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How To Turn Your Social Media Account Into A Creator Account

BY Team BossBabe


Instagram is probably one of the best apps to start your creator journey. There’s an abundance of people to connect with and even more opportunities to make some serious cash with or without that coveted blue check. But how do you get started? Easy, by turning your personal account into a Creator Account.

We created an easy guide on how to switch accounts to ensure you’re getting  access to the best features and advanced insights on how to grow your audience. Take a look below and get started…

Step 1

Go to your account profile and tap the three horizontal lines at the top to open the menu settings.

Step 2

Once you’re there, select “settings” and then “account.”

Step 3

Here, scroll down and in blue, you should see the option “switch to a professional account.”

Now, don’t get confused by the name “professional,” because there are several different account types listed that follow this option.

Step 4

Once you’ve clicked this option you will be prompted with several benefits of creating a professional account. Simply click “Continue” to breeze through these.  Following this 3-step walk-through, you will see a page where it asks “what best describes you?” Select which option best describes you or your business. 

Step 5

On the final page it asks “Are you a business?” and it will give you two options displaying “Business” or “Creator,” this is where you choose which option best fits your account needs. 

Step 6

On the following page select “complete your profile.”

Step 7

And Voilà! You’ve officially created your Creator Account! This title will be displayed on your profile in the bio right underneath your name. 

The benefits of having a Creator Account are substantial. For starters, you will be able to keep track of your audience’s engagement through Insights. Which will help you better understand what content resonates with your followers and which content isn't performing as well.

You will be able to track the reach and the total number of impressions your content had within the last 7 days of posting. 

Through audience insights, you will also be able to learn your follower's demographics including their age range, gender, and location. Having this information will help you create more insightful content. And you’ll have access to your daily follow/unfollow data which will help learn your audience’s interest.

You will also be able to create shoppable posts which is great for promoting your business’s products as well as affiliate brands you may be working with.

To help get started with your new Creator Account, we’ve put together a FREE 30 Days of Content guide to help take the guesswork and overwhelm out of posting consistent content on social media. Click here to access your easy-to-use guide now.


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