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BossBabe Success Story: How Leslie Scofield Balances Heart + Hustle

BY Team BossBabe

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We dove into our very own BossBabe community to share the stories of women who are chasing their dreams, taking our courses and killing the game — all with total transparency, and real talk behind the highlight reel. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be spotlighting real-life BossBabes to learn how they get it all done and what they’ve learned along the way…

Meet Leslie Scofield from Virginia. She’s an insurance agent, MLM side hustler and now runs an academy for women to grow 6+ figure incomes as insurance agents. This Scorpio and single mother is all heart and hustle as she juggles caring for her 3-year-old son, mom and disabled brother. She’s a total badass bringing in $350k+ per year while still making time to walk her dogs and take her son to “THE best preschool” she could find.

Leslie first came to BossBabe because she wanted to scale her professional passion into a program that helps women earn killer income from home. Here’s how this mom went from no brand (and no Instagram) to being a total BossBabe Success Story…

What do you do + why do you do it?

I’m an insurance coach, agency owner, and a single mom. I wanted to scale my business and create a platform so other women could have the same similar financial freedom and time freedom that I’ve been able to have.

What did you hope to gain by joining the BossBabe community?

I enrolled in IGA, the Société and joined the BossBabe Mastermind to ramp up my gram and drive traffic to my niche to my profile. I wanted to learn how to niche down and scale at the same time.

What was your business or life like before BossBabe? How has it changed?

My brand/presence online was bland; no content, pathetic, non-existent. I had zero followers online except for people who knew me in my business arena. I went from 200 friends on FB to over 750 and growing, I had no Instagram and now have 147 followers but more than 70% are in my niche, and I enrolled 14 people in my Academy. I’ve just started with IG.

What are you most proud of since starting the program?

I have successfully enrolled 14 people into my Insurance Agent Academy, launched my third business (it’s in prelaunch right now) and I’m proud that I was able to make over $300k last year. The money I made from insurance was seed money I used to launch my Academy and fund other business ventures.

What’s your superpower?

Being extremely structured and 100% authentic.

My nickname is Terminator because I don’t have a filter. People know exactly where they stand from me and what they see is what they get. I have 3 businesses all generating income, as a single mom. I can see right through low confidence and help pull out the beast inside of you!

What are some practical things you do to manage your time effectively?

Time blocking and Google calendar for everything! I hired two VAs and honestly, I wish I had hired them 5 years ago. A small team has helped me really free my time up, help me with content and ideas– it’s awesome, they’re my tribe!

What are your top 3 ways to deal with stress and/or practice self-care?

Chiropractor/massages at least 2x a month. Early morning meditation videos or audios and DAILY, personal development with books. CBD oil is something I use daily as well and I have very strong boundaries set up for when to turn off my phone.

Real talk. What’s one thing every BossBabe should remember when she feels defeated or ready to give up?

The feeling of defeat is a LIE sent from the enemy to destroy your purpose and prevent you from helping others! Go take a walk, go to sleep, wake up and start over. Make a list of things you're grateful for.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever followed through with?

Don't put anything in writing that you don't want to be published on the front page of the newspaper.

What’s one limiting belief that you’ve overcome + how?

Fear that I am too much for other people, but guess what? Those aren't my people! it's easy to hear others talk shit and believe what you hear, but that is just so far from the truth. How God sees you and how you see yourself is the only truth you need to live by.

Where do you find motivation/ inspiration?

Eric Thomas, Emily Vavra, Tony Robbins, Oprah, Books, Audios, BossBabe Podcasts

What’s your personal motto?

Be fearless in the face of adversity. Never lose sight of where you are going. Don't date fuckboys.

What’s next for you and your business?

I will continue to sell insurance, I will continue to help agents either by coaching them in my Academy or in my downline, and I will BLOW UP my new Network Marketing in 2020 because of what I have learned about launching businesses!

Check out more from Leslie here.


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