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5 Ways to Launch Your Online Business + Make it a Quick Success

BY Christina Nicholson

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Whether you are a service-based online business, a product-based online business, or even if you’re just building a personal brand, having a launch strategy is a vital foundation that could make or break future achievements. Here are five ways to launch your business to make it a quick success.

Hire Someone (who has been there, done that)

Free, general content will only get you so far. 

I know, I know. It’s so easy to get information that is relevant to you and your brand in blog posts, on podcasts, and by watching YouTube videos. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great place to start. But like the popular book title reads, “What got you here, won’t get you there.”

At some point, you’re going to need someone to know about you and your online business. This includes your personal and professional goals, why those are your goals, your current personal and professional situation, why that is your situation, etc. 

That someone, whether it be a coach or a mentor, should be ahead of you in business and their clients should be successful. Your future coach or mentor should also have a high retention rate to prove people like working with him or her.

If you continue to consume free, general content years after you’ve started your business, you’ll continue to make mistakes, battle through trial and error, and prolong your success (which can sometimes lead to frustration and stress).

There comes a point when you need to invest in your online business to get that personalized help and shortcut your way to success.

Tell People About It (before it’s a thing)

So many people are afraid of failing because they don’t want others to know they failed. I can’t think of any business owner who has never failed. 

In fact, the best ones fail a lot. Because of their failures, they know what to next time to be a bit better. That’s what makes them successful. The failure doesn’t matter. It’s how you react to it that makes the difference.

If you’re worried about what others are going to think if they see you fail, you’re not going to be in business long. 

Before I get to my next point, I wanted to be sure you’re comfortable with failing… and failing for all to see because you need to be telling people about your business.

I tell my potential client this all the time: People can’t do business with you if they don’t know about you. 

You need to consistently be telling people about what you’re doing as you doing it. 

Don’t wait until you think it’s perfect. It’ll never be perfect. When you finally think it’s perfect, someone else will have a different opinion. Waiting for your definition, or a customer’s definition, of perfect, is just a stalling tactic. 

Also, by telling everyone about what you’re doing in your business, you are building a personal brand. 

Share industry news that helps your ideal customer and tell your email list, social media followers, friends, and family how you’re using your experience and knowledge in your business. Eventually, you will be known as the go-to person in this industry and because of your growing personal brand, leads will come to you!

Keep Telling People About It (even if you think you’re annoying them)

Building on the last point, you can’t just tell people once. Social media is a constantly moving feed with millions, if not one billion, on each platform. To think people saw something you posted once is naive.

In my business, I advise my clients to share their earned media opportunities repeatedly on social media. For every article I write, podcast I’m on, or TV appearance I make, I put it in my social media queue to repost every few months indefinitely

I do this for three reasons:

  1. Social media is a feed that doesn’t stop moving. If you log out a minute before I post something, you’re going to miss it. If you’re logged on when I post something, you might see it. But less than one second later, you’re on to the next post. And I’m going to assume you’ve already forgotten what I posted. 
  2. I don’t know if the algorithm is working for or against me that day. If you don’t like my content, you won’t see it. The social media algorithm won’t allow it because it only wants to show you content it thinks you’ll like. If the smart computer making these decisions think you like my content, then it will show it to you. Because you like it, you won’t care if you see the same thing multiple times because you’re a fan… but let’s be honest, will you even remember if you saw the same thing a couple of months ago? Probably not.
  3. If you just started following me today, then you have no idea what I’ve done in the past five years. I’ve done some pretty cool things and have been featured in pretty amazing places, so I want to continue to share it so I can build my brand, credibility, and authority with my new followers.

Create A Detailed Launch Plan (that is heavy on sales)

I’m in a few Facebook groups for entrepreneurs and other Boss Babes. I wish a had a dime for every time an online business owner said they didn’t like sales. 

Here’s the thing – you don’t have a business if you don’t have sales. Even non-profits have to ask for money. 

I know strategizing and planning the branded photoshoot, website design, and colorful graphics are fun, but they don’t bring in money directly. Before any of that, you need to make sales to bring in money to pay for things like… the branded photoshoot, website design, and colorful graphics.

Your launch plan should be very heavy on making sales. Get people on the phone to exchange your service or product for money. Not trade. I don’t know anyone paying their mortgage, car payment, or kids college by bartering. 

When you start asking people to buy your product or service, you will learn what your conversion rate is. When you know your conversion rate, you know exactly how many people you need to sell to meet your monetary goal for the day, week, month, or year.

Make Sure You Have a Business (on paper, not in theory)

Now that we know how we’re going to make money, we need to be sure we’re keeping the money we make.

Please, do not mix business income and expenses with your personal income and expenses.

Open a separate bank account that is devoted to your business. 

Make sure you’re a business on paper, and not just in theory, by making it an LLC., S Corp., Inc., etc. I’m shocked at how many people do business without having this protection – and it is protection. If someone wants to sue you and you are not recognized as a business entity, they can take everything from you personally.

Another way to protect yourself is through contracts. If any money, service, or product is exchanged you need a contract so all people involved are on the same page and expectations are set. 

I know this isn’t the sexiest or most exciting point on the list, but it is the most vital. 

Follow these tips when launching your online business and you'll be set up for success.


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