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Quite often, entrepreneurs struggle with getting seen and by the right people. That's where Jenn Scalia comes in. If you've ever wondered how to increase your visibility and improve your mindset, this interview is for you! She is a visibility and mindset strategist for entrepreneurs who want to make an impact. Her tough love, no­-B.S. style and her ability to help them overhaul their biggest fears and empower them to share their message with the world make Jenn Scalia a frequently sought-after expert.

This self-professed introvert and single mom went from rock bottom to creating a 7 figure business within 3 years. But how exactly does one accomplish such things and in such a short span of time? Well, I went straight to the source to find out!

Thank you for agreeing to this interview! Before we begin, I’d love to ask you: what’s the most fulfilling part about being an entrepreneur to you?

Two things. The money and the impact. Most people will try to act like the money isn’t a big deal, but it very much is! Having more money allows you to do more things, show up as the best version of yourself and live the best life, which in turn creates a ripple effect on the people around you. Money is a big deal, and so is the impact that I get to have on thousands upon thousands of people every single day. People are inspired to be better because they hear my story and it encourages them into action. Being the catalyst to help someone change their life for the better… That’s pretty powerful.

What has been the biggest change in the industry since you’ve started?

Definitely the free online marketing strategies, like what to post and where. It’s literally changing all the time. What worked two years ago, or even 6 months ago, may not necessarily work today. When I started, it was all the rage to go into someone’s Facebook group and post for new clients. That strategy does not work anymore. There are so many new entrepreneurs popping up, that you need to stay ahead of the game and be constantly on top of the changes in the market in order to continue success.

What drives you professionally?

My goal is to help as many women as possible to create freedom and business through online business. I remember when I just had my son and was barely scraping by. I took action because I didn’t want to see my son suffer. Right now, as women, we have a crazy opportunity that was not available decades ago. My mission is to educate other women about these opportunities and help them leverage them so they can leave a legacy for their family and children.

What are you most proud of?

Finishing my book earlier this year and having it become an international bestseller. It was one of those things I always wanted to do and the book was years in the making. It felt so good to have that complete- a real book. That will be read for years to come by women all over the world who want to make an impact. It’s pretty awesome.

You speak a lot about the energy/mindset of an entrepreneur. What would you say are your most impactful mindset philosophies that would benefit entrepreneurs reading this?

Energy is EVERYTHING. Literally. The way you show up, how you are feeling, what you believe and what your energy is like when you post on social, send an email or do a livestream- that is contagious. And when it’s bad, or low vibe… people just won’t buy. When you are excited and high vibe- people feel that too. My best advice is to get into alignment with the work you are doing, make sure it is on purpose, and make sure you believe in yourself. That energy will transfer and cause people to want to be a part of whatever you have going on. If you’re down in the dumps, don’t care about the work you are doing, always worried about money or are a negative Nancy, expect to get the same thing in return.

When it comes to increasing visibility in business, you’re one of the most influential entrepreneurs on the subject. How did you come to understand it so clearly? What was the shift?

I learned it by doing it. I spent so much time trying to figure things out on paper or get clarity in my head- and it just doesn’t work that way. I actually had to DO it, experience it for myself, learn first hand what worked and what didn’t and then pivot to what worked the most. When I first started, I did over 300 free calls with people to “practice” and started posting on social media like crazy. I found out really quickly what moved people to take action, to reach out and to buy. Once I knew what those things were, I doubled down on them and left the rest behind.

What would you say are the top 2-3 visibility tactics that have radically changed your business?

For me, it was contributing to popular industry publications and podcasts and also being the Star Student in my mentor’s courses. These are things that are so easy to do but are commonly overlooked for either 1) free social media posting or 2) paid advertising. These strategies utilize someone else’s audience so you don’t have to build from scratch OR spend a ton of money on Facebook ads. It boggles my mind that so many people skip this and instead opt for hard and expensive strategies.

When you are featured on or contribute to publications where your ideal clients already are, it’s basically free publicity  AND instant credibility. Same for just doing the work and being a shining star in the courses and programs you take (who are we kidding, you’ve probably joined dozens!). This gets you recognized by top players and industry leaders. I know I love to feature my star students and have even collaborated with some of them!

You speak openly about being a single mom and the challenges of creating a 7-figure business within three years. What would you say to the other single moms out there who might feel overwhelmed trying to juggle motherhood and creating success?

GET HELP. It will save you tons of grief and time. Lean on the support of friends, family and parents to allow for uninterrupted time to be able to work on your business- even if it’s just a few hours a day or a couple of times a week. It will make all the difference in productivity and also force you to focus on the things that are most important. If you don’t have family or friends that are local and that can help you, I highly recommend a babysitter or a nanny a couple times a week. You really have to act like this is your JOB. Because it is.

When it comes to the concept of “having it all,” why do you think the conversation leans more towards women vs. men?  

I think as women, we are conditioned as young kids to believe that we CAN’T have it all. Literally we are told those words since we were a child: “you can’t get everything you want” and “you can’t have your cake and eat it too”. Obviously boys/men are told this too, but for some reason I feel like women really take it to heart or feel like there is something inherently bad about wanting to have it all. There are a lot of societal stigmas around women who make more money than their partners or who flaunt what they have. It’s just not the same if you’re a man. It’s more like it’s expected.

What does the Jenn of today know that Jenn of the past did not?

I am definitely smarter, savvier and more evolved. I’ve invested a lot of time and money into learning from the best mentors and teachers so that I could consistently become better at my craft. I just wish I would have started sooner. I wish I would have known earlier on how important it is to get a mentor and to invest in your business growth, even though it seems scary at first.

What will digital entrepreneurship look like in 5-10 years?

Honesly, I don’t know past when I started 5 years ago, which is also very different than it is today. I definitely feel like today’s entrepreneur is way more savvy so that old, outdated tactics definitely don’t work like they used to.

Thank you again for taking the time and providing immense value for our readers. I appreciate you! What are some of your future goals for your business and how can our readers keep up with your journey?

I definitely want to continue to spread my reach to people all over the world. I plan to do that by continuing to write books and speaking on stages to reach people beyond social media. You can join my awesome tribe: Brazen and Badass Entrepreneurs, where I share free business tips weekly and do regular livestreams on hot topics on business and mindset.

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