There was a quote which went viral on social media a while ago that said: “are you even best friends if you haven’t planned at least one business together?”

In the comments, there were loads of funny stories (involving a lot of drunken ideas), however, what if you have decided to get serious and actually launch the business of your dreams with your bestie?

After some very long discussions, a whole lot of fine-tuning ideas and finding our confidence that we can actually do this, it’s something I’ve decided to do with my best friend, Victoria.

So, how do you successfully start a business with your BFF and still remain friends? Here are my non-negotiables to do just that…

How to successfully start a business with your best friend

All in moderation

There’s a lot of info out there around keeping your business and personal time separate, but I don’t think this is strictly helpful for a lot of businesses run by besties.

I’m not saying talking business deals during a girls’ night out is a must-do, but don’t be too scared to chat about ideas as and when they come up. Sometimes the solution to the biz problem you’ve been worrying about arrives unexpectedly (and, in our case, usually over a glass of fizz).

Moderation is key: don’t limit yourself to only catching up on your business during set hours, but equally value your friendship too and still have the chilled times you always have had. It’s all about the right balance.

Be really honest

Let’s get real here: your business together is never going to thrive if you’re both too scared of offending each other. Share your feedback, divulge your fears and don’t be offended by criticism.

Just like all good relationships, it’s important to have the trust and respect for each other when it comes to the big (and small) decisions. Not sure that email is worded right? Think you’d be better using a different font for the website? Think the price they’re about to quote is wrong? The worst thing you can possibly do is keep it to yourself for fear of offending your bestie.

If you aren’t in a place where you can give each other constructive feedback, what hope is there to grow and develop your business? Honesty and transparency are both vital.

Learn together

One of the best bits of being in biz together? Having each other to attend all the learning events, obvs. It was actually during a joint trip to the BossBabe Retreat in London late last year that we (finally) decided to take the leap and set up Peachy Creative Media.

It made me realise the importance of joint learning and how sharing experiences that can inspire you both is a perk of being in business together.

When we decided the retreat was something we both really wanted to go to, we made it into a work trip of dreams, with plenty of cocktails, networking, and creative brainstorming. We’re already lining up other learning opportunities we can go to and everything is so much better when you have your other (business) half to share it all with.

Celebrate your wins

You and your bestie should be each other’s biggest cheerleaders, especially when you’re marking business wins together. Victoria and I have decided to set reward treats for each milestone we get, like a spa day or brunch.

Reflect on your lows

No, I’m not telling you and your BFF to turn into a Negative Nancy and Debbie Downer double act, but the only way to grow as a brand is to embrace the learning curves then work together to adapt and improve.

Don’t see this as a negative, treat it as constant development. Every business has its ups and downs and you have each other to lean on when the going gets tough. Entrepreneurship can be a lonely place so count yourself lucky that you have someone who knows exactly what you’re going through and support each other at every turn.

Set goals

It’s crucial to have a shared goal for your business together; how are you meant to be successful if you’re both working towards slightly different aims? Make regular goal-setting sessions feel like a treat, whether that’s ordering food in and having a girls’ night whilst you outline your aims, or get creative and design a beautiful vision board for you both to refer to.

Having a business bff is also great for holding each other accountable in the tasks you’ve vowed to get done. Make sure your objectives are crystal clear and be productive by using systems like asana or Google Drive to keep on top of your joint to-do list. No one wants to let their bestie down.

Remember why you started this

Overall, don’t lost sight of the big picture. There’s a reason that you and your best friend decided your business together was a great idea: because it really is. Take time to take a step back and look in at how exciting this is for you both.

Want to see how I work with my bestie IRL? Head to to see what we’re about!

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  1. Great piece Rachel! I think one of the pivotal moments for myself is business with my partners is to reflect on the lows and I love that you’ve highlighted this in this piece. Would love to hear how you’ve managed to bounce back from this?

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