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How To Stop Feeling Embarrassed By Your Instagram Grid

BY Natalie Ellis

If you’ve been around BossBabe for a while, you know we’re straight to the point. No fluff, no B.S.

So I’m going to get straight to the point and ask you…are you embarrassed by your Instagram?

Let’s do a little gut-check…

  • Have you ever NOT given a potential client your Instagram handle because you didn’t want them to see it? 
  • Do you make excuses for why your follower count is low because you aren’t happy with your progress?
  • Are you worried about posting in general because you’re afraid of what your followers are going to think?

If the answer is yes, I wrote this blog especially for you.

Here’s the thing – you should not feel embarrassed by your Instagram. 

I mean it. I don’t care if you have 10 followers or 10 million followers – you deserve to show up on Instagram and feel confident when doing so.

I wrote this blog because I wanted to share with you my top tips for feeling confident on Instagram so you can start to build an account you’re actually proud of.

Let’s dive in

Three Ways To Feel Confident On Instagram

You can tell when someone is confident on Instagram and when they’re not. Honestly – you probably just thought of an account that has a lot of confidence and another account that just feels…awkward. Right?

Confidence is the thing that separates the good accounts from the great ones, so I’m giving you my three biggest tips to start feeling confident on Instagram – because you totally deserve to.

1 – Change Your Mindset

Can I be really honest with you? You’ve got to stop caring what other people think.

Yes, you might have a post that doesn’t do well or really regret an Instagram live that ended up not getting any engagement. But can I let you in on a secret? 

Everyone has been there before.

The accounts that do well are the ones that can push past the “bad” content and post again the next day. When you stop worrying so much about creating the perfect post and start just showing up, you’re going to feel more confident and your account is actually going to grow.

2 – Ask For Feedback

It’s going to feel really intimidating to ask for feedback on your account, but it’s honestly such a confidence booster when you know what you can improve on and what’s going well. 

Pick a small handful of people you really trust and whose opinions you genuinely value, and ask them to give you feedback on your posts. They’re either going to tell you what you need to change (which is super valuable to know) or they’re going to tell you the post is great (which will make you feel more confident about posting it)!

3 – Just Show Up

I know showing up is the hardest part, but you just have to do it. You have to show up or your account is not going to grow.

If you’re just getting started, I’d recommend choosing a few times a week to post on your account. It doesn’t even have to be a lot at first, but if you can choose a few days a week and really commit – that organic growth is going to multiply so fast. Seriously.

Consistency Is The Key To Your Instagram Success

If you want to stop feeling embarrassed on Instagram, you have to start showing up. Even if it’s not great at first, even if you still feel nervous – you have to start being consistent so your confidence can grow.

That’s why I created Insta Influence Kit – your secret weapon to showing up consistently on Instagram.

Insta Influence Kit is 100+ easy social media templates to help you elevate your message and grow a high-impact presence without hiring an expensive designer or spending hours in Canva every month. 

Plus – it’s only $37. Click here to get access to Insta Influence Kit and let 2021 be the year you build an Instagram account you’re proud of.


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