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Limitless Living Through Belief & Possibility With Rachel Chan

BY Stephanie Powell

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Meet Rachel Chan – Executive Regional Vice President with Arbonne, Girl Tribe Gang Ambassador, Limitless Living Global Business coach and proud mother.

When it comes to belief, self-care and boundless possibility, Rachel is your girl. Whilst chatting with her for this interview, I was blown away by how humble and warm she was. On top of that, Rachel’s ability to communicate her goals and dreams is unparalleled. For a women who aspires to host a Ted Talk, I think she’s already got it nailed!

We discussed her journey from debt-ridden graduate, to fully fledged serial entrepreneur.

Why did you start working with Arbonne?

I was 21 years old and I’d recently graduated from university – when I took the time to understand the business, the possibilities of being my own boss & creating a life by design excited me!

I’ve never been the type of person who enjoys being told what to do.”

I happily started working at the age of 13 & then left school at the age of 16, after taking a year out working full time in a job, I I then decided to go back to college and university because so many people around me were telling me that that’s how you ‘get ahead’ in life. At the end of it, I ended up in the position where I had a degree, but also £13,000 worth of debt – like a lot of millennials. I quickly recognised that this piece of paper alone was not going to enable me to have the kind of lifestyle I wanted. I eventually got a full time graduate job & as much as enjoyed it, I knew it also wasn’t going to give me the lifestyle I was dreaming of.

When Arbonne came along, I saw a chance to live out those dreams. I was introduced to it by total chance & II was so close to saying no to getting started as I had no experience in business & a lot of fears & doubts about whether I could make it work but  my entrepreneurial partner encouraged me to take the leap.

Have you always wanted to work for yourself?

When I was younger, I never thought I’d ever have my own business. I always thought that people who ran their own business, already had lots of money & business skills. If someone had said to me when I was a teenager that I’d be running my own global business in my 20’s, I would have laughed as I just never saw those possibilities at that time for someone like me.

“I never thought it was possible for me”

… but I knew I had a determined mindset and a very strong work ethic that was instilled in me by mum who I watched raising 3 children on her own working full time as a nurse. Whilst I admired her, I saw the struggles she faced balancing work life & family life. I knew I wanted more but at that point in my life, didn’t know the vehicle that would enable me to create the lifestyle I dreamed of.

What was a defining moment in your business journey?

There were two big moments for me.

The first was when I became involved with Arbonne and I started to see just how successful other people had become and the kind of lives they were living. For the first 10 months, I had treated Arbonne as a hobby – then I realised I needed to dedicate myself to it in order to achieve the rewards & benefits I could see others earning (like the white Mercedes & incentive holidays!). Seeing the success of others and meeting people at events, made me realise that this company & the people involved were going to grow massively – with or without me. I had 2 choices to watch on the sidelines as others jumped in & changed their lives or jump in & run with it!

“I could choose to watch from the side-lines and make excuses… or GET TO WORK.”

The second, and biggest, turning point of my journey was having my first daughter in 2013. I did not plan to have children young, it wasn’t in my ‘masterplan’ – but that’s just how it happened & I am so grateful now.  After Mia was born, she spent the first two months of her life in intensive care. Although it was a really traumatic experience at the time, it was a huge turning point in my life. It highlighted to me just how precious our time is; and how crucial it was for me to find something that allowed me to stay at home with her,  be present, but also be financially independent & create the lifestyle I wanted for my family.

What are some of the myths Arbonne that you’d like to dispel?

  1. It’s not a serious business.

A lot of people believed, when I first started, that I was selling skincare, make up and nutritional products from my kitchen table. And whilst we sell products, (which is also all done online)  it’s so much bigger than that, if people want it to be. It’s not just a side hustle and it can create serious income potential. What you can create in 4 years in this business & industry, is more than many can achieve in a lifetime in a job. Whilst it takes effort like anything else in life, the rewards can be huge

2. Online businesses aren’t real businesses. 

A lot of people are still confused by online businesses. Many of us are so used to the traditional bricks and mortar style business model. When actually, they’re the same in many ways! You’re still buying a product, but someone you know is benefitting from it. The only difference between shopping on the high street or with Arbonne is that, with Arbonne, you’re not lining the pockets of massive corporations or celebrity endorsements & someone you know gets rewarded for that. As a business it enables people to build something that can operate in the background of their lives, they are not restricted by time, location or footfall like a traditional shop, they have an online shop that can operate 24 hours a day, all throughout the year & in different time zones. The possibilities for this reason in terms of growth of your business are limitless!

3. You’re going to have to sell to your friends and family. 

Let’s look at it like this: If you opened up your own coffee shop, would you not welcome in your friends and family? If my friend opened a shop, I would go and support her – so why is it so bad when your friend offers to sell you a product that you’re already using? Whilst it would be lovely for your friends & family to support you, like any business, you have to build your network way beyond that. I did this through building my brand, sharing offline & online what I was doing with people & connecting with new people who were looking for what I had to offer. My business now turns over $100,000 in sales a month & whilst my mum loves the products, she’s definitely not spending that every month in my shop! Over the years I have build a large consumer network & global team, most of them I didn’t even know when I started out 6 years ago.

How has mentoring and coaching changed your life and business outlook?

Throughout my business journey, both in Arbonne and with my own coaching business, I have found that mentoring has been incredibly impactful. You don’t know what you don’t know, so I truly believe in following in the footsteps of those who have already had success.

I’m always so fascinated in learning other successful people’s habits and routines. Mentors are also incredibly important to help grow your mindset and belief, especially when you’re struggling with negativity and lack of belief in yourself.

I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for having mentors and coaches around me.

As a mentor and coach, if there was one thing you could tell someone at the beginning of their business journey, what would it be?

Don’t give up if you don’t see instant results or the first time you face a setback or challenge, be willing to do the work and be willing to learn new skills.

A lot of businesses may look very glamourous, but at the end of the day, like anything in life – it still takes work!

What are your 2019 goals?

At the end of 2017, I felt so burnt out and that something was missing in my life. I realised I was giving to every single area of my life – except myself. I came into 2018 with the goal to ‘fall in love with taking care of myself in mind, body and spirit’. My business and my relationships have all grown massively as a result of this.

Going into 2019, whilst I have huge business goals, one of my main focuses is self-care, self growth and self-love, because if you do not fill your own cup, you cannot give to anyone else.

“An investment in yourself pays the highest dividends”.

What are your self-care practises?

Getting a massage, getting my lashes done, doing my nails – but mostly, blocking time out of my diary to go for a walk, listen to a podcast or read a book.

I’m a big believer in the miracle morning and getting up an hour earlier to set yourself up for the day and dedicate time to yourself.

Also, be willing to say ‘no’. I used to be a total ‘yes’ woman, but I’ve learnt not to attend to absolutely everyone and be confident in saying ‘no’, sometimes.

Book and podcast recommendations:

  • The Success Principles – Jack Canfield (great for everyone – whether you own a business or not)
  • Build an Empire – Elena Cardone (great for mumpreneurs building a business around family life)
  • Rachel Hollis – Girl Wash Your Face (Great for any female entrepreneur)
  • High Performance habits – Brendon Burchard. (An absolute must for those looking to develop habits that lead to success.)

As well as her highly successful Arbonne career, Rachel is an incredible online business coach. We chatted a bit about her motivators and how she wants to help other female entrepreneurs build their brand & create the type of freedom & lifestyle choices that they desire.

Her expertise is in sales & teaching female entrepreneurs how to generate more sales online, she explained that selling is purely an education rather than the hard sell we are all led to believe.  It’s educating people on why they may need your product or service & helping them to find a fit that’s best for their own needs. In order to be a great business owner, she elaborated, you have to be a great believer in yourself. This is the other side of Rachel’s coaching – arming people with the belief & bulletproof mindset to succeed!

“There’s no limit to what you can achieve, if you just believe.”

It was an honour and privilege to interview Rachel and I just know we’ll be hearing a lot more about her this year. Follow her journey @rachel_limitlessliving.


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