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How To Stand Out In A Saturated Industry

BY Michelle Slote

The coaching industry is completely saturated. How do you stand out? Here are 4 ways to stand out and get ideal clients today!

If you're a coach, consultant, blogger, freelancer, or entrepreneur, you know that every industry is saturated.  The question is — how will you stand out?

There's good news and bad news.  Here's the bad news; your competition is not slowing down, especially as more people set out to become entrepreneurs.  The good news? There is a long-term solution! You must be specific and vigilant when highlighting what makes you unique within your industry.

Here are 4 ways to stand out and start receiving the customers and clients you deserve!

Know your niche

When you have clarity on who you are talking to, and what you offer, standing apart from the crowd happens naturally. You become the go-to lady when someone needs the solution to the problem that only you solve.  When narrowing your niche, answer these three questions.

  1. What is your specialty?
  2. Who do you enjoy working with and/or serving?
  3. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?  

The answers to those three questions is your niche. Voilà!


Throughout history, storytelling has proved to be the best form of communication.  Storytelling has been used to educate, pass on values, and entertain.  People prefer storytelling because it is relatable and they can always remember the notion behind the story.  Think about how you can utilize storytelling within your brand message.  For example, instead of explaining a concept to your followers on your Instagram post, tell a story that will lead them to the same conclusion.  Instead of explaining why they should hire a coach, tell them a story of how you struggled before you hired a coach.  Storytelling is different, genuine, authentic, relatable, and it converts!

Be a people person

In order to be a successful entrepreneur, and stand out from the crowd, you must treat every customer and client as an individual.  Always reply to that DM, always reply to comments, always engage with your followers, for as long as you can.  That personal touch and interaction with your customers and clients is rare and makes you memorable.  Always remember the more in-the-moment and un-automated you are, the more you will attract loyal followers and paying customers and clients.

Highlight your unique gifts

No one can do anything the way you do it.  When you combine your unique gifts, with your brand message, your vibe, and your specialty, you will stand out in a saturated industry.  Your unique gifts can be anything. Think about it, how do you talk to your clients and customers?  Do you have the ability to explain a complicated concept in understandable language?  Can you motivate your audience to take action?  Remember, something that comes naturally to you, does not come naturally to everyone… and it may just be your unique gift!



The coaching industry is completely saturated. How do you stand out? Here are 4 ways to stand out and get ideal clients today!


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Every day, someone decides to become an entrepreneur.  While entrepreneurship is the ticket to freedom, this means more competition for you.  In order to stand out and never worry about competition again, narrow your niche, start telling stories, have a passion for people, and highlight your unique gifts.  Always remember, collaboration over competition, so do not worry about competition, anyways! You've got this, BossBabe!

Be sure to comment with your thoughts on these 4 ways to stand out in a saturated industry!

How will you stand out in a saturated industry?

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