + revenue.
– think: networking, community, coaching + friends.
upper limits.
The Practical Stuff
- think: marketing, social media, product
The Fun Stuff
The Deep Stuff
– think: purpose, mindset, inner-child work +

The Overwhelming/Tedious Stuff
– think: legal, accounting,

Your Online Home Designed For
bossbabes Around The World

entrepreneurs ᐧ side-hustlers ᐧ ambitious women ᐧ content creators ᐧ corporate girlies 

Consider The Société your digital home away from home.

The #1 community for ambitious women + women entrepreneurs who want to find their purpose, build wealth + transform their lives…

…without sketchy marketing tactics, high-risk investments or having to have it all figured out from day one…

If this sounds like you – we’ve got you. So to…

Join Our Community

The entrepreneur who wants to impact more people with their business.
The college grad who has a message to share with the world.
The side-hustler who wants to pursue their passion full-time.
The 9-5 employee who is ready to break away from the mundane.
The mum stepping into the next chapter of her life.

Welcome home. We’re so happy you’re here. 

her life.

The entrepreneur 

to share with the world.

passion full-time.

away from the mundane.

people with their business.

who wants to impact more

The college grad

who has a message

The side-hustler

who wants to pursue their

The 9-5 employee

who is ready to break

The mum

stepping into the next chapter of

Can you guess what the lie is?

FALSE! Starting an online business is LOW risk, HIGH reward. The possibilities are endless and with The Société, you can start your business journey for as little as $48.

Starting A Business Is High-Risk, High-Reward

TRUE! Anyone can start + grow a business with the tools we offer within The Société – you don’t need to be an expert already or have a fancy business degree.

You Don’t Have To Be An Expert Or Have A Fancy Business Degree To Make $$ Online

TRUE! The most profitable businesses come from your passions – in fact, it’s called the Passion Economy + it’s one of the fastest-growing industries to date.

You Can Turn Your Passion Project Into A Full-Time Business + Love What You Do Everyday

TRUE! With our proven roadmap within The Société, starting + growing your online business is simple.

Starting + Growing An Online Business Is Simple When You Have A Proven Roadmap To Follow

3 Truths + A Lie

Really Quick – Let’s Play A Game

A proven solution for women around the world looking to build wealth, find their purpose and create a life they love.

Entrepreneurship (n.)


Now, they make up over 48% and that number is growing by the moment…

...because of women like you...
In 2019, women-owned business made up 28% of businesses in the United States.
More flexibility on a daily basis + work from anywhere.
Money coming in on the side to support you in this changing economy.
Security for yourself + your loved ones with the $$ you bring in.
Whether you want...

Your life + the lives of those you love can transform when you start + grow your own online business.

Entrepreneurship is for you. And we’ll teach you exactly how to start your entrepreneurial journey when you join The Société.

There Are A Lot Of Lies Out There About What It Means To Be A bossbabe

A bossbabe is unapologetically ambitious and paves the way for herself and other women to rise. She is on a mission to be her best self – in all areas – confidently stepping outside her comfort zone to create her own version of success. 



“I hit my goal today! 4 days! Thank you for all the lovely feedback, suggestions and well wishes. Feeling so incredibly grateful I took the leap. Obviously I need to up my goals!”

I hit my launch goal in just 4 days!

Alanna Roberts | Esthetician

…even if you’re starting from scratch or don’t have a business idea yet…

It Doesn’t Take Long To See
Results From The Société 

“I wanted to share a massive win! I sold €16k in 1:1 coaching services 3 weeks after joining The Societe!”

I had €16k just 3 weeks after joining The Société + applying what I learned.

Laurence Uvin | COACH

Your Success Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone

“I’m not an expert + I don’t have a fancy business degree.”
“You can’t turn my knowledge into a business.”
“Nobody would pay me for the expertise I have.”
“The things I’m passionate about aren’t business-worthy.”
“I worry what people will think of me.”
“I don’t have time to build a business.”
“I don’t have enough $$ to build a business.”
“I don’t have a niche.” 
“I don’t know what to sell.”
“I’m scared I don’t have anything valuable to say.”

Trust us – we’ve heard it and felt it all ourselves. And when you’re carrying all of these limiting beliefs around all the time – it’s exhausting + frustrating to say the least. 

But here’s the thing…

If your limiting beliefs are standing in the way of you pursuing your passions and building a life you love – we get it…

We designed and created The Société to overcome all these obstacles and challenges, and when you follow our step-by-step proven roadmap, you’ll unlock all the coaching, community and curriculum to help you do the same. 

starting a business is super risky + a lot of work (we think otherwise!).

Unsupportive friends + family

who tell you

business idea + you have no idea what to execute on.

Unsupportive friends + family who tell you starting a business is super risky + a lot of work (we think otherwise!).

where everything is a

you’re not enough + you don’t have what it takes to start/grow your business. (Psst - those are lies!).

Never-ending mindset blocks

 that tell you

feel intense, urgent + chaotic – when what you really need is the space to tap into your intuition and creativity.

Bro-marketing tactics

that make everything

make it difficult for you to make any progress – especially when you’re starting from scratch.

Never-ending demands

on your time that

Without a proven roadmap to follow, it’s easy to get lost and waste time. You can be battling…

Listen – we get it, because we’ve been there too. But the good news is - your life gets to change.

Get Your Société Roadmap

Shiny-object syndrome

Shiny-object syndrome where everything is a business idea + you have no idea what to execute on.

Never-ending mindset blocks that tell you you’re not enough + you don’t have what it takes to start/grow your business. (Psst - those are lies!).

Bro-marketing tactics that make everything feel intense, urgent + chaotic – when what you really need is the space to tap into your intuition and creativity.

Never-ending demands on your time that make it difficult for you to make any progress – especially when you’re starting from scratch.


“The value and information has absolutely been blowing my mind. Thank you so much for creating amazing products/courses/tutorials to help elevate and better my business.”

The courses + tutorials are so valuable to my business.



There’s So Much Value Packed In This $48 Membership

“Love the platform and ease of use. In the short time I’ve been using it, the masterclasses alone are worth WAY MORE than I paid for annual access. 

The value of this membership is unparalleled.


Networking Opportunities, Coworking Events + More

If you want to go far, you need to go together. Network with women in your industry to get encouragement, feedback + support.

When you join The Société, you’ll unlock…

The Société Is More Than Just Another Membership

Exclusive Discounts, Bonuses + Perks

Your membership unlocks bossbabe exclusives like early access to offers, discounts on our favorite business-growing products + more.

Done-For-You Templates, Guides + Resources

You don’t have to start from scratch. We’ve templatized everything so you can spend time focused on the needle-movers in your business + get results.

A Private, Close-Knit Online Community

You shouldn’t have to grow your business on your own. Our private community is available 24/7 to give you advice and encourage you to keep going when the going gets hard. 

Our Signature, Framework For Starting + Growing Your Business

Watch your life + your business transform when you follow our simple, proven roadmap. You’ll save time and energy when you know exactly what to do in what order to grow.

Hands-On, Weekly Coaching Calls

Women supporting women is what it’s all about. We’re bringing you weekly coaching from ourselves, our team + industry experts so you always have a seat at the table. 

Unlock The Société

Our Approach To Business Growth Is Different (+ It Works!)

If you’re tired of buying online courses + memberships and not getting results – we get it! Here’s what sets us apart from the competition…


Plug and play templates + resources you can instantly use into your business - saving you time and money

Access to bossbabe’s proven, repeatable, business-building framework

Education + course materials that withstand industry shifts and algorithm updates

Hands-on coaching from 8-figure entrepreneurs with millions of followers

No-questions-asked, anytime cancellation policy



24/7 access to our private, facilitated, online community 

"Having accountability when it comes to mindset, planning business goals, as well as meeting like-minded entrepreneurs allows me to see the success of others and why it's possible for us all to succeed!"

The support + accountability you NEED!

Tulshi Varsini | COACH

"Having access to different knowledge and roadmaps in different fields has helped me immensely grow as a person and develop my business especially online."

Joining The Société is one of the best investments I made in my life.

Yasmine Boudouha | CreatIVE

Our bossbabe Guide To Creating Your Own Société-Style Membership Program So You Can Unlock Passive Revenue – On Repeat.
(Worth $997)

Exclusively For
Annual Members

Brand Guide Template

Your brand isn’t just a logo. It’s your colors, fonts, imagery and tone-of-voice. Learn the bossbabe branding method directly from Natalie with an exclusive video training she’s made for annual members PLUS receive your very own brand guide template so it’s quick and easy for you to develop your brand and make your mark.
(worth $59)


Speaking of logos- you’ll need one of those too! Avoid spending thousands of dollars on a designer and use our customizable logo templates to create a standout visual identity.
(worth $99)

32 Customizable Logos

Full Masterclass Library

Exclusive Masterclasses from industry leaders on: legal & finances (plus done-for-you templates), lead generation & email marketing, business & life organization, sales page optimization, hiring, branding & design, social media growth, money mindset & high performance.
(worth over $10,621)


Since the release of our first preset collection we've been flooded with requests for more. Content is such a huge part of business, so we decided to make a brand new Preset Collection exclusively for annual Société members.

Edit on your computer or on the go - our presets are compatible with Lightroom CC, Classic and Mobile. 

(Value $89!)

Give your content that professional post-production finish with our brand new Lightroom Preset Collection - exclusively for Société members!

Preset Collection

The Société


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The Société Is Not For Everyone

Real Talk

A solopreneur who wants to become more hands-off in their business and hire a team to run it for them

We take pride in our community, and we’re not willing to let someone waste money on a membership that’s not for them. The Société isn’t for you if you are... 

An entrepreneur already earning a 7 figure income from your business.

A small business owner in the brick and mortar space who isn't interested in raising brand awareness through an online business.

An entrepreneur who has a dialed-in ads strategy already + who doesn't want to spend time/energy on other revenue drivers.

A business owner who is overcapacity with clients + business opportunities and is not accepting new clients/opportunities anytime soon.

Your Online Business
Can Change Your Life

Business Mentor + Conference Host

Sophie Mason

“Next year is set to be a 7-figure year from my conferences alone, so I can’t wait to see what magic we create together. So my message to you is to THROW yourself into building relationships with the women you are in memberships/masterminds with. You never know what will come of it.”

This $48 membership changed my life


Jenna O'Keefe

“I work my f*cking arse off 6 days a week but it pays of…I saved my half of our house deposit and reached my goal of reaching 6 figures…It’s actually crazy what you’re capable of once you rewire your mindset to work FOR you rather than staying stuck in self-sabatoge…Your financial history is not an indicator of your money future.”

From loans + debt to a six-figure year

When you join The Société, you’ll have all the community, knowledge and support you need to transform your life, make more money + have an impact. 

We can’t wait to connect with you + support you on your entrepreneurial journey.

You Deserve To Make A Full-Time Income Doing What You Love Every Day



Join The Société before January 18th to attend our live, virtual event where you’ll create your dream vision board + develop a plan to turn your goals into a reality in 2023.


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In this Masterclass Sara Loretta, Designer, Strategist AND Certified Notion Consultant, will be sharing her operational genius on how to run a thriving business on Notion, track your goals and manage your client projects. 


How To Get Organized + Be More Productive In Your Business

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