Make Money Online - 10 Legit Side Hustles You Can Start Today

Building your own empire from scratch is both the most rewarding, yet terrifying thing a Boss Babe can do.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint, so your long game might take a little longer than you had expected, but don’t worry! If your pocket needs some padding and you’re hoping for some extra cash to keep the dream going, there are total legit side hustles that can supplement your income.

The key in realizing your success is to NEVER give up, but instead, be resourceful and leverage the badass skills you have right now to make money online.
Create a little somethin somethin on the side to keep you blazing that entrepreneurial trail.


How To Make Money Online:

10 Legit Side Hustles You Can Start Today


How To Create A Side Hustle

Freelance Writer

Companies, blogs, magazines, and other publications are always looking to pay writers good content. Copywriting is in huge demand right now and doesn’t show any signs of stopping.

Even as a newbie writer, you could expect to earn anywhere from $0.15 to $1 per word. This would include writing articles, blogs for websites, social media posts, and other types of copywriting.
For example, if you got paid $0.20 per word for a 1200 word article, 4 times a month, that would be close to an extra $1000/m in earnings!

Boss Babe Tip:
How To Find Online Writing Jobs? Contact your favorite blogs, online news sites, magazines, and social media influencers. Ask them if they are in need of more writers how you can submit examples of your work to them.


Video Transcription

So much of our digital world still requires transcription done by a human and not a bot, meaning videos being typed out word for word. This job is great for people who type fast, listen well, and have a lot of patience for repetition.

You can expect to charge anywhere from $0.75 to $2.50 per audio minute.


Video Editor

While video editing is my personal weakness, some people are naturals! If you have a knack for video editing you have a huge opportunity to make money online with those skills. Video editing is needed by everyone from the biggest corporate companies, right down to the local influencer.

You can expect to charge anywhere from $15 to $40 an hour for quality work, while experts can charge a LOT more.


Online Tutor

If you want to take your teaching skills online, being a virtual tutor is a great way to help others while making an income online. You could get set up with an agency, or find students to teach on your own time.

If you are super knowledgeable on a particular topic, you can earn you anywhere from $10-$20 an hour online. If you are highly educated and experienced, the hourly rate can vary between $30-$80 an hour.


Virtual Assistant

There has never been such a demand for online virtual assistants. People need help with tasks that range from Pinterest scheduling to responding to emails, to setting up appointments. If you’re living the ‘Type A’ life, are super organized and love the small details, a VA side hustle is right up your alley.

You could charge anywhere from $10 to $25 for your work, depending on the niche and required tasks.

Boss Babe Tip:
How to Find Online VA Jobs? There are companies that will connect you with business people needing an assistant, or you can just use the business skills you obviously have to find the clients yourself! You could even set up a profile on Upwork or Freelancer.


Web or Graphic Designer

Can you create visually stunning websites, book covers, or graphics? If so, there’s no shortage of work for you as a Web or Graphic Designer. Individuals and businesses need websites…like yesterday! You could either pick up a part-time position with a recognized firm or approach small businesses yourself. Either option is a wonderful way to make money online.

You can expect to charge anywhere from $20-$80 for good, quality work.


Social Media Manager

Many companies and entrepreneurs are too seemed to run their own social media channels properly and need help marketing their brands. If you have experience in branding or social media growth, you can earn a great side income by managing accounts, making posts, and engaging with followers.

Social Media Managers can make around $15-$40 per hour, or negotiate a monthly negotiated rate.



Habla Español? Then you’re in luck.
There is a growing need for fluent speakers of ANY language to efficiently translate websites, books, articles, guides and marketing materials. There are over 30 online sites that post translation jobs and they seem to be growing every day.

If you are a native or fully fluent speaker, you could charge around $25-$50 per hour.

Boss Babe Tip:
How to Find Translator Jobs? Aside from online agencies, you could take your language skills offline. Offer local language lessons in peoples homes or your favorite cafe. It’s a great way to meet new people and network at the same time!


Voice Over Artist

This was one of my personal side hustles as I built my own brand and business! A voice-over artist will lend their voice to videos, audiobooks, radio commercials, automatic phone directories, and a variety of other audio-based projects. For this job, you’ll need to be able to read very well out loud, have a quiet recording space, and a good microphone.

Pay can range from $100 for a short 15-second job, $300 for a 30-second commercial, and $1000+ for a longer project or e-book reading.


Online Course Creator

Being proficient in a certain area or having experience in a niche can translate into a great side income. There are millions of people looking to learn a skill online, so the sky is the limit with this one. Different from being a tutor, you would create and then charge a fee for courses. They could be on topics like (but not limited to!): social media, writing a book, yoga training, calligraphy, astrology, learning a language, building a website, growing balcony gardens….literally anything you could imagine!

Depending on the length and topic of your course, you could charge anything from $100 to $5000.


Customer Service Rep

The most old-school suggestion on our list, but still a goodie! Many companies (Like Disney, Amazon, and Dell) are saying NO to paying high office fees and hiring customer service reps to work from home instead. Check out online job boards for remote customer service jobs that are on a part-time basis. Tasks could include everything from taking phone calls to tech support, to online chat with clients.

Remote Customer Service Reps make anywhere from $8 to $20 an hour for most part-time positions.

Cheers to the side hustle babes!
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Side Hustle Job Ideas to Make Money Online


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