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Living Outside The Norm With Mehak Vohra

BY Kale Panoho

Mehak At a Conference

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Mehak Vohra is a name you're going to hear more of in 2019 as a prominent leader of Gen Z.

Here is her highlight reel:

  1. She is a growth hacker
  2. She is a CEO
  3. She is a 6-figure business owner
  4. She is a writer with over 350,000 views on her work on Quora
  5. She has over 100,000 views on her Youtube Channel

The best part of all of this is that she is only 21 years old.

I sat down with Mehak to find out more about her story and gain some insight into what makes such a great mind work this way at such a young age.

Living Outside The Norm

In high school, Mehak saw the advantages of creating her own thought leadership and networking.

Mehak in her freshman year of high school joined the organizing team for the local incubator/coworking space, The Anvil. She ran the social media for this space as well as event organization.

This led her in her sophomore year to create her digital marketing company Jamocha Media.

Working with digital media for the incubator she was in Mehak saw the impact of having a voice and personal brand. Two things stood out to her:

  1. A personal or business brand allows friends and strangers alike to identify with you as a thought leader

  2. Thought leadership is a marketable tool

This is why she created her own Youtube channel to share her own thought leadership. All before the age of 17. This is a remarkable trait to expose your own thoughts and experiences to people you know and don't know at such a young age.

Mehak said,  “I just did it and learned along the way”.

This attitude is something that we all lack at some stage of our careers and life. We often weigh up too many pros and cons of each situation.

We deliberate on how peers or strangers will receive our work, we stress whether or not our thoughts or feelings are “right” or worse yet, we decide not to do it all together because we're too scared to fail.

Mehak learned early on that you need to ask yourself if I do this and fail what will change versus if I do nothing at all.


Once Mehak finished high school she attended Purdue University. Mehak's time at varsity was filled with opportunities which she seized with both hands.

In her freshman year at varsity, she signed her first large client to Jamocha Media through the networking she had achieved at her time at The Anvil incubator. This led to Mehak working closely with venture capitalists (VC's) and she attributes her success today to one thing. Networking.

Mehak said “For networking, half of the battle is showing up. If you don’t show up to events, that’s one less person that could have helped your career. Also as cliche, as it sounds I made sure that when I went into meetings with VC’s and other founders, I wasn’t there for only business. People I took meetings with were people that I felt could also become personal friends.”

Mehak was creating enough momentum that she dropped out of University to work alongside one of the VC's she had connected with. She moved from Purdue to San Fransisco as she wasn't enjoying school and it didn't feel what she was learning was applicable to what she wanted to do.

Mehak commented “I've learned more out here than I learned in the last few years of school. I’ve always had a plan B as well. School is still an option for me and I want to keep it open.

You always hear about the success stories of Silicon Valley, but people also fail. 99% of them do, and I always want to have a backup plan.”

A lot of us are paralyzed by big decisions. You need to remind yourself that if an opportunity you want to pursue presents itself and you take it and it goes horribly wrong, how hard would it be to get back to where you were previously.

Mehak on Feminism

In a world where some decisions are harder than others tackling the male saturated startup industry is something that causes doubt in the back of every young female entrepreneur's mind.

Mehak shared some sage counsel for young female founders, “If you want to start something, I think the first thing you should do is really realize that there is NO difference between you and other males also doing the same thing. Don’t let your gender be an excuse for holding yourself back.”

As a male who is surrounded by many incredible female founders, I know one thing that most people don’t.

Women are grossly underestimated when it comes to business.

When you want to move forward don't let stereotypes or the voice in your head hold you back, action that impulse, scratch that itch and add more to the planet than take.

This is how great entrepreneurs think whether they're male or female and you could be the next one.

If you want to learn more about Mehak you can visit her site Jamocha Media or follow her on Facebook.

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