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BY Sarah Jane Nyman

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I believe everybody has the right to feel fulfilled and be self- sustained, no matter their conditions or situations.

Everybody is born into this world with a talent.

Why am I telling you this?
“Your greatest room for growth is in the area of your greatest strengths”

For the purpose of my writing, a more precise, understandable definition of the word talent is any recurring pattern of thought, feeling or behavior that can be productively applied.

Many of us find it hard to realise or convince ourselves of this uniqueness because our talents come so naturally.

Do you ever wonder to yourself things like:
“why doesn’t everyone want to avoid conflict and find common ground?”

The way in which we see the world seems like common sense to us, but the “sense” we make of the world isn’t “common” to everyone.

The sense we make of the world is individual. This is due to our unique mental network.

You react to the world in your very own way.

The human brain is odd in the sense that it grows in reverse order, unlike other organs which grow with you, the brain gets very large as a baby and shrinks considerably when you age.

If nature didn’t whittle down the networks in your brain, you would never become an adult and would instead remain a child, frozen with sensory overload.

You would be talentless.
To save you from this happening, nature allows billions of them to fade away. The ones that are kept are guided by genetic inheritance and early childhood experiences (it keeps the connections which seem natural for you, ones that you are drawn to time and time again) and so you emerge a distinctly unique human with special talents who will react to the world in your very own way.

“There has never been and never will be another you.
You have a purpose – a very special gift that only you can bring to the world.”
– Marie Forleo


Let’s illustrate this:​
Imagine you pop over to Nando's for lunch with those who you work with.

Let's say you are blessed with the talent of a realtor (building in-depth relationships) and you’re hoping to squeeze into the seat next to your friend so you can have a good chat.

Then there's the guy who is trying to guess what each person will choose from the menu, the talent of individualisation.

Another is oblivious to all this and is mentally rehearsing a funny story that he hopes to share later, this is the talent of a communicator, finding drama in words.

Each person within the party is filtering in a way radically different from your own.

In a social context, it shows why the group has such lively conversations. Whilst in a work context, the fact that each person's filter is unique provides more practical explanations.

We are not totally isolated by our uniqueness
Each of us shares many of the same thoughts, feelings or emotions, but everyone has a unique filter because within each emotion is an infinite range. These differences are a function of that person's network of mental connections.

How to identify YOUR underlying talent?


The crazy thing is you are already intimately familiar with your talents but they are so interwoven with the fabric of your life, that the pattern is hard to discern.

They are hiding in plain sight, but they do leave clues. Your spontaneous reactions provide the biggest clues to what your talents are, but there are a few more things to look out for.

reveals the presence of natural talent.
Tell me – as a child, whilst Daniel Radcliffe was in the school hall working out his next acting project, did you ever long to do something? 

Rapid learning within a certain area is another way of finding traces of your talents.

Satisfaction provides another clue.
Your strongest connections are designed so that when you use them, it makes you feel good. 

Often, other people can identify and articulate what makes us unique much more clearly than we can.


Strength VS Weakness.
Many people seem to think weaknesses, and not strengths deserve the most attention, so instead choose to devote their time and energy to work on their weaknesses instead of concerning themselves with the intricacies of their strengths.

Ultimately, the fear of weakness.

Let's say you struggled at maths but are great at English, what would you give special attention to?

I guess maths, am I right?

Whatever the weakness or whatever the strength, the strength is admired and left, but the weakness, this is where we place all of our energy.  

What do the likes of Sir Richard Branson, Bill Gates and J.K Rowling along with other successful people do differently?

Yes, they put their energy into their strength!

It’s really hard to change yourself, it’s easy to change a pattern.
Become aware of any patterns that may be hindering you, like the thoughts that focus on our weakness for example:
“I can’t do that because I fear..?”
Catch these thoughts as soon as they come in.

Our brain isn’t designed to make us happy. It’s designed to keep us safe and essentially survive. I just want you to be aware of this so it doesn't stop you from moving forward.

You had nothing to do with how your unique natural talents arrived, but you have everything to do with turning them into strengths.

Where Do You Start?
Identify your strengths and work on building knowledge in that area.


YOU have something inside of YOU that can change someone else's life and that is how you become successful, you add value to another person's life.

The Formula For Excellence.

For those who do not focus on what they do best, the costs are staggering.

Far too many people spend a lifetime heading in the wrong direction. The sad fact is many of us die without uncovering our greatest talents or potential.
What a waste of a life, don't you think?

Every human being has talents that are just waiting to be uncovered. 

Ask yourself…
what makes you unique within a certain theme of talent?
what makes you stand out?


How 2 People Can Use Different Talents To Compliment Each Other (A true story).
My late grandad was an excellent mechanic, just as he'd sit for his Sunday roast, there would be a knock on the door.

“Albie, please help me with my car” they'd say.
He'd leave his dinner and dash out to help them.

After he had fixed the problems within the car, they would say:
“how much do I owe you?” and he would think to himself, I can't take any money from them – they have a family at home.


The natural talent here was empathy and analytical.

The analytical one made itself known from a young age as he would fix things and analyse how each one worked. He would sit deep in thought, bite his lip and wonder how parts fitted together.

As he built his knowledge within the area of his talent, he found his passion and was the best at what he did.

After all those years, he was even offered a job at age 85 in the local mechanics!

Getting back to the empathy talent, this can be an excellent strength as it allows you to understand people in a way like no other, the problem was when it comes to the money side of the business (as with my grandad's example above and how his empathy talent manifested).

He teamed up with another man who was more suited to the money side of the business and given the way their strengths complemented each other, the business flourished.

The World Needs The Gift That Only You Have
– Marie Forleo


Ask yourself…
How could you help someone become who they seek to become?
How could you help them to become a better version of themselves?

Now, this does take practice.
Here's an example, let's say you were born with a naturally good gene for muscle building, you would still need to work your muscle for it to get bigger and stronger.
But although you're doing the same workout as the next person, your muscle will become exceptionally bigger and stronger.

It works the same with natural talents within each human.

Without underlying talent, training won't create strength.
Although you will create some new connections within your brain through learning and repetition, no amount of training will create the strength within you to feel satisfied and excel.

When you tap into your talent, the opposite happens.

Nature has ensured that you will keep trying to use them by making the reaction to a certain talent feel satisfying to you, which pushes you to react in the same way again and again.

Why isn't everyone living life with this approach?
The problem is, most people are unaware of their own strength, or they let the fear of any weaknesses overshadow the endless possibilities of their strength.

Most people think they know what they are good at. They are usually wrong… and yet a person can perform only from a strength”
– Business Guru Peter Drucker

Now, because of the
fear of failure, many of us avoid building on our strengths and instead trot along, just because it's “safe”, trying to find an easy option with no risk of failing.

The successful people in the world are willing to fail in order to eventually succeed.

Remember only YOU can change your life.
Once you find where your talents lie, there will be no stop in you.

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Don’t forget to
share this post with your nearest and dearest.
Help those around you develop their strengths, chances are you will find yourself in a much more productive environment.

They will remember you for it.


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