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How Ariana Grande Transforms Music Producer Bobby Shann’s Business. And, She Can Do it For You, Too.

The elegant sounds of Italian singer songwriter Andrea Bocelli permeate the air as Bobby slides on his notorious sunglasses. Almost an opera-eque hue of sound.

Passionate, energizing – even romantic tones vibrate the ear drums of every listener.

Ariana Grande drops in her powerful and harmonic voice, making the hairs on your arms stand up, just slightly.

As electronic music producer and artist Bobby Shann listens to the song featuring Bocelli and Ariana in the car on his way to a meeting, inspiration strikes.

Almost abruptly, the vehicle makes a 180*. Back to the studio. It’s time to create.

For the next ten days, Bobby locks the door and creates. He records, edits and masters a whole album in that time. Pure, unadulterated inspiration is transformed into tunes that will bring a whole Ibiza nightclub and thousands of listeners to life, only weeks after.

The outcome of this 10 day creative binge is one of the most soul-full, new electro/deep house tunes of a generation. And yes of course, Ariana’s in the song I just referenced. In fact, the single is even called “Ariana”. The songs were just released with his new album “Auto-Reflexion“ on October 5, 2018.

I sat Shann for a moment from his busy, fantasy-DJ-life, and asked how he sourced inspiration, and why he named a song after Ariana.

Step 1/3 – We Need Access to On-Demand Inspiration

As Shann unveils his new album, there are some important learnings we can gather from his journey getting here. We rarely think of music artistry as business, but it really can help provide a new perspective on how we use intuition, creativity and inspiration to grow our business.

Creativity, inspiration and intuition are especially important as a female entrepreneur. Your business is your art.

Personally, I listen to podcasts and become inspired listening to people like Natalie Ellis from here on Bossbabe, Lewis Howes, and more.

Some call this an anchor – a habit or behavior we can go to anytime to recenter (almost in an “on-demand” way).

For Shann? His inspirational anchors are movie scores, classical music and Italian opera. Hans Zimmer and the like.

Shann Explains, “It wasn’t just hearing her song that shifted something in me. As I learned more and more about [Ariana] I began to find a spiritual commonality. The more I dove into her music – the more connected I felt. The more I felt into her values.

Her incredible charisma, which she spreads with her music gives me this energy and motivation to create more music! It’s different than any other female artist out there! I had to express THIS feeling in my music. And that’s what inspired the track ‘Ariana’.”

It’s pretty clear Ariana Grande uses spirit in her business of art, as well.

Shann in his Colorful Element

In the process of creating your business, your anchors will become extremely important. They often precede landmark moments, just like Shann’s 10 day creative journey.

Anchors are particularly important during the tough times. They’re also vital to creative tasks. We have to accept that you can’t always just “create” on demand.

If your mind is cluttered and not-recently-anchored, your viability for creative success on that task falls like lead in water.

But if you could source inspiration on demand? Imagine the possibilities.

Women have a special sensibility that men often miss, which really lends itself to business success.

Because women are more open to their emotional side naturally, and listen to their body more than men, you actually have a superpower that gives you a huge advantage over guys.

Males tend to analyze the spreadsheets, crunch the numbers and output an ROI scenario, often overlooking the opportunity’s longer-term or non-empirical benefits.

You can leverage your FEMinine power to create stronger relationships and persuade people in sales scenarios extremely effectively – using just your emotional intelligence.

But first, you have to get into the right mindset. You can achieve that mindset through an activity called “flow”.

Flow is the sensation when your mind is clear, focused and has momentum you can feel.

Reaching a state of flow is essentially done by completing anchor activities in serial order. For example, meditate, coffee, favorite song, then journal. As you become advanced, you can remove anchors or stimuli, one-by-one until just one anchor stimulates your creative flow.

So how to apply this?

Practice using an anchor about 30 minutes before you want to begin your creative process. To improve the success rate, you can line anchors up and aim for “Flow”.

Step 2/3 – Channeling and Applying Creativity to Tasks and Projects

I find it funny that creativity and emotion are often undervalued by employers.

Speaking from personal experience here – I went into a finance job after getting my undergraduate degree in fine art. How’d I do it? I focused only on my analytical skills and played down creativity ’til it was essentially dead in the water.

Hiring managers think that number crunching will solve every business problem (another male tendency, that knowing of gives you an advantage).

As we all know, things don’t work that way, especially in today’s age. Creative problem solving is the glue that holds functional business tasks and operations together. Especially for you as a female entrepreneur.

The best work we do is when we’re feeling creative and inspired.

Don’t believe? Just go to the DMV.

To channel this positive motivation and creativity from your anchors and your new state of flow, it’s pertinent you apply yourself in the moment of inspiration, and don’t procrastinate.

If you need to, turn the car around, and go back to the studio (or whatever your creation cave looks like).

There’s one another fatal mistake we make in channeling inspiration: distraction.

Distraction is just as bad as procrastination. And it can kill inspiration just as quickly as you sourced it. So be careful to avoid distractions, especially in that pivotal moment where your physical and mental being shifts toward creation and productivity.

Just like we saw with Bobby Shann turning around his car, driving to back to the studio and locking the door – we must intentionally remove distractions, like meetings.

Bobby decided that his inspiration and product were more important than pleasing the person he was supposed to be meeting.

If you let them, people will borrow your time all day. And not return it.

Whether it’s young people looking for advice, clients looking for support, customers complaining, or whatever – there’s always a viable reason to avoid our most important work.

As nice people who genuinely care, it’s even harder to say no.

Don’t let this happen to you. Turn the car around, put on some Bobby Shann music, get to your creation cave, and lock the door. For the greatest time to create awaits you.

When you’re in flow, when you’re focused and inspired.

A few tools that can help eliminate distractions in the eleventh hour.

  • Egg Timer
  • Facebook Newsfeed Eradicator (we need one for Instagram, I swear) Chrome extension
  • Toggl Timer
  • The Eisenhower matrix (pictured below)

Step 3/3 – In Real Life: Growing Your business with Intuition

We’ve all heard it before, but often don’t see how much potential there is in trusting intuition – prior to it having a measurable effect in my life and business. Speaking autobiographically, I was scared of “trusting” in business.

Trusting other people not to screw me over. Trusting things to come together. Trusting team members to execute.

But life is like a mirror – what you put out, gets reflected back on you.

So trust yourself, trust others.

Don’t count reasons why not to believe someone. Instead, look to your intuition for your honest truth.

As we learned from Bobby, trusting in your intuition can take you a long way. Shortly after producing his first album in 10 days, Bobby’s connected with and is working on collaborations with several top shots, including Chelina Manuhutu, David Guetta, Blackstreet’s Lenny Harold, and many more. He’s also booking gigs at top clubs in Ibiza and beyond.

Leverage your superpowers as a woman. embrace your femininity and creativity. And, Let your intuition assist you.

Funny enough, Ariana’s management team followed and messaged Bobby on Instagram just days after drafting this story.

What exactly is trusting your intuition? Many say “trusting your gut”. That’s because our gut has a chakra / energy center in it.

We can physically feel when something is “right”. I’m sure you know if you’ve ever been through a breakup, you can also physically feel when something is “wrong”. So, don’t discount the power of that. 

Others say “the first thing that comes to mind when you ask yourself ‘what’s the right decision?’”

The answer: your intuition.

For me, and for Bobby is sounds like – when you feel in flow, that’s when your intuition is attuned. Your body feels aligned, your mind clear, your heart open.

Making Magic Takes Patience and Persistence

We’re all painting our masterpiece in life. We brush new strokes every day, and refine, revise, and sometimes paint over old versions. But, you should never guilt yourself for a piece of work that didn’t satisfy your immediate expectation or dream.

In your startup business or in your professional career, you’ll go through thousands of revisions. Be patient. Look back. Appreciate. And enjoy. For the journey is where the excitement lies.

In Bobby Shann’s words, when asked, “What’s the biggest challenge for you as an artist?”, were “Well, there’s always challenge as an artist. It’s really competitive. But I’m not focused on the competition. Instead i’m focused on myself. Being better than myself. I every step I try to do better than the old me. I’m different and I’m OK with that.”

“I know I’m doing the right thing when people tell me i’m different.” – Bobby Shann

Read that last line again. Now go conquer the world, ladies!



If you’d like to hear the song that stimulated the 10 day creative process and inspired the song “Ariana” by Bobby Shann (and I think you’ll be surprised of its sound – not your standard Ariana. More like Opera almost.), you can listen on Spotify. It’s called “Piu ti Penso” by Andrea Bocelli and Ariana Grande.

Bobby’s album, inspired by the story above will be released on 10/5/2018. You can find it here.