stay motivated

We’ve all heard of the emotional roller coaster businesses go through during our entrepreneurial journeys.

There’s the…

I’m excited phase where ever the ring is working and your idea is really pushing into gear.

Then you move into the…

nothing works phase because you have had a hiccup in your plan.

Then there’s the…

ok my plan is working let me invest a little more time into this portion of our pursuits…

only to end up in the…

panic mode oh my gosh I’m bankrupt stage.

And on the roller coaster continues…

Darren Hardy wrote a really good guide on the Entrepreneurial Roller Coaster and if you haven’t added this to your arsenal of good reads you should.

If you don’t have time to read there are three sure fire ways I’ve found that helped boost motivation. These three tips will help you kick your roller coaster emotional declensions in the butt.

1. Listening to high-frequency music

I don’t consider myself majorly woo however frequencies are my jam. Without getting into too much of the science behind frequency, frequencies basically help alter your brain patterns when listening to different pitches.

Can you even fathom how rich this is? Especially if you find yourself listening to frequencies with affirmations behind them!

Now if the thought of high pitches and erie sounds still put you on the fence, no worries!

You can still find yourself in high vibes with a “rich money playlist.”
You know, that playlist I’m talking about! It’s the playlist you find yourself listening to that makes you feel like money bags are just oozing out of your pockets like Cardi B.

In the blogging academy, I’m a part of some of the members shared their favorite songs to listen to in order to get them back in their rich frequency elements…
“Money Moves”-Cardi B
“A Milli”-Lil Wayne
“Smile” -Lil Duval
“Rich Girl’ “ Hall and Oate
“Billionaire” Travie McCoy

These high vibe songs are sure to pull you out of any slump. When you’re in the right frequency you’re practicing excellent manifestation skills.  Be sure to create your own High vibe playlist for some of your roller coaster business lows.

2. Rewarding yourself after each task

Who doesn’t like a good reward? From a psychological perspective, the brain’s limbic system works harder in completing a task if it knows there is something that will release oxytocin as an end result.

Most people view rewards as something that has to be over the top. But in actuality, a reward can be something as simple as a cookie.

So you’ve finally finished updating your business’s infrastructure plan…go reward yourself with a 30 minute Zumba session or even a nice dinner.

Every win is a win whether it’s big or small so always claim a prize for that.

3. Getting an accountability partner who has the same goal as you to help

Two heads can be better than one. So finding an accountability partner may be the missing piece to your roller coaster escalation. Having someone that has been through similar trials helps to normalize our lack of motivation.

We are not always the best at pulling ourselves together or at clearing our heads of the downfalls we’ve experienced in business. Let’s be honest, we’ve probably all have had moments where something didn’t go as planned in business and we wanted to ugly cry on the couch through it.

Talk about a real motivation killer…

The person you dub as your motivational partner will be responsible for reminding you about your goals. They will help to keep your roller coaster on its track! That’s why I am uber grateful for my fellow members in the Blogs Bucks and Business Academy.

How do you keep motivated when you have lows in your business? Please share with us below!

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