We get it babe, you want to look like the ultimate BossBabe when you head to that big meeting but you’re literally melting in the heat. Looking good to us is important because if we look good, we feel good and if we feel good then we crush it! We like to call it self care and our appearance is important to us, it’s not something we are shy about admitting. 

As the heat is set to reach crazy levels over the summer the chances are you are going to be in some sticky situations but don’t get caught short. Plan ahead, think smart and stay hydrated. 

We have put together our list of 3 ways to still look the part without having to walk around with a team of people fanning you. 

1 – Think about your bra choice 

We all have that most comfortable bra that we can’t get enough of so dig it out. On a hot day it’s comfort over style so leave the sexy bra and think more practical. Heck, if you’re felling wild don’t even wear one at all. If you are trying to find one that you class as the best, then Knix has the most comfortable bra.

2 – Wear loose clothing 

There is nothing worse than having to saunter around in a figure hugging dress whilst you have sweat dripping down your back. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Think casual yet stylish, loose but cool. Think about the colour too, black is always forgiving if you are getting a little over heated but white is better for keeping your temperature down. 

3 – Style it out with a fan 

Listen, you might look like the ultimate diva as you sit there fanning yourself but do you really care? You can buy these really cheaply online and if you are feeling even more high maintenance then why not get one that plugs in to your iPhone and does the work for you. 

4 – Wear sandals

Let your feet breathe. The last thing you want to be doing is sticking them inside some socks and trainers and making them sweat to their hearts content. Get a nice pair of sandals to keep them out in the fresh air all day long. Flip flops won’t cut it when you’re trying to get that big contract though so make sure you find something that is still high end but practical. 



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