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How To Turn Your Passion Into Cold Hard Cash

BY Kashlee Kucheran

make money doing what you love

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“Find a way to make money doing what you love” = The ultimate goal of every Boss Babe.

Am I right?

It’s every entrepreneur's dream to find that perfect balance between working on their passion and earning a great income at the same time. (If only I could figure out a way to make six figures by petting dogs in my sweatpants..hmmm)

We’ve all heard the saying: 

“Do what you love and never work a day of your life.” 

So…what are you MOST passionate about? What makes your heart race? If you had unlimited time and money, what would you be doing with yourself each day? Answering these questions is the first step towards making money doing what you love.

Starting your own business can be one of the most grueling, yet ultimately rewarding things you will ever do. To minimize the moments that you’ll want to slam your head against the wall, create a business that revolves DEEPLY around your passions.
If you are doing something you LOVE, you have a lot more patience, focus and energy to stick with it.

However, so many self-employed women are doing the exact opposite. They find themselves stuck doing tasks they absolutely despise, just because they don’t know how to monetize their passions. Or- maybe they don’t know what they’re truly passionate about in the first place…

How To Make Money Doing What You Love


How To Find Your Passion

1. First, Find Out What Your Passion Is

Think about things that you are deeply passionate about or things that have always sparked your curiosity in a manner you can't ignore.

What would you be doing for free?

What do people come to you all the time for?

If it’s helpful, start writing down things you love and make you happy. Your true passions will usually be hidden inside the things that bring a smile to your face.

Bargain-Fashionista Example:

Let’s just pretend your passion is finding the latest styles for less. Your friends are always asking you for your fashion tips, Target shopping lists and how to style trends. You get constant compliments on your outfits and people can’t believe how cheap they always are. You are obsessed with making low priced fashion look like high-end couture.


Do What You Love

2. Actually START DOING What You Love

Take massive action on what you love. No matter what your passion is, start doing it daily. Live out loud and document what your life looks like as you explore your passions!

Show up and take daily consistent action.

There is no way to make an income from your passions if you are not living proof of them every day. Dive into your passion like it’s your job… because it’s about to be!

Bargain-fashionista Example:

Go out and find cute outfits under $10, sew and alter old clothes into new pieces, study what’s going on in the fashion world. This is the time to take your obsession with fashion to the next level!


Attract and Engage with Others on Social Media

3. Attract and Engage With Others

Next, you want to build an audience around things you would be doing anyway!

Ask questions, tell your story, teach people about your passion. Entertain and educate. People need to see your face, hear your opinions and start seeing how excited you are. Get the conversation started with like-minded people, potential future customers or collaborators.

Bargain-Fashionista Example:

  • Share your unique style, ‘get it for less’ outfit hacks, and your daily lifestyle around finding the best deals on clothes.
  • Make a YouTube channel with a daily or weekly ‘under $20 finds’.
  • Curate an Instagram account with photos and details on your super cheap outfits, or start a blog about your bargain-fashionista lifestyle.


Find a Problem in your Niche or Industry

4. Find A Problem in Your Niche

It has been said that if you can identify a problem in a particular market, and how to solve it, you will have a super successful business. Look deep into your niche and see what people are complaining about, having a hard time with, or wishing there was MORE of. Maybe even use a problem that YOU have experienced over and over again. Start making a list of common problems you see come up.

Bargain-Fashionista Example:

The problem you see is that people have NO idea where to find good deals on quality clothes. They are fed up with paying high prices for items that fall apart after a few washes. You also notice that people don’t know how to match items and see them committing fashion faux pas on the daily. The final problems you see are magazines and bloggers only offering advice on high ticket items when most consumers have a super low budget.


Create A Solution for Your Clients

5. Create a Solution

If you can solve a problem using your skills that revolve around your passions, you are destined for great things! Out of all the problems in your niche that you identified, choose ONE that you can solve and start designing a product or service around it. Once you’ve had success with one problem, move on to the next!

Bargain-Fashionista Example:

Some of the solutions to the problems you found with fashion are as follows:

  • Make ‘outfits for under $30’ videos and sell 5-15 second ads on them for profit
  • Publish a thrift style e-book where you outline how to bargain shop and re-purpose old clothes into new trendy outfits
  • Freelancer write for large fashion magazines and blogs about finding hot trends on a tight budget
  • Open your own budget clothing store or start your own budget fashion line
  • Host one-on-one style lessons and personal shopper appointments with clueless clients
  • Acquire sponsorships from clothing brands you love by charging for sponsored posts

The possibilities are endless! 

Consistency, patience, and determination are the ingredients that turn a passion into a profitable business. Every new venture will take time before you start making money.
The best thing you can do is keep your eye on the prize and spend each day learning to make money doing what you love!

My personal philosophy is: Life is to short to do something you hate! So let's turn those passions into cold hard cash!


Kashlee KucheranTravelOffPath | @kashlee_k


Make Money Doing What You Love

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