Start, Shift, Scale: Your Guide To Launching A Successful Podcast With Melissa Monte

BY BossBabe

The BossBabe Podcast Episode 074




  • Melissa’s struggle with finding her big passion & how she how found clarity on what sparks joy for her
  • Incredible mindset shifts to help you overcome your fear of starting something  new
  • How to figure out your podcast niche, your content strategy and effective tactics for getting podcast guests
  • Fun ways to prepare yourself before recording a podcast episode
  • Top recommendations for DIY podcast equipment that will cost you under $100


We’re joined by special guest Melissa Monte, host of Mind Love podcast, which has been featured in Forbes and Harper’s Bazaar. Melissa started her podcast as a way to align her love of speaking and passion for modern mindfulness. Tune in to discover  Melissa’s journey, from humble beginnings as an inexperienced podcaster to now having the top mental health podcast in 29 countries. We’re lifting the lid on what it takes to build, grow and scale a successful podcast, from equipment set-up to mindset shifts. If you are struggling to find your big passion or have dreamed of starting a podcast, Melissa will leave you feeling inspired to take action.

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